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Is a Keurig Worth It?


In our article today, we are going to help you compare Keurig to its competitors and figure out is a keurig worth it? We will talk about why you should get a Keurig machine, what factors to consider when deciding which Keurig machine to get, and when you shouldn’t get a particular type of Keurig machine.

History of Keurig

Keurig was founded in 1992 by John Sylvan and Peter Dragone. Since then, the company has grown a portfolio of over 100 brands. Keurig made the My K Cup, and it was available for sale in 1998 across the U.S., and most recently, in 2016, these Cups are 100% recyclable.

This prestigious company is top rated on most coffee maker lists and has won numerous awards in the last decade, including the American package design award, the food and beverage innovators award, and the corporation of the Year award.

Why Get a Keurig

Some of the Keurig machines are relatively small and lightweight. These small lightweight machines are very useful for persons who do not have a lot of space available for a coffee maker or need to move their coffee maker around from time to time.

The portability of these coffee machines makes them ideal for ever-changing office spaces, small apartments, college dormitories, and so on.

Quality Coffee/Latte/Cappuccinos and Other Beverages Made Easy at Home

Some people really enjoy getting their beverages from coffee shops because of the consistency and quality that they get at these places. Some coffee machines simply cannot reproduce this, so it makes no sense you get them.

Some Keurig machines allow you to adjust the temperature and the strength of your brew so that you can consistently get the taste you enjoy. In addition to this, Keurig also offers coffee makers that can brew lattes, cappuccinos, and other specialty drinks from the comfort of your home.

Carafe for Friends and Family

A lot of Keurig alternatives on the market do not offer a carafe option, but Keurig has a few coffee makers that are compatible with a carafe. Having a carafe coffee maker in your home allows you to not only brew single cups for yourself but enables you to brew a full carafe to serve other people, such as visiting friends or family members.

Besides having coffee in bulk for friends and family, a hot carafe of coffee enables you to simply pour your coffee anytime you want without having to brew a fresh cup.

K-Cup Compatibility

Keurig K-Cup pods can be considered as the universal standard for coffee pods. All Keurig machines are compatible with these K-Cups, but they are not only produced by Keurig. There are hundreds, if not thousands of coffee, tea, and specialty drink makers that produce their products in K-Cups.

This means that owning a Keurig coffee maker gives you the added convenience of brewing thousands of different flavors without having to worry about dealing with pod compatibility.


Keurig coffee makers are not usually the most affordable on the market but are also not always too pricey. Their basic models can be anywhere from 30 to 50% more expensive than competitors.

The models that they offer that can be considered mid-range like the K-Duo are somewhat on par with the market price for coffee makers in that class. Their luxury end models like the K Cafe are more expensive than similar coffee makers in most cases, between 30-50%.

When is a Keurig not worth it?

Keurig machines are quite convenient and very useful in most cases, but sometimes getting a particular type of Keurig coffee maker is a wrong choice. When this happens, the device is just not worth it in the end. Read these topics carefully to ensure that you don’t waste your money.

Buying a Single-Cup Reservoir Coffee Maker for Many People

If you have a large number of persons that crave coffee in the morning, buying a single-serve coffee maker with a single-cup reservoir, just won’t do. This coffee maker will not be sufficient to serve everyone, so instead, get something with a carafe or at least a big enough water reservoir.

Buying Carafe (K Duo) For a Few People

If you don’t have a lot of coffee cravers at home or you don’t entertain many people, there isn’t a need for you to get a Keurig machine with a carafe. Carafes are particularly useful when you have many persons who need coffee or if you drink multiple cups in a short period.

If you buy a Keurig machine with a carafe and you don’t use it, you are really wasting your money, and if you get the Keurig K Duo, you are wasting counter space as you could have gotten a smaller model.

Buying High End with Loads of Features That are Never Used

If you like your basic cup of joe without the bells and whistles, then you should think about getting a Keurig machine without the bells and whistles. One of the great things about the Keurig line of coffee makers is that Keurig has something for everyone.

There are basic models with little to no additional features, all the way up to the luxury models with tons of features. If you know that you will never utilize extra features after you have purchased your Keurig coffee maker, you don’t need to spend extra money to buy a large coffee maker that you won’t fully utilize.

Buying Basic Models When you Prefer Specialty Drinks

If you know that you are not a basic coffee lover, try not to waste your time getting a basic Keurig model, as it will not be sufficient for your coffee needs. If you get a basic model and don’t enjoy the type of coffee it produces, you will very likely get your coffee from a coffee shop, and your coffee maker will be unused.

Keurig has plenty of coffee makers that allows you to brew different strengths and types of beverages. The K Cafe is one with multiple drink options, so if you know you love your specialty drinks, make sure you get a Keurig coffee maker that can make them.

How does Keurig compare to its competitors?

Keurig machines are in some ways better and in others not as good as some of their competitors. In general, the Keurig machines that are budget options or basic models generally have similar features to their closest competitors, except a self-cleaning option, and they are usually more expensive.

The Keurig machines in the mid-range have a lot of similar features to competitive brands, and the prices are generally similar. Unfortunately, at the luxury end of the line, Keurig machines are generally higher-priced, and they don’t always have as many features as their competitors.

Thinking of Buying a Keurig, a few things you should consider

Keurig has a vast line of coffee makers, so it is easy to get sidetracked with the different models’ features, but remember that you should try to spend within your budget. If your budget is unlimited and you will need all the features, then go ahead and get whichever machine fulfills that need.

If you have a budget that can accommodate a machine with some useful features that are better than the basic model, there are quite a few machines that you can choose from. If you have a limited budget, Keurig also has machines that may not have a ton of features but can produce quality coffee at the lower end of their product line.

Counter Space

Coffee makers come in multiple different sizes and shapes. Before you get a coffee maker, think about where you are going to put it. If you have unlimited space, you don’t have to worry about this.

Identify a space in your kitchen or wherever in your home that your coffee maker will be used, and consider the amount of space available before making your purchase. If you only have a small amount of space, but you need a coffee maker capable of producing a lot of coffee, you can think about getting the Keurig K Duo Plus.

