Casey Anthony Has SOME Explanation For That Suspicious Tattoo In New Documentary – Anyone Buying This??

The Casey Anthony documentary finally premiered on Peacock on Tuesday. And while we heard about the biggest revelations a couple weeks ago, there was still one pretty intriguing explanation the accused murderer had to give…

If you didn’t ravenously follow the case back in 2008, you may not even remember this. But one of the many, many reasons no one trusted anything Casey said was her behavior immediately following her child going missing.

During the murder trial, a tattoo artist revealed he had done a piece for her during the month little Caylee Anthony was still missing. But no, it wasn’t a tribute to the 2-year-old child. It was a really happy, upbeat tat with sparkles around the delicately written words “Bella Vita” — an Italian phrase meaning essentially, “The Good Life.”

Casey Anthony Bella Vita Tattoo
(c) Orange County Sheriff’s Department

We mean, how could anyone NOT see that as sus?! It seemed like she was happy to be rid of her little girl, ffs!

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So what’s Casey’s defense for the incongruously celebratory ink?? She says it was ironic. Yep, in Casey Anthony: Where The Truth Lies, the infamous homicide suspect plays victim — and part of that is explaining how bad her life really was. On the tattoo, she explains:

“‘Bella Vita’, that was my f**k you to my family. I spent my entire life protecting our perfect, beautiful little family and acting like I had this enviable life.”

She didn’t even realize it at the time, she says — which explains why she didn’t bring it up in the trial, we guess — but this was an ironic statement. With sparkles.

Casey says during therapy years later she was “trying to explain why I got the tattoo in the first place, especially during that time period.” And only through counseling did she realize:

“That was a subconscious way for me to speak out against all of it. My family. My flawed and f**ked up family. And my flawed and f**ked up life.”

She says “Bella Vita” was “the antithesis of what my life really was.” Irony. Like naming a big dog Tiny. Get it? Yeah, we’re not sure the weeks where you’re supposed to be fretting over your missing toddler are the time for deliciously ironic ink, either.

It’s all part of the narrative of the doc, which includes her accusation that her father staged Caylee’s drowning. Casey implies her father was molesting Caylee after smothering her with a pillow — and claims this was something he did to her, too. So the drowning was some kind of cover-up? She says elsewhere in the doc that she believed Caylee was still alive during that time — even after she saw the drowned body. We guess that explains getting a tattoo? Because she thought the girl was alive and just being molested by her grandfather??

Look, we can hardly begin to sort through all these claims. What we do know for sure is that Casey had the sense in the years after the trial to cover up the Bella Vita tattoo. She covered it in peony flowers and a mandala, which she says “symbolizes growth, rebirth.”

She also got a tribute tat to Caylee on the inside of her arm which translates to:

“‘I hear your voice in all the sounds [or noise] of the world.’”

She explained:

“It means, ‘I hear you in everything’. That is my Caylee tribute tattoo. Everything about her was perfect.”

What do YOU think of Casey’s new version of events? Are you as sold as that jury that acquitted her??

Casey Anthony: Where The Truth Lies is streaming now on Peacock.

If you have sincere cause to suspect child abuse, call the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-4-A-Child or 1-800-422-4453, or go to

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University Of Idaho Murder Victim’s Father Reveals Chilling Update From Police

The quadruple murder of a houseful of University of Idaho students earlier this month shocked a nation and scarred a small town… but what it did to the victims’ families is something indescribable.

As we previously reported, Xana Kernodle and her boyfriend Ethan Chapin (both 20), and Kaylee Goncalves and her BFF Madison Mogen (both 21) were found stabbed to death on the morning of November 13 in a gruesome scene in which blood literally poured out of the house. The Moscow Police Department have been keeping details of the case as close to the vest as possible — not even revealing the first couple days that it was a brutal murder, just saying that some students were found dead.

Add that lack of transparency to the fact the police seem unwilling to connect the dots on certain shocking developments, like the fact someone skinned a nearby couple’s dog just a month beforehand. It’s not just another unheard act of violence in the small town, it’s also something aspiring serial killers do… It’s a lead police quickly brushed away — not something they really have the luxury of doing as it kind of seems, at least from the outside, that they have nothing so far. No suspects have been named, no persons of interest. Even the two surviving roommates who slept through whole thing were cleared immediately.

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On Tuesday morning Steve Goncalves, father of Kaylee, went public with his frustrations with police on Good Morning America. He offered:

“I have to assume and hope that this is all part of their plan and… they’ve got this all figured out. I know that there’s some really good, hard-working guys and girls that are on this case that I’ve met. And they looked me in the eyes and they told me straight-out that they’re working and they’re doing everything in their power.”

But the anxiety his family is feeling with the killer still on the loose is palpable. He revealed:

“My wife’s biggest fear, part of the reason we didn’t have a funeral, is because she couldn’t be guaranteed that that monster was going to not be there.”

God. We can’t even imagine.

Speaking about his family’s pain, he explained they were mourning both Kaylee and Madison, who was so close to their daughter for so long they considered her their “bonus child”:

“When you’re sick and you’re down and you’re out, you want to have that one great friend that’s always there for you — and that’s what they had. There is no Kaylee without Maddie.”

On the pain, he said it’s still too much to even process:

“You’re numb … you can’t absorb that amount of pain and agony.”

That made one update the police gave him help a little. Steve says they told him despite the brutality of the crime, it was likely over very “fast.” We’ve also heard that three of the four were probably still asleep when they were killed. It is some comfort, the grieving father said, that “nobody suffered and nobody felt that kind of pain.”

The other thing he says police told him was a lot less comforting — and more outright chilling.

They explained to him that his daughter had been killed by “large punctures” from a “brutal weapon.” While that may make the deaths faster, it’s truly horrific to imagine. We’ve previously heard law enforcement refer to the murder weapon as a “Rambo-style” knife, meaning probably a hunting knife or Ka-Bar. What they told Steve about the weapon is more disturbing:

“The detective said this weapon is probably something [the killer] paid money for and something that they’re proud of.”


Well, that’s messed up. The silver lining of that totally spine-tingling assessment is it means it’s a piece of evidence they must be keeping close and not disposing of. That’s something at least.

Steve’s final message to viewers? Please help in any way you can:

“