October 2022


Travis Scott Seen Partying Solo In Miami After Accusation He Cheated On Kylie Jenner!


Well, this isn’t going to squash the cheating rumors!

Travis Scott spent Halloween weekend partying without Kylie Jenner as their relationship is plagued with cheating speculation! Uhhh, should we be concerned?!

After shutting down rumors he hooked up with an Instagram model, the Sicko Mode star jetted off to Florida to party the weekend away — but he didn’t bring his girlfriend with him! For his work getaway, Travis performed poolside at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach hotel to celebrate the end of the LIV Golf tournament on Saturday night. According to Page Six insiders, he then hit up the club E11even — rolling in with his friends at 4 a.m. Wow!

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One insider recalled seeing Trav arrive at the venue with his entourage in the early morning hours. He quickly took the stage to perform with fellow rapper Future, the source revealed:

“When Travis arrived, he joined DJ Chase B in the DJ booth … The place went nuts as Travis stood on top of the booth to perform.”

During the appearance, he “kept taking shots of Don Julio 1942 straight from the bottle” and told the crowd:

“If there isn’t alcohol in your section, I don’t know what your problem is.”

At one point, he asked the crowd to sing “Happy Birthday” to someone in his entourage. So… is this why he didn’t bring Kylie along? Was it a friends-only trip… or did they not want to spend the haunted holiday weekend together amid the drama? Hmm.

While Travis was busy performing and partying, Kylie was at home in LA celebrating spooky season with their two kids, Stormi, 4, and their newborn son, whose name they’ve yet to announce. Her man didn’t seem to be weighing on her mind as she shocked the internet with several eye-catching costumes!

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If you’re just catching up on this controversy, Travis has been accused of cheating on Kylie with an Instagram model named Rojean Kar. He and Kar were initially romantically linked in 2013, but there’s been no connection between the two for years… until now.

Earlier this month, Rojean posted a video online where she could be seen on the set of some sort of video project with the musician in the background. Fans quickly took to social media and the speculation began. Last week, Travis attempted to shut down the rumors, writing on IG:

“A lot of weird s**t going on. An uninvited person was sneaking photos on what was supposed to be a closed set while I was directing a video. I’m saying this for the last time. I don’t know this person. I’ve never been with this person. So please stop with the continuous cyber games and the fictional storytelling.”

Well, his comment didn’t go over so well with the IG model! She clapped back, clearly insulted that the rapper was trying to distance himself from her despite the fact there are photos of them together from several years ago. She claimed:

“You cheat on that bitch every single f**king night. The whole f**king city sees it! Don’t do this.”

Yeah, not good… Coming from someone we know was looking behind the curtain so recently? Not good at all. But that’s just the start! She also claimed they spent Valentine’s Day together, adding:

“I ran out the f**king door, and you had every single girl I know blowing me up like, ‘Travis is asking for you. Come back.’ Are we pretending that didn’t happen, too?”

In response, Trav shared a photo of his dinner table, saying:

“If u wasn’t at this table on V day then u wasn’t with me”

It was meant to imply he was only with Kylie for the romantic day. A woman who has also reportedly “been working with travis for 8 years” defended him, saying she was “on set all day as he was directing a video for another artist.” She argued Kar “was not there with him” and called her “delusional.” Hmm.

Kylie and Travis have been coupled up since 2017. They briefly split in 2019 but rekindled their spark in 2021. We sure hope there’s no cheating going on! But where there’s smoke… and solo partying, right? Reactions?! Let us know (below)!

[Image via MEGA/WENN & Kylie Jenner/Instagram]


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Democrats rush aid to deep-blue seat in Upstate New York


Singletary’s tenure at Rochester’s police department ended shortly after the death of Daniel Prude, a black man who died in March 2020 after being physically restrained by Rochester police officers. He has accused Morelle of not speaking out against those who support the “defund the police” movement.

Singletary spent most of his life as a Democrat and holds some moderate positions on gay rights and gun safety.