What will You Need it For

If you need a coffee maker that can produce specialty beverages such as lattes, cappuccinos, and others, you will need to get a coffee maker like the Keurig K Cafe. If you need a coffee maker that can produce for multiple persons at one time, you will need to get one of the Keurig K Duo models as these have a carafe.

Try to match your needs with the coffee maker that has features to satisfy them. It is always best you buy based on your needs so that you don’t waste your time getting a coffee maker that you will need to replace shortly.


Keurig has a very famous, reliable line of products, but they are somewhat pricey and not always the best on the market. They have many useful features and a vast range of options to choose from but so do other competitors. Weigh your options before purchasing so you don’t regret it.

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Hyper-Individualized Teaching – Education Rickshaw


Everyone has their ideas about what will fix education. One way to categorize these ideas is through the dichotomy of progressive and traditional approaches to education. Progressivism emphasizes setting the conditions to allow students to find their own way to subjects, and traditionalism emphasizes the importance of an expert bringing subjects that are of value for society – a tradition – to the student. It’s obviously a bit more complicated than this, as we discussed in 10 episodes of the podcast, Progressively Incorrect.

Another way to categorize the various solutions is whether they place an emphasis on the individual or the collective. On the one hand, we cannot deny that our classes are filled with 30 individuals who differ in significant ways. Everyone, apart from twins, is born with a unique genetic makeup and raised in separate environments from each other. It is therefore tempting to be drawn to reforms that hyper-individualize the curriculum based on difference. Learning styles and preferences, personalized learning, student voice and choice, and now UDL, are based on individualistic assumptions.

On the other hand, as most teachers don’t deal with single students but with groups of 30, it makes sense to focus on what students collectively have in common. We can be confident that variation is bound by the laws of statistics, and that we are all endowed with a similar cognitive architecture; working memory is extremely limited, practice is best spaced out over time, and so on. While cognitive scientists have yet to uncover all of the properties of the mind, patterns have emerged that allow us to identify core practices and principles that will likely help students learn. Rosenshine’s Principles of Instruction is an example of an inventory of such core practices and principles. In the event that our formative assessments tell us that a student did not learn from these methods, we can use frameworks such as RTI to design and carry out interventions. We might look for ways to address the learning gap through small group instruction, or we might decide to make an accommodation or modification to the curriculum in accordance with the student’s IEP. This systematic approach to teaching and learning is how the best teachers, in my view, transform groups of seemingly dissimilar students into competent, self-efficacious classroom communities.

I recently attended a webinar on Universal Design for Learning (UDL), the latest take on the old idea that individuality, not commonality, should steer teachers’ decision-making. If we were an evidence-informed profession, we would dismiss UDL on the grounds that randomized controlled trials and meta-analyses have yet to demonstrate its effectiveness (Boysen, 2021). But we are not a profession that concerns itself with evidence, and UDL sounds promising because it proports to make learning accessible to everyone. I was hoping the webinar would deliver a compelling argument for how UDL improves upon the standard teach-assess-differentiate model that is the cornerstone of RTI and high quality instruction.

The presentation began with a slide displaying the pithy maxim that “variation is the rule, not the exception.” Fine. What does this mean for teaching phonics, 5 paragraph essays, or the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt? Sadly, the speaker basically refused to provide specific examples of how the maxim could be applied. We were told, instead, that students are so different from each other (they even change day to day, minute by minute) that it’s impossible to prescribe guidelines for teachers. We were also told to accept a number of terrible metaphors, including a pool party that forced attendees to wear a one-sized-fits-all bathing suit. If you wouldn’t plan a party like this, why would you teach like this? Again, there were no specific accommodations, modifications, or logistical considerations of a UDL-based system that could be shared. Are we permitted to allow partygoers to bring their own bathing suits, but forbid skinny dipping? Or is that not kosher in UDL?

Clearly, education would benefit from fewer of these nebulous presentations, and greater attention towards implementing the strategies that research in instructional design and cognitive science tells us will have the highest impact on learning. We can be confident that modeling and worked examples help embed information initially, and scaffolds ought to be gradually removed to allow students to practice independently; Formative assessment and feedback allow teachers to respond in real time to student misunderstandings; Providing students with opportunities to review in spaced out intervals helps students to further cement these new understandings.

The most interesting moment of the presentation, for me, was when one of the speakers cited the cognitive scientist, Daniel Willingham, as an important influence on his work. He even recommended we check out Willingham’s excellent book, Why Don’t Students Like School?. I wonder if the speaker has ever read what Willingham has to say on his presentation’s topic:

Of course, students will differ with regard to how they respond to and benefit from any single instructional strategy in a given lesson. There is no doubt that students have individual differences that are both situational and preferential. And there is no doubt that effective teachers address these differences using their own experience as a guide.

But when it comes to applying research to the classroom, it seems inadvisable to categorize students into more and more specialized groups on the basis of peripheral differences when education and cognitive sciences have made significant progress in describing the core competencies all students share. Teachers can make great strides in improving student achievement by leveraging this body of research and teaching to commonalities, not differences.

Willingham & Daniel, 2012


Boysen, G. A. (2021). Lessons (not) learned: The troubling similarities between learning styles and universal design for learning. Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Psychology.

Willingham, D., & Daniel, D. (2012). Teaching to what students have in common. In Educational Leadership (Vol. 69, pp. 16–21).


