California Father Loses Both Legs After Leaping To Shield Family In Freak Snow Blower Accident


[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

A California father is now a double amputee after fearlessly saving his family’s life during a horrific skiing incident.

Dave Miln and his wife Clare Miln took their young daughters, Isla, 3, and Anna, 1, to ski lessons at Mammoth Mountain in Northern California early in the morning on December 15 for what they believed to be a fun family day trip — but it turned out to be a life-altering tragedy.

In a freak accident, a rogue snow blower came rolling into the kids from out of nowhere. The brave father threw himself over his children in an attempt to prevent them from being sucked into the machine. 

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In a GoFundMe arranged by Tsen Bogan, which you can visit HERE, it was revealed that Dave completely shielded Anna from the machine, but Isla sustained some injuries:

“Dave’s actions ultimately saved the lives of the girls, keeping Anna under his body and doing his best with Isla. However, Isla still entered the machine.”

Clare was able to get help quickly. Christina Ackerman, the assistant to the chief of the Mammoth Lakes Police Department, told People on Monday that officers responded to a call regarding the incident at 9:08 a.m. that fateful day. The GoFundMe continues:

“Clare was able to make split second decisions that saved her family’s lives before being transported with the girls to hospital.”

Unfortunately, the protective father was not so lucky to be immediately rushed to the hospital — he was stuck in the machine: 

“Due to the extent of his injuries, Dave spent over an hour in the machine until rescuers were able to free him, and relocate to hospital, remaining conscious the whole time.”

Ultimately, the Australian Defense Force veteran, who had been living in San Diego, lost both of his legs in the horrifying incident: 

“Dave is now a double amputee; above the knee of the left and below the knee on the right, as well as breaking both femurs, pelvis, a number of his lower vertebrae, a sacral and finally 3 ribs. He underwent 10 different surgeries in three weeks and still has many more surgeries expected.”

Such a sacrifice for his children.

You can see a full picture showing Dave in the hospital below — but be advised, the injuries can be pretty upsetting:

Dave Miln Double Amputee Mammoth Mountain
(c) Tsen Bogan/GoFundMe

What a tragedy — but his courageous actions prevented his daughters from sustaining far worse. He almost certainly saved their lives. Isla is even expected to make a full recovery:

“Isla has suffered breaks in both of her legs and her pelvis, as well as other wounds, and had 3 surgeries and may require more. She is expected to make a full physical recovery (though a long process for an active toddler).”

Dave has since been “medically transferred to Sydney, Australia but is still admitted in hospital,” according to Bogan. Despite the tragedy, he has maintained his “dark sense of humor and razor-sharp wit!”

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Bogan shared in an update: 

“Isla is still in her wheelchair but appears to be slowly getting back to her old self smiling more and asserting herself a little more. She is such a strong and brave girl.”

As for Clare, she has continued to look after her family by being “brave, courageous, and quite frankly using every ounce of strength she has to hold life together.” Bogan added:

“She is doing her best keeping the girls busy with visits to see Daddy, trips to the park and play dates with friends to keep the fighting spirits of the girls up.”

Money from the fundraiser will contribute to “vehicle modifications for Dave, household equipment and modification and other bits and pieces that Dave will need in adapting to his disability.”

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[Images via Tsen Bogan/GoFundMe]


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