In recent days, Democratic money has been pouring into seats once considered safe. House Majority PAC is also providing air cover this week to Rep. Annie Kuster (D-N.H.), an incumbent thought to be in a strong position because a far-right challenger emerged from the Republican primary for her seat. The group is placing a $240,000 buy in the Burlington, Vt. market to help her defeat Bob Burns, the GOP nominee.

Burns has not been able to air any TV ads of his own. Biden carried the seat by 9 points in 2020.

It’s possible the late spending is only out of an abundance of caution — but it’s not a good sign for Democrats with just a week to go until the midterms. At least two other seats Biden carried by 20 points have become problem spots for Democrats. Rep. Julia Brownley (D-Calif.) has begun warning colleagues that her Southern California district could be in trouble.

And Pennsylvania Democrat Summer Lee went on TV with an ad last week, warning voters not to be confused by the fact that her Republican opponent has the same name as retiring Democratic Rep. Mike Doyle.


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Musk’s Twitter: ‘This is exactly what many of us were worried about’


Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.), who chairs the House Energy and Commerce panel on consumer protection, said she was worried about Twitter becoming “a platform that is a sewer of hateful and harmful content” and planned to leave if Musk allowed it to become more of a Wild West.

The immediate anxiety comes from a false story about the brutal attack on Paul Pelosi, husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, that Musk personally tweeted over the weekend. Musk has now deleted the tweet, but the story continues to ricochet around the conservative political world.

In the larger sense, political players are worried that Musk’s promises to bring Twitter’s policies closer in line with his own ideas about politics and society, as well as his firing of its top accountability executives, will permanently change a platform they’ve come to rely on, and trust to police misinformation and hate speech.

Musk has left no doubt who’s in charge of the company since he took Twitter private Thursday night. He renamed himself “Chief Twit” on his official bio, and told the Securities and Exchange Commission that he dissolved the board and named himself sole director.

Musk himself acknowledged the concerns about Twitter’s future directly last week when he assured advertisers that Twitter wouldn’t become a “hellscape” and will be “warm and welcoming to all.” He also promised to set up a “content moderation council” that will presumably set standards for policing the site.

Late on Saturday Yoel Roth, Twitter’s head of safety and integrity, tweeted that the company’s content moderation policies “hadn’t changed.” Musk himself pointed to Roth’s tweet to assuage concerns raised by NBA star Lebron James, following a report of a 500% increase of racial slurs on the platform 12 hours after Musk’s takeover.

And when a user suggested that Roth should be fired, Musk tweeted that: “We’ve all made some questionable tweets, me more than most, but I want to be clear that I support Yoel. My sense is that he has high integrity, and we are all entitled to our political beliefs.”

For now, it’s not clear what unhappy Democrats are going to do. Even its critics are still on the platform — “It’s really hard to draw a line. Collectively people in the public eye will know when it’s time to pick up shop and leave,” said Jablonowski. Some are vowing to stay simply to prevent it being taken over by misinformation and trolls.

Republicans long frustrated by what they see as Twitter’s too-liberal moderation policies have launched rival platforms over the past several years — most prominently Parler, Gettr and Donald Trump’s Truth Social — though none has become the kind of public square that Twitter has.

Neera Tanden, the former Hillary Clinton adviser now serving as White House staff secretary, on Sunday tweeted from her personal account a request for alternative platforms, eliciting a handful of suggestions for social media sites outside Musk’s orbit, with no obvious consensus and none coming close to the user base of Twitter.

Some pushback

In the absence of a concerted Democratic effort, there have been a few apparent shots at Musk.

With just eight days until the midterm elections, Musk likely isn’t top of mind for most lawmakers, particularly Democrats who are campaigning to avoid losing control of both chambers of Congress.

But Monday morning, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) tweeted that he’s requesting an investigation of Musk’s investors in Twitter, specifically the involvement of Saudi Arabia. Though his request seemed to be based on a Bloomberg report that the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States was looking into the deal, that report was a week old, and his tweet came first thing in the morning on the Monday after Musk’s weekend Pelosi tweet. (Murphy’s office declined to comment about the timing of the letter.)

Regulators in Europe have also taken note of the potential changes in Musk-era Twitter, and have warned the company that it needs to abide by EU content moderation rules, and Musk has reportedly responded to their concerns.