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The Designer Handbags I’ll Use Most This Summer


fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a striped blue shirt and white heels from nordstromSummer will officially kick off this month! If you haven’t started thinking about what handbag swaps you need to make, now is probably a good time. I’ve spent the past few years building up a well-rounded collection of designer handbags. When I take stock of my favorite ones for summer, they tend to revolve around woven textures and lighter colors that are suitable for any occasion. For instance, the Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Tote and Lou Camera Bag. I’ve since added some new pieces to my stash – and anticipate that they will become new summer favorites. I wanted to share them with you all today in case you’re deciding on your next investment piece.

fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a chloe woody toteTopshop Button-Down Shirt | Open Edit Chain Strap Heels | Chloe Woody Tote (large size) | Abercrombie White Skirt | Saint Laurent Sunglasses (better for budget here)

First up is one of my newer handbags of the season – the Chloe Woody Tote. The beige and brown color combo was made to be paired with your favorite summer looks. I also love the mix of fabrics from the canvas to the leather accents and the Chloe embroidered straps – it’s the perfect finishing touch. I got the large size so that I could carry it for travel, to the beach, or even as a work bag. It’s spacious enough to fit your daily essentials and so much more!

fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a white set from karen millenKaren Millen Utility Jacket | Karen Millen White Tank Top | Karen Millen Asymmetric Miniskirt | Bottega Veneta Jodie Mini Bag | Bottega Veneta Aviator Sunglasses (better for budget here) | Alexandre Birman Tie Ankle Heels (also here)

Also new on my summer handbag list is the Bottega Veneta Jodie Mini. It’s the perfect piece to carry when you’re going out. I love that it’s small enough to be tucked under your arm – but can also carried by the shoulder strap as seen above. Don’t be fooled by it’s tiny size and shape though because it’s big enough for your phone, cards and keys. Another thing to note is that there are no flashy logos, although the Bottega Intrecciato trademark weave and knot detail gives it away.

mia mia mine wearing a fendi sunshine toteSimilar Revolve Racer Tank Top (also here) | Similar Button-Down Midi Skirt | Bottega Veneta Aviator Sunglasses (better for budget here) | Fendi Sunshine Tote

You know a bag is truly worth it when you carry it on repeat no matter what season you’re in. One of those bags for me is the Fendi Sunshine Tote. I purchased it last year but it has seen me through fall, winter and spring. The structured shape adds instant polish to everything, so I love wearing it with casual and dressy looks alike. I anticipate that I’ll carry it repeatedly this summer.

mia mia mine wearing a white abercrombie dress and valentino sandals at the ritz naplesAbercrombie Knit Dress | Rag & Bone Hat (better for budget here) | Valentino Rockstud Thong Sandals | Saint Laurent Raffia Crossbody Bag

Whenever I’m traveling to a warm weather destination, my Lou Raffia Camera Bag always tags along. The classic crossbody shape makes it so easy to haul around. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to get in and out of. The raffia texture also just screams summer, making it an easy pick.

fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a saint laurent rive gauche tote and white panama hatNordstrom Square Neck Bodysuit | Similar Revolve Satin Joggers | Rag & Bone Hat (better for budget here) | Tamara Mellon Heels (exact style sold out, better for budget here) | Similar Padlock Necklace | Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Tote

Nothing screams summer quite like my Saint Laurent linen tote. What’s so wonderful about this one is that it’s incredibly lightweight and pretty much holds everything. That means it can be used for a variety of purposes from a beach tote to a weekender bag to a makeshift diaper bag. You can also scoop it up in a smaller size that’s more sensible for everyday wear (HERE).

fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing white abercrombie denimAllSaints Leather Jacket (better for budget here) | Similar Black Bodysuit | Abercrombie White Jeans | Saint Laurent Baseball Cap (also here) | Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Tote | Celine High Top Sneakers (better for budget here and here)

I usually don’t purchase the same exact bag in two colors; however, if I find myself using something repeatedly, I’ll make an exception. That was the case with my Saint Laurent linen tote. Since the linen material tends to be a little more delicate, I wanted something more durable that I wouldn’t be afraid to use as a carry-on bag when traveling. This canvas tote in the black colorway was exactly what I needed. You can check out my updated review HERE.

fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing moussy denim shorts from revolveL’Agence Tweed Jacket | Good American White Bodysuit | Moussy Vintage Denim Shorts | Bottega Veneta Aviator Sunglasses (better for budget here) | Alexandre Birman Tie Ankle Heels (also here) | Bottega Veneta Chain Cassette Bag

This padded chain strap bag is actually another year-round favorite for me. I do tend to use it more in the summer because the chunky gold chain and structured look has a way of elevating every single outfit I wear. It just adds that luxe factor that other handbags can’t.

fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a crochet saint laurent tote from nordstromOpen Edit Blazer | Endless Rose Ribbed Top | Topshop Straight Leg Jeans | Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Crochet Tote | Vince Camuto Braided Heels (in bone leather) | Similar Aviator Sunglasses

Saint Laurent’s Crochet Tote is another summer staple when you’re toting around a lot but want to look coastal chic. It’s finished with the brand’s Rive Gauche logo, so you still get that designer effect.

xo, Maria


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3 tips om je eerste huis te kopen


Je eerste huis kopen is ontzettend spannend. De huidige krapte op de woningmarkt, zeker voor starters, brengt extra uitdagingen met zich mee. Gelukkig is er nog steeds veel mogelijk. Met deze drie tips vergroot jij ook je kans op jouw eerste droomhuis. 

Tip 1: Heb voldoende spaargeld achter de hand

Voor iedere woning die je koopt, zul je eigen geld moeten inleggen. De kosten die je betaalt om eigenaar van de woning te worden (de zogenaamde kosten koper (k.k.)), kun je namelijk niet meefinancieren in je hypotheek. Denk hierbij aan overdrachtsbelasting en notariskosten. De overdrachtsbelasting is 2% van de woningprijs. De notaris betaal je voor de leveringsakte en bedraagt ongeveer € 1.000. 

Let op: ben je jonger dan 35 jaar en koop je een woning tot een bedrag van € 400.000? Dan betaal je geen overdrachtsbelasting. 

Naast deze kosten koper zijn er ook andere kosten waar je rekening mee moet houden, bijvoorbeeld makelaarskosten, kosten Nationale Hypotheek Garantie, taxatiekosten, advies- en bemiddelingskosten en eventueel een bouwkundige keuring. Deze kosten kunnen oplopen tot € 11.000 (zonder overdrachtsbelasting). 