Advocacy groups have continued to sound the alarm about what they see as Musk’s indifference to the consequences of what he puts on the platform. Bridget Todd, communications director of the gender equity group UltraViolet, saw Musk’s weekend tweet as “very serious. I think that we’re past the point of this being a business story about acquiring a company — it has very real world implications that we saw on Jan. 6, that we saw on the attack on Pelosi.”

Yael Eisenstat, vice president of the Anti-Defamation League’s Center for Technology and Society, similarly raised alarms, but said it wasn’t clear where advocates would go instead of Twitter. “The reality is there’s not an incredibly competitive landscape yet,” Eisenstat said.

Brendan Bordelon and Mohar Chatterjee contributed to this report.


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Tim Roth’s Son Cormac Dead At 25


Cormac Roth, son of actor Tim Roth, has tragically passed away after a year long battle with cancer.

In a statement sent to NBC on Monday, the family confirmed Cormac died “peacefully in the arms of his family” almost exactly a year after he was diagnosed with stage 3 germ cell cancer in November 2021:

“On Sunday the 16th of October, we lost our beautiful boy Cormac after a courageous battle with cancer. He died peacefully in the arms of his family who loved and adored him. He fought with incredible bravery for the past year, and maintained his wicked wit and humour to the very end.”

Just heartbreaking. He was only 25 years old.

The family continued their statement to speak about their son’s passion for music, brilliance, and his kind personality:

Finishing their tear-jerking statement, Roth’s loved ones concluded they’ll “carry him” with them wherever they go:

“An irrepressible and joyful and wild and wonderful child. Only recently a man. We love him. We will carry him with us wherever we go. In Cormac’s words: ‘Make sure you do the things you love.’”

F**k cancer.

In a final emotional post to Instagram in August, the 25-year-old said farewell in a video to his followers as he encouraged them to follow their passions:

“Just sink your teeth in. Remember life is short and you don’t always get to choose your destiny and you don’t always get to choose your future. Be an undeniable force that lives and breathes the thing you claim you love and you are.”

At the end of the video, he seems to be fighting tears as it abruptly cuts off before he can utter the words “I’ll see you later”. So, so sad.

Our hearts go out to Cormac’s family and loved ones right now. The world has lost such a bright light. May he rest in peace.

[Image via Brian To/MEGA/]


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Biden bashes oil sector for ‘war profiteering,’ warns of windfall tax on profits


He reiterated his call for the oil industry to use the surging profits to increase its oil production and refining capacity, and said it was time they looked beyond “the narrow self-interest” of their executives and shareholders.

“If they don’t they are going to pay a higher tax on their excess profits and face other restrictions,” he said. “It’s time for these companies to stop war profiteering, meet their responsibility to this country, give the American people a break and still do very well.”

Oil majors Exxon Mobil, Chevron and Shell Oil alone reported quarterly profits last week totaling about $40 billion.

Biden did not endorse any specific proposal, which could frustrate Democrats in Congress who’ve proposed legislation months ago to tax the “windfall” profits of large oil and gas companies, only for the administration to hold back on declaring support for the idea. Democratic candidates running in swing states and districts have also deployed the tactic in their campaigns.

Instead, Biden said he’d consult with Congress on legislative options when it returns from recess after the election.

But business groups and the oil industry said the latest calls are a politically motivated attack on the sector that Biden has targeted since his campaign and won’t help bring down prices.

“Experience proves that adding new taxes to punish companies actually hurts consumers,” said Neil Bradley, executive vice president and chief policy officer of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. “In this case, it will raise gasoline prices by removing the incentive to produce and refine more oil. To lower our energy costs we need a long-term energy strategy focused on boosting production, not finger-pointing.”

Biden and Democrats in Congress for months have called for oil and gas companies to invest more capital into expanding production rather than returning profits to shareholders through dividends and share buybacks. But they have found their appeals mostly ignored, and industry executives have been wary of committing to major new production plans given the volatility that has seen crude prices swing by more than $100 in the past three years.