Je hebt dus al een behoorlijk spaarpotje nodig. Heb je meer spaargeld tot je beschikking? Of kom je in aanmerking om van je ouders een belastingvrije schenking te krijgen? Dan kun je dit extra eigen geld ook inleggen bij de aankoop van je eerste huis. Hierdoor verlaag je de hypotheek en dus de bijbehorende maandlasten. 

Voordat je al je spaargeld in de aankoop van je woning stopt, is het wel zaak om ook naar de toekomst te kijken. Wat zijn bijvoorbeeld je plannen op de lange termijn? Overweeg je een carrière switch, wil je minder gaan werken of staat gezinsuitbreiding op de planning? Allemaal zaken om rekening mee te houden. Want ook daar heb je spaargeld voor nodig. Voorkom dus problemen op de lange termijn en plan vooruit. 

Tip 2: Ga je inlezen

Doe gericht onderzoek naar de koop van je eerste huis. Dat kan op verschillende manieren. Dit artikel lezen is er bijvoorbeeld al één van. Maar verdiep je ook verder in het proces van een huis kopen. Zoek uit wat de verschillende stappen zijn bij het kopen van een huis en regelen van een hypotheek. Schakel ook tijdig met een hypotheekadviseur. Het is zonde als je veel tijd en energie steekt in bezichtigingen zonder dat je goed weet wat je financiële mogelijkheden zijn. Als je weet in welke volgorde je deze stappen het beste kunt doorlopen en bij welke instanties je wanneer moet zijn, kun je efficiënt te werk gaan. 

Vraag ook eens bij vrienden en familie na hoe zij het proces ervaren hebben. Hoe hebben zij succesvol hun eerste huis kunnen kopen? Wellicht hebben zij tips die je kunnen helpen bij het vinden van jouw eerste droomhuis. Maar ook wanneer je het koopcontract eenmaal binnen hebt gekregen, doe je er goed aan iemand uit je omgeving mee te laten lezen. Of denk aan de bezichtigingen. Het is altijd fijn om een extra paar ogen bij je te hebben. Bovendien zullen zij ook kritische vragen kunnen stellen, waar je zelf misschien niet eens aan gedacht hebt. 

Verdiep je ook in de mogelijkheden ten aanzien van je hypotheek. Dit kun je veelal online voorbereiden, maar spreek ook tijdig met je hypotheekadviseur af. Je hebt dan een goed beeld van wat je maximaal kunt lenen voor je hypotheek. Maar zet hier ook naast hoeveel je wil lenen. Het maximale bedrag lenen is namelijk niet altijd de beste keuze. Hierin spelen ook je toekomstplannen weer een grote rol. Wil je bijvoorbeeld minder gaan werken? Dan kan het nog wel eens lastig worden om iedere maand rond te komen als je een maximale hypotheek hebt. Reken daarom goed uit wat je bruto en netto maandlasten zijn en of dit past in je toekomstige financiën. 

Tip 3: Schakel je netwerk in voor de zoektocht naar een geschikt huis

Momenteel is het vinden van een geschikt huis wellicht de meest lastige stap in je zoektocht naar je eerste huis. Geef de moed niet op! Blijf zoeken in de buurt waar je graag wil wonen en reageer snel zodra er iets op de markt komt. 

Geef bij zoveel mogelijk mensen in je omgeving aan dat je op zoek bent naar een huis. Je familie, vrienden, collega’s, verre kennissen, kunnen hun netwerk ook voor je inschakelen. Bekijk huizenwebsites en houd social media en buurtkranten goed in de gaten. 

Tot slot kun je ook een aankoopmakelaar overwegen. Zij hebben een groot netwerk in de regio en zijn vaak als eerste op de hoogte bij het beschikbaar komen van een nieuwe woning. Bovendien helpen ze bij de onderhandelingen en kunnen ze meegaan naar bezichtigingen. 

Tot slot: je eerst huis kopen

Ik hoop dat met deze tips de aankoop van je eerste huis wat dichterbij is gekomen. Als je zorgt voor voldoende spaargeld, je goed bent ingelezen en je je netwerk hebt ingeschakeld voor de zoektocht, vergroot je zeker je kansen op een eerste koophuis. 

Dit artikel schreef ik voor De Hypotheker.


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Health Benefits of Snake Fruit


Press Play Button Below, Synchronize Reading & Listening “Habits Podcast” *An Audio Blog*

Snake fruit is a descendent of Java and Sumatra in Indonesia. It is a variety of palm tree and is known as Salak. It is mostly cultivated in South East Asia. This wonder fruit has scaly skin and has small thorns on it. The sweet and sour taste filled with juicy goodness is loved by everyone. These days, you will be able to buy them from any supermarket. Both fresh and canned ones are easily available today.

Nutritional value

This fruit is a rich source of pectin and potassium. So it helps in brain development to a very large extent. This is the reason why snake fruit is called The Fruit of Memory in Indonesia. Iron, vitamin C and calcium are also found in this fruit. Hence it is very good for skin, bones and for keeping your healthy and strong.

Great source of protein

Normally, we need to consume sufficient amount of eggs, cheese or meat regularly to get the right amount of protein. Since snake fruit is a storehouse of protein content, you can consume the fruit to get sufficient protein for the body. With the regular consumption of protein foods, you will be able to build muscles and help in properly giving neurological support. It also helps in promoting cell development.

A good antioxidant

Beta-Carotene that helps in preventing heart diseases, stroke and cancer, is found in snake fruit. So it is always better to choose snake fruit than mango or watermelon to get more health benefits.

Perfect partner that helps in weight loss

This is a wonder fruit that can help you lose weight, providing you sufficient amount of nutrients for your body. You get stamina even while you are on a diet since it has carbohydrates and calcium. Even though the fruit is not found in European countries and America, you will be able to find them in many of the stores that provide fruits found in other countries.

Boosts Eye health

Snake fruit has Beta carotene that helps in providing your eyes great health. It helps in providing better vision. This is the reason why the fruit has to be given to kids. The presence of Vitamin A helps in better eyesight, and also improves the ability of the eyes to see in dark or light. Prevent night blindness by consuming the fruit regularly.

Controls Blood sugar level

Having snake fruit regularly helps to lower glucose present in the blood. To control diabetes, consuming the tea made from the skin of snake fruit helps a lot. Thus people suffering from diabetes can gain a lot of benefits from regular consumption of this fruit.

For pregnant women

Snake fruit is good for pregnant women. It helps to reduce nausea and morning sickness, which is normally found in pregnancy. It has vitamins and nutrients that help in the development of the baby in the womb.

Helps to improve stamina

The fruit has protein and potassium that helps in improving stamina to a very large extent. Those who love to work out regularly can have this fruit to get your body filled with energy and stamina. Kids can also have snake fruit regularly for gaining stamina, and also for helping in the body’s growth and development.

How to consume 

The fruit can be consumed fresh after peeling off the skin. The candied, juiced, canned, dried, and pickled versions are also tasty. It is also fried to chips. It is also made to syrup or made into a spread that can be consumed with bread. Regular consumption of snake fruit gives overall benefit to your health. So make sure to include this fruit in your daily diet.


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Law \ Legal

Real Estate & Construction News Round-Up (05/18/22) — Gravel2Gavel Construction & Real Estate Law Blog — May 18, 2022


Businesses renovate office spaces at a historic pace, China plans to build a 3D-printed hydropower dam without human workers, the U.S. infrastructure package has thousands of projects underway, and more.

  • Miami’s crypto-real estate boom has been challenging all conventional wisdoms as the price of crypto currencies like Bitcoin have surged, which could spill over into other popular real estate markets. (Peter Lane Taylor, Forbes)
  • China is planning to build the world’s first 3D-printed hydropower dam in Tibet, with an AI-powered design and no human workers. (Matthew Loh, Business Insider)
  • With the hybrid work model here to stay, businesses are having their offices renovated at a historic pace. (Joe Dyton, Connected Real Estate Magazine)
  • New property technology is being piloted to reduce the carbon footprint of the federal government’s 300,000 buildings. (Nate Berg, Fast Company)
  • Six months after the signing of the $1 trillion infrastructure package, the U.S. government relayed there are 4,300 projects underway. (CBS News)
  • The metaverse continues to provide a new way of participating firsthand in virtual reality, mainly through digital storefronts, gaming, and entertainment, while also yielding real-world benefits. (Sean Finn, Forbes)


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What Is Full-Spectrum CBD Oil? What You Need To Know (Hint: Illegal)


As full-spectrum CBD oil continues its rapid growth in popularity since the federal government signed the 2018 Farm Bill into law, more beneficial uses of the entire whole hemp plant spectrum of CBD are being discovered.

Full spectrum CBD oil (illegal in Idaho) contains the whole hemp plant that includes up to 113 of the known cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other whole plant compounds. To maintain federal compliance, full spectrum CBD oil must contain less than 0.3% THC.

Below, we’ll take a deeper look at what full spectrum CBD oil actually is and how to find the best full spectrum CBD oil available.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil For Sale In Idaho? (YIKES)

Even though full-spectrum CBD is illegal in Idaho, unethical CBD companies will still ship illegal products to Idaho (because they won’t get in trouble).

Bad CBD companies do this because they won’t get in trouble if “you” get caught.

If someone living in Idaho accidentally orders a full spectrum CBD product, containing illegal amounts of THC for Idaho, substandard companies DON’T ACTUALLY CARE (they got their money right?).

If you get caught with an illegal product in Idaho, you are in trouble, not the CBD company.

This is why it’s critical to avoid negligent companies, as well as learn how to read a lab test (infographic posted below).

Disgraceful Eric Zipperle, Co-Founder of Corn Bread Hemp, reminds Idaho residents, “the USPS is considered a federal service, and your mailbox is considered federal property. That means that full-spectrum CBD products are completely legal to ship through the USPS to any mailbox in the 50 states and outlying territories of the USA.” (Full document here)

After I received this information from Eric, I consulted with a team of cannabis marketing experts (Full Discussion Here). I asked the group if it was ethical/legal to ship a federally legal product to a state where it’s illegal?

The general answer the consulting group agreed on is that Eric’s behavior is illegal and not ethical. To summarize the discussion, the CUSTOMER takes all the risk and the business owner has ZERO liability. The reason why the purchaser is liable is that once you take possession of the illegal product, you are under local jurisdiction that can prosecute. Whereas, the business owner is not in a jurisdiction that can control this unethical behavior.

If someone in Idaho gets caught with a federally legal full-spectrum CBD product in Idaho, the penalties and possible jail time can be steep.

Another cannabis expert weighs in.We’ll be driving from OR to CO for the NOCO hemp expo next month and we will be going all the way around through NV, AZ and NM because of all the product we will be bringing. Slightly different topic I know but in my opinion if you wouldn’t drive it through the state yourself, you probably shouldn’t send it to someone in the state. We’re putting a lot of extra miles on this trip to avoid Idaho and Utah. Hopefully we’ll be out of product for the drive back and can cut through those states and shave off 600 miles or so.

With that said, the next best thing we can do is to expose directly who is cooperating with unethical behavior. As well as educating our Idaho audiences on how to identify a dishonest crook.

Learn More: Is CBD Oil Legal In Idaho (2021 UPDATE) | #1 Trusted Idaho CBD News Source

Avoid deplorable companies and learn to recognize quality CBD companies such as MedTerra & Joy Organics as trusted CBD brands Idaho can rely on.

Learn More: Why I Choose Joy Organics CBD

Learn More: Can You Take CBD On A Plane In Idaho? (Short answer, no. Wait until you arrive at destination).


What Is Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

Full spectrum CBD oil is an extract taken from the hemp plant.

Hemp contains up to 113 different types of chemical compounds that are known as cannabinoids, including CBD and THC.

CBD is one of the 113 distinct cannabinoids found in full spectrum CBD oil products.

A few other common cannabinoids you’ll find in full spectrum CBD products includes THC, CBD, CBN, CBG, acidic variations, and many more.