U.S. crude oil futures prices climbed above $120 per barrel in the spring, boosting gasoline to a record high national average of $5.01 per gallon. Those pump prices averaged $3.76 a barrel on Monday, while crude was trading near $85.50 a barrel.

Democrats in the Senate and House, led by Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island and Rep. Ro Khanna of California, introduced legislation this spring that would tax large oil companies for windfall profits and give the proceeds to consumers as a rebate.

“I’m thrilled to see President Biden publicly consider this approach,” Khanna told POLITICO in a statement Monday. “I’ve had a number of private conversations with White House officials and I hope they will act to help lower prices at the pump and send money back to hardworking Americans.”

Sen. Ron Wyden, chairman of the Finance Committee, introduced a bill this summer applying a 21 percent tax on the “excess” profits of large oil and gas companies with more than $1 billion in annual revenue.

Oil companies have defended their approach, saying their bumper profits are the result of a surge in oil and natural gas prices after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine scrambled global energy markets.

Energy analysts have dismissed Democratic accusations that oil companies are keeping prices high through anti-competitive behavior, noting that previous gasoline price gouging investigations over recent decades have not proved any wrongdoing.


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Kylie Jenner’s Best Halloween Costumes Through The Years!


Kim Kardashian‘s little’est lil’ sis Kylie Jenner LOVES Halloween!

The billionaire makeup mogul makes sure to do it up right each year, and especially so now that she’s a mommy of two!

From skeletons to angels to aliens…






[Image via Kylie Jenner/Instagram.]


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UK home secretary fights for survival … two weeks after she was last forced to quit – POLITICO


Press play to listen to this article

LONDON — She’s already been forced to resign as U.K. home secretary once this fall.

And now scandal-hit Suella Braverman — controversially restored to her role by new PM Rishi Sunak just last week — is clinging to her job for a second time over claims she broke the law by holding thousands of undocumented migrants in bleakly unsuitable conditions at a former military base in southeast England.

In a statement to the House of Commons Monday, the Tory hard-liner denied widespread reports that she personally prevented officials from mass-booking hotel rooms for hundreds of asylum seekers who could no longer be hosted at the overcrowded Manston processing facility in Kent. Experts said if proven this could amount to a breach of the ministerial code — a resigning matter.

“Like the majority of the British people I am very concerned about hotels, but I never blocked their usage,” Braverman insisted, as opposition MPs called for her to resign. “As a former attorney general, I know the importance of taking legal advice into account.”

The Manston site is currently holding about 4,000 people, more than three times its maximum capacity of 1,600. Many are being forced to stay far longer than the legally permitted 24 hours. Reports suggest hundreds are sleeping on bare floors, and that disease is rife.

David Neal, the U.K. government’s independent chief inspector of borders and immigration, told MPs last week he was left speechless by the “wretched conditions.” He revealed some migrants from Afghanistan had been held in a marquee for 32 days, though the facility is designed only to host people for a maximum 24 hours while they undergo checks before being transferred to detention centers or hotels.

The crisis has been triggered by a huge increase in the number of undocumented migrants attempting to cross the English Channel — numbering nearly 40,000 so far this year, according to Ministry of Defense figures. On Sunday alone some 468 people made the dangerous journey in eight boats, the MoD said.

Since leaving the EU, the U.K. has been asking for a bilateral deal with France and the wider EU bloc to return those crossing the Channel to the first country deemed safe they enter into. So far, none has been forthcoming.

“The system is broken,” Braverman admitted. “Illegal migration is out of control and too many people are more interested in playing political parlor games, covering up the truth, rather than solving the problem.”

She said the Home Office is currently negotiating extra accommodation for undocumented migrants with private providers and considering “all available options” to tackle overcrowding at processing centers in the U.K.

She also told MPs she was “appalled” to learn, on her first appointment as home secretary in September, that there were “over 35,000 migrants” staying in hotels around the U.K. at an “exorbitant cost” to the British taxpayer. She instigated an urgent review into alternative options, she said, but that the department has continued procuring hotel rooms in the meantime.