A true whole plant full spectrum CBD oil product will also contain more than cannabinoids and terpenes. 

You’ll find quality full spectrum CBD oil products that will also contain other important compounds taken from the whole hemp plant, making it a product that’s more close to how nature intended.

The other important parts of the hemp plant that provide benefits are called terpenes and flavonoids.

Other types of CBD products that are not full spectrum are further processed to remove the final trace amounts of THC.

This extra processing step to remove any and all detectable amounts of THC also further degrades one of the most critical benefits, you get from full spectrum CBD.

What Does Full Spectrum CBD Oil Actually Mean?

In general, full spectrum CBD oil will have detectable amounts of THC.

For a full spectrum CBD oil to be compliant with federal law, there has to be less than 0.3% of total THC.

Full spectrum CBD oil is made by extracting CBD from the whole hemp flower and/or by combining full spectrum extract with a carrier oil, such as hemp seed oil, coconut oil, MCT oil, and many potential others.

What makes it a full spectrum CBD oil is there is a detectable amount of THC.

After the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD extracted from specific parts of the hemp plant became federally legal nationwide under the condition there is less than 0.3% THC.

Some states have more strict laws and don’t allow any detectable amounts of THC within their borders, including Idaho and others. Double check your state law before buying full spectrum CBD.

What Are The Benefit Of Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

One of the most critical benefits you get from a true whole plant full spectrum CBD oil is the entourage effect.

The entourage effect is a beneficial process that can only fully occur with full spectrum CBD products.

What the entourage effect is and does is similar to a team working together, instead of working alone.

Having a larger team working together towards the same goal typically results in a more overall potent experience. 

When you have a full networked matrix of the entire array of up to 113 cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other whole plant components working together, they tend to simply work better.

When the compounds are working together and interacting with one another, there’s an entirely different chemical level effect that takes place and produces higher-level results.

Anything less than a whole plant full spectrum CBD product is similar to driving a car with a flat tire. 

Yes, you can still have someone drive your car with the spare donut wheel, but you don’t want to keep driving your car without a proper fully functioning completely intact smooth balance, and reliable complete package.

Some non-full-spectrum CBD products attempt to claim the entourage effect still occurs in broad spectrum or isolate products.

Broad spectrum CBD products lack the necessary cannabinoid THC to fully complete the true potency of the entourage effect.

To achieve the full natural entourage effect response, whole plant full spectrum CBD products that have the most natural form and essence from the hemp plant still intact are the best way to achieve the full effect without concern you’re lacking the full power of hemp.

What Does Full Spectrum CBD Oil Do?

Full-spectrum CBD oil offers numerous benefits and works by interacting with the recently discovered system found in humans and mammals called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS).

According to Dr. David Allen, a previous member of the ICRS (International Cannabinoid Research Society) — in 2010 & 2011 tells us in a live interview that the ECS is located on nearly every cell and consists of an intricate network of Cannabinoid Receptors (CR) utilizing a chemical communication system.

What full spectrum CBD oil actually does for you is provide essential nutrients to the ECS, via interacting with your cellular cannabinoid receptors while fully utilizing the entourage effect to maximize and optimize your homeostatic system.

According to Dr. David Allen, the ECS controls homeostasis.

Homeostasis simply means balance between and among nearly every cell and system in your body with the ability to maintain itself and its function properly relative to the environment.

When taking a full spectrum of cannabinoids, the optimization of your homeostatic system can offer benefit a wide range of normal everyday functions, such as stress, sleep, relaxation, well-being, and more.

Depending on how much full spectrum CBD oil you take will determine whether you experience a bit of an energetic lift or more of a relaxing sedative effect.

Since full spectrum CBD has a unique feature known as biphasic, you’re able to experience one effect at a lower dose and a completely different effect with a higher dose.

Biphasic signaling effects are not completely understood and can range from anxiety responses, various behaviors, motivation, feeding, novelty-seeking, and more.

Lower doses might work best for morning and daytime use, while larger doses can be better for nighttime when you’re ready to relax at home for the rest of the night.

Taking a large dose in the morning or afternoon can cause a bit more relaxation than you might want for a busy high energetic working day.

While a low dose at night may not give you the relaxation effects you’re looking to experience.

What CBD actually does depends on the dosage that’s best for you and your situation.

It’s best to start with a low dosage and slowly work your way up until you’ve achieved the results you desire.

How Quickly Does Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Work?

Within about 15 – 45 minutes of taking an adequate dose under your tongue (sublingual) of full spectrum CBD oil, you’ll begin to feel the effects.

  • Under tongue 15 – 45 minutes
  • Swallowing CBD oil 45 – 1+ hours

Generally, if you want your CBD oil to work faster, take your dose under your tongue and hold it for between 30 – 60 seconds.

For a bit longer-lasting effect, swallowing CBD without holding it under your tongue can extend the effect by processing it through the liver.

Everyone responds a bit differently and finding the dosage that works best for you throughout the day and night might require some persistent trial and error.

What Strength CBD Oil Should You Buy?

Depending on what effects you want to experience and how severe your situation is will determine what you’ll need to achieve the results you want.

Lower strength CBD products are geared more towards daytime use and mild applications, while higher strengths are for more critical needs and nighttime use.

To achieve an increase in your general wellbeing, a lower to medium dose will be your best option.

While you may need different strengths and different types of CBD for each situation.

The best way to find what strength and type of CBD will work best for your situation is to experiment by first starting slow.

To start and if you’re brand new to CBD, we recommend choosing a product with a lower strength and lowest dose possible to achieve results.

As you get more experience and learn how full spectrum CBD oil makes you feel at different times of the day with different doses, you’ll be able to better fine tune the strength you need, when you need it.

What Is The Strongest Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

Just because it’s the strongest, doesn’t necessarily mean it will be the best choice for you and your unique situation.

Due to the higher amounts of cannabinoids in our 1,500 mg CBD oil, we recommend caution if it’s your first time experiencing the highest strength of CBD oil we offer.

What Is The Best Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

Organic full-spectrum CBD oil is arguably the best type of full-spectrum CBD oil available for purchase.

If you find an organic full spectrum CBD oil that has the USDA organic seal, you can rest assured you’re buying the highest quality full spectrum CBD oil available.

CBD full spectrum oil is the highest quality over the other types of CBD oil on the market.

When comparing the quality of effects between CBD oil full spectrum, broad-spectrum CBD, and CBD isolate, the clear winner is full-spectrum CBD oil.

The primary reason why consumers prefer full spectrum CBD oil is because it simply works better.

As we described the potent benefits of the entourage effect above, taking a non-full-spectrum CBD oil will deprive you of the full extent the entourage effect intends to deliver.

Will Full Spectrum CBD Oil Make You High?

Full spectrum CBD oil doesn’t have enough THC in it to make you high.

Since there are only small trace amounts of THC in full spectrum CBD oil, there’s no possibility of getting high or feeling recreational effects.

Will I Fail A Drug Test If I Take Full-spectrum CBD?

Since full spectrum CBD oil does have small amounts of THC, there is a possibility you might not pass a routine drug screen.

Distilled CBD oil has even smaller trace amounts of THC that can further help you reduce the risk of failing a drug test.

Final Thoughts On Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Whole plant USDA Certified full spectrum CBD oil is the best type and highest verifiable quality available on the market.

Before you believe any product label attempting to claim full spectrum, make sure you do a quick double check to verify you’re actually buying a true full spectrum that contains a large array of cannabinoids beyond CBD.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about our full spectrum CBD products, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be glad to help you right away.


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Globus bietet Urlaub statt Gehaltsplus



Globus bietet Urlaub statt Gehaltsplus

Abonnenten von LZ Digital können sich diesen Artikel automatisiert vorlesen lassen.

Vor zwei Jahren hat Globus seine Mitarbeitenden das erste Mal wählen lassen, ob sie lieber eine prozentuale Einkommenserhöhung in Anspruch nehmen oder bis zu sieben Tage Extra-Urlaub. 50 Prozent der Angestellten entschieden sich damals für freie Tage.

Zum 01. Januar 2023 legt der saarländische Händler das Angebot neu auf. Dann dürfen die Mitarbeitenden erneut wählen zwischen Geld und Extra-Urlaub. Spannend wird sein, ob sich die 50:50-Quote durch die Inflation verändert.


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Top 7 Shopify Apps For Up-Selling And Cross-Selling


Do you run your own Shopify Store? Are you worried about your sales? If all of these answers are YES, then for sure you are not using proper up-selling / cross-selling products in your shopify store. Up-selling and Cross-selling products are the most effective ways to boost your online sales. If you are using Shopify for your online store management, then there are multiple shopify apps, which make up-selling and cross-selling easier for you.

We are going to list down Top 7 Shopify Apps for up-selling and cross-selling, based on our personal preferences.



This shopify app enables up-sell and cross-sell offers on your THANK YOU page. This app is having almost 4.9 Star Rating on the Shopify App Store with great customer reviews. It improves your online sales by promoting up-sell offer. It helps you to generate more profits by increasing the AOV (Average Order Value) of your store. This shopify app can display upto 3 targeted cross-sells, that increases the chance of your buyer accepting. It has it’s unique AI engine scanning mechanism that can suggest you upsell and cross-sells automatically. It can easily integrate with Bundles Bear and Auto Multi-Currency. It has 4 types of plans – FREE, SILVER ($49.99 per month), GOLD ($99.99 per month) & PLATINUM ($149.99 per month).


One of the best upsell and cross-sell app for your shopify store. It offers you to upsell & cross-sell your customers by offering them extra services, such as – free gifts, related product bundles, one click upsell popup for mobile devices etc. This app can be easily integrated with CartHook, Shogun, Gift Box, Vitals, PageFly. CandyRack is smart, simple and the most effective shopify app, that generates immediate sales boost for your online store. This app is not free, though it has a 14 days free trial for each of it’s packages. It has 4 types of plans – BASIC SHOPIFY ($29.99 per month), STANDARD SHOPIFY ($49.99 per month), ADVANCED SHOPIFY ($99.99 per month) & SHOPIFY PLUS ($199.99 per month).


ReConvert is a simple but powerful shopify app for your Thank You Page optimization. It allows you to customize your thank you page with the drag and drop interface. ReConvert is just like abandoned cart recovery with advanced features. You can easily customize the Thank You page with their built-in templates or can create your own template from scratch. This app gives you in-depth analytics of your thank you page which includes CVR, CTR, visits, best upsell etc. This shopify app can be easily integrated with Klaviyo, Loox, MailChimp, SMSBump etc. It has 4 types of plans – FREE, PRO THANK YOU PAGE ($7.99 per month), MVP THANK YOU PAGE ($14.99 per month) & VIP THANK YOU PAGE ($29.99 per month).


Zoorix is a simple but the most effective upsell app for your shopify store. It gives you an instant sales boost up to 25%. It has the feature that give your customers an automatic recommendations (AI Based) based on your store order. This app has some awesome features, such as: slider for ajax cart, supports multiple languages, volume discount, bundle specific variants, warranty upsell, supports shopify locations, ROI dashboard and much more. It has 4 types of plans – FREE, ZOORIX PRO ($7.99 per month), ZOORIX MVP ($14.99 per month) & ZOORIX VIP ($19.99 per month).


This app is trusted by over 1.5K+ merchants. BOLD UPSELL can be easily integrated with Bold Brain, Google Analytics, Bold Product Options, Bold Discounts etc. It allows you to track your upsell performance so that you can optimize your offers. With it’s FREE ADDON (Bold Brain), you can easily access upsell recommendations based on your customer’s activities. This app also gives you an advanced level of upsell funnel with the conditional logic. It has 4 types of plans – STARTER ($9.99 per month), PLUS ($19.99 per month), PREMIUM ($39.99 per month) & PRO ($59.99 per month).


Boost your sales with the help of This app widget appears like a slider, which can be placed almost anywhere of your shopify store. You can customize the rule system to satisfy your customer’s needs. It allows you to display upsell and cross-sell in static blocks, pop ups, sliders with the help of pre-defined templates. It has a Free 7-day trial to try it’s awesome features. It has only one plan – PERFORMANCE BASED ($19.99 per month).


Increase your shopify revenue with SellUp – with this shopify app you can create precision based upsells & cross-sells for your online store. SellUp is one of the most powerful app, that allows you to show your product recommendations just below the main Add to Cart button. It has some brilliant pre-built templates, that uplift the look of your store. It can easily run with any of these stores: Dropshipping, Print-on-Demand or Digital product stores. It can be easily integrated with Free Upsell App, Smart Upsell, One click upsell, Upsell etc. It has 4 types of plans – FREE, BASIC ($14.99 per month), GROWTH ($39.99 per month), & PLUS ($59.99 per month).


You have to think beyond your imagination if you want to improve your store’s sales. With these shopify apps, you can recommend additional products to your customers much easily. Mostly these apps don’t need any coding knowledge. These can be easily setup & integrated in your store. But if you face any difficulties to install or to setup these apps, you can hire shopify developer for your tasks. So don’t waste your time, use these shopify apps to enhance your customer’s purchasing experience.


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May Instagram Recap – Mia Mia Mine


fashion blogger mia mia mine instagram outfitsTime just seems to be speeding up lately, and I can’t believe that we’re already almost half-way through the year! Last month, I traveled to Santa Barbara – it was so nice being able to shift gears and switch out of my winter attire into more playful, summery pieces. I’m always looking for an opportunity to look cute, and May just presented an opportune moment with my getaway trip. I was thrilled to return home to mild temperatures (similar to that of early summer), which meant that I could keep warm weather vibes going strong. If you need a replay of my favorite looks, I’m sharing them below and breaking down every detail!

fashion blogger wearing an olive trench coat from karen millenKaren Millen Trench Coat | Karen Millen Cutout Leather Dress | Bottega Veneta Sunglasses | Alexandre Birman Tie Ankle Heels | Louis Vuitton Coussin Bag PM

Leather might sound too hot for summer, but it can work in the form of a dress with cutouts. The best thing about this one is that it also comes in yellow! If you want to soften things up, be sure to add this unstructured green trench coat.


fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing an ivory knit dress and a blazer from nordstrom4SI3NNA Long Sleeve Minidress | Open Edit Blazer | Vince Camuto Braided Heels (on sale now!) | Saint Laurent Crochet Tote | Similar Bottega Veneta Aviator Sunglasses

This entire outfit has been a best seller all month long. Not only are most of the pieces affordable but they can be re-worked into multiple looks down the road.


fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing white celine high top sneakers and a black knit set from amazonAbercrombie Beige Blazer (exact style sold out, similar here) | Amazon Workout Set | Saint Laurent Baseball Cap (also here) | Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Tote | Celine High Top Sneakers (better for budget here)

I practically lived in this Amazon workout set the entire spring season. It’s the easiest and most comfortable thing to throw on. To make it more presentable when I’m running out, I usually just throw on a blazer and sneakers.


fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a black jumpsuit from karen millenKaren Millen Jumpsuit | Bottega Veneta Sunglasses | Saint Laurent Lou Raffia Bag | Manolo Blahnik Heels (better for budget here)

Karen Millen’s current collection won’t disappoint. I picked up so many new pieces last month – and this jumpsuit is one of my favorites. The double breasted buttons and split hem give it a look that sets it apart from other one-pieces.


fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a white moto jacket from whbmWHBM Denim Moto Jacket | WHBM Beige Tee | WHBM Zip Hem Jeans | WHBM Double Band Heels | WHBM Chain Necklace | Bottega Veneta Aviator Sunglasses (better for budget here)

You guys know I live for white denim during the warmer months. I love how WHBM adds a touch of edge to their white denim styles with zippers. It offers a nice way to toss up your basics.


fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a casual white outfit with a fendi sunshine toteL’Academie Beige Sweater | Levi’s White Jeans | Nike Daybreak Sneakers | Fendi Sunshine Tote | NY Yankees Cap

The best spring and summer outfits are uncomplicated and effortless. Nothing defines that better than an oversized knit sweater, clean denim and sneakers.


fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a striped blue shirt and white heels from nordstromTopshop Button-Down Shirt | Open Edit Chain Strap Heels | Chloe Woody Tote (large size) | Abercrombie White Skirt | Saint Laurent Sunglasses (better for budget here)

I love scoring chic, budget-friendly finds as much as I do designer pieces. Two of my latest purchases are this Topshop shirt and these Nordstrom brand heels. When worn together, they just pop!


fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a yellow knit dress by free assemblyFree Assembly Sleeveless Sweater Dress (wearing an XS) | Scoop Straw Crossbody Bag | Brinley Co. Strappy Sandals | Madden NYC Cat-Eye Sunglasses

If you’re shopping for understated dresses that look good anywhere, this Walmart one is worth exploring. The halter neckline and body-hugging midi fit feel so in-the-moment. It’s one of those pieces that you can wear at work, on the weekends or on vacation.


fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing agolde 90's denim and a fendi sunshine toteAstr The Label Puff Sleeve Top | Agolde Jeans | Jeffrey Campbell Nude Heels | Bottega Veneta Aviator Sunglasses (better for budget here) | Fendi Sunshine Tote

The fashion item that I get most excited for once it warms up is a cute statement top. I just love how they instantly dress up a pair of jeans. This Astr the Label one highlights the season’s best details from pretty puffed sleeves to ruched details and a smocked back.


fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a white summer set from expressExpress White Blazer | Express Crop Top | Express Belted Pants | Express Woven Clutch | Bottega Veneta Aviator Sunglasses (better for budget here)

For those days when you want zero thinking and minimal layering involved when getting dressed, you need a matching set. I just picked up this one (here and here) from Express and it’s going to become my new summer uniform. 


xo, Maria


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