But earlier Monday, local Conservative MP Roger Gale described the overcrowding at the Manston facility as “wholly unacceptable” and suggested the situation may have been allowed to happen “deliberately.”

“I was told that the Home Office was finding it very difficult to secure hotel accommodation,” he said. “I now understand this was a policy issue, and that a decision was taken not to book additional hotel space.”

The accusations add to the pressure on the home secretary, whose return to the Cabinet last week was widely questioned given she had been forced to quit only six days earlier after being caught using her personal email account to share sensitive government documents.

A Home Office review published Monday found Braverman sent six Home Office documents to her personal email address between September 15 and October 16. One was then forwarded on to a backbench ally for his perusal — a clear breach of security rules.

Striking a defiant tone, Braverman admitted to having made mistakes but insisted the broader claims about her conduct were a conspiracy to keep her out of high office. She told MPs that some people would like to “get rid” of her, adding: “Let them try.”

A Braverman ally conceded the home secretary is “in great difficulty” but warned she had “deliberately put in an impossible position by those who would rather her not to hang around.”

“The pressure is not easing in any way, and I think it may be too much for her.”


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Gisele Bündchen Doing Fine After Tom Brady Divorce Because She’s ‘Lived Her Own Life For Years’


Single life isn’t going to be very new to Gisele Bündchen

A source is opening up about the model’s state of mind following the official end of her marriage with Tom Brady on Friday. After weeks of speculation and fighting, the couple finalized their divorce late last week with a Florida judge signing off on their terms, calling their relationship “irretrievably broken.” Oof.

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Getting candid about the pair’s marital issues, a source told People on Monday:

“Gisele is dealing with issues that have been plaguing her for a long time.”

Tom’s been “plaguing her”? Ouch. 

While her split from the Super Bowl champion “was hard at first,” she’s doing okay now that it’s legal. The insider insisted that “enough time has passed that she is settling in” to this new phase of her life. But it won’t be as different from her life as a married woman as you might think!

According to the confidant, the former Victoria’s Secret angel has unfortunately had too much practice living life without a man by her side. They dished:

“[She] has lived her own life for years while Tom played football so she is not afraid to do things by herself.”

Wow. Kinda sad when you put it like that! No wonder she was upset when the quarterback decided to un-retire after a very brief hiatus from the sport. She really thought they were going to be able to do more together but nope!

With hopes of a reconciliation squashed for good, the former couple is turning their attention to their children, Benjamin, 12, and Vivian, 9. Tom’s also dad to Jack, 15, with ex Bridget Moynahan. The little ones are Gisele’s “main focus and priority” right now. They’re also the reason she’s doing so well! The insider said:

“Her mood is up and jovial around [the kids].”

The insider noted that “having them with her has helped her move ahead,” continuing:

“Gisele is great with her children and radiates happiness when either one or both are around.”


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According to the confidant, “nothing is more important than” the kids’ “happiness” during this very difficult time for the family. Thankfully, Gisele and Tom haven’t argued over custody and they plan to co-parent as amicably as possible through the transition. The source sounds hopeful for the future, noting:

“They [the kids] will be with both parents and should come out of this in good shape.”

We hope so!

A second source spotted the model and her kids on a recent shopping trip in Miami Beach and recalled the mother “looked beautiful and seemed fine.” They explained:

“You would never know she was going through a split from her husband.”

We’re sure in private she’s dealing with a lot. No matter how much she may have been ready for a divorce, making it official after 13 years of marriage brings up a lot of feelings. To distract herself from any heartbreak, the Brazilian “is also eager to continue with her own career and interests” — and she’s well on her way! The insider teased:

“She has a full plate and lots of support.”

It’ll be interesting to see where they both go from here! Thoughts, Perezcious readers?

[Image via Gisele Bündchen/Tom Brady/Instagram]


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Katharine Birbalsingh on Discipline and Traditional Education – Education Rickshaw


In this episode, I have the pleasure of interviewing Britain’s “strictest” headmistress, Katharine Birbalsingh. Katharine is the founder of Michaela Community School, a secondary school in London that always seems to be mired in controversy. As other school leaders have sought to innovate their programs by opting for child-led learning and a softer touch to behavior, Katharine emphasizes a more traditional approach where teachers are seen as experts who teach from the front, and children are expected to obey – or else face a detention.

While the “Michaela way” might sound cold and outdated to many, the school attracts hundreds of visitors every year who are curious to see what the world’s “strictest” school looks like in action. While Michaela and its headmistress tend to attract critics, and even abuse, in online spaces, I’m told that it’s hard not to be profoundly impacted by the calmness of its classrooms, and, above all, the kindness and sophistication of its students, when you go and see it for yourself.

As someone who is extremely interested in how other schools operate, I was honored that Katharine agreed to come on the podcast to answer a few questions about her school. It should be noted that when I recorded this a few weeks back, England’s 2022 Progress 8 scores, a measure of how much progress students make in secondary school, had not yet been released. So, while Katharine will share towards the end of this episode that Michaela was ranked number five in the country back in 2019, the latest results rank Michaela as the number one school on this measure in all of England. Whether or not you agree with Katharine’s views on education or whatever else, it would be a mistake to ignore or dismiss completely these outstanding results. So please, sit back and relax with season 2, episode 12 of the Progressively Incorrect podcast, featuring Katharine Birbalsingh.


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Trump Org. CFO will spill tax fraud to New York jury, prosecutors say


In opening statements, Hoffinger detailed allegations that Trump personally paid private school tuition for Weisselberg’s grandchildren and signed a lease for the top lieutenant’s Upper West Side apartment overlooking the Hudson River, because he wanted him to live in Manhattan rather than commuting from Long Island.

Trump Corp. attorney Susan Necheles, meanwhile, tried to insulate the former president and urged the jury not to let their opinions of Trump cloud their judgment.

“You must not consider this case to be a referendum on President Trump or his politics,” she said. “It started and it ended with Allen Weisselberg. Allen Weisselberg did this.”

Weisselberg pleaded guilty in August to all 15 counts he faced, including tax fraud and larceny. Now he’ll play star witness in the expected month-long trial, where prosecutors must convince a jury that Trump Org. units — the Trump Corporation and Trump Payroll Corporation — share responsibility for concealing $1.76 million in compensation.

Necheles claimed Weisselberg was only implicating the company to avoid a lengthy prison sentence. If he fulfills his plea agreement and testifies truthfully, he is expected to be sentenced to five months on Rikers Island. Should he violate the deal, he could face up to 15 years in prison.

“The prosecutors had him paraded in front of cameras in handcuffs. Mr. Weisselberg realized he was facing not just public humiliation, but a potential jail sentence that could be years long,” she said. “I will ask you to consider the extreme pressure he is under.”

Prosecutors said Weisselberg and corporate defendants also dodged taxes by reporting some of his bonuses as being paid to an independent contractor rather than an employee. They also failed to disclose that he lived in New York City, allowing him to avoid paying local income taxes.

Weisselberg reported directly to Trump for 35 years, Hoffinger said. And Trump so confided in him that he made Weisselberg a trustee when he became president and put his personal assets in a trust. The fraudulent tax practices came to an end after Trump became president, prompting the company to clean up its act out of concern for increased scrutiny, the assistant DA said.

If convicted, the company could be fined $1.6 million. The corporations are charged with nine felony counts, including criminal tax fraud, conspiracy and falsifying business records.

The case is one of a slew of legal threats bearing down on the former president. Also in New York, Attorney General Tish James brought a lawsuit against Trump, his children and his company last month, accusing them of large-scale fraudulent financial practices.

That suit charges Trump falsely inflated his assets for more than a decade and seeks to bar him and his family members from engaging in real estate transactions or serving as officers of any business in New York.

A separate Justice Department investigation into Trump’s handling of classified documents led to an FBI raid of his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, where reams of documents were seized.

A broader criminal investigation by the Manhattan DA into Trump’s business practices also remains open, though it stalled early this year when Bragg declined to bring charges against Trump personally. Bragg was in the courtroom for Monday’s opening argument.

Prosecutors hoped to compel Weisselberg to cooperate with that broader probe, but he did not agree to do so as part of his plea deal.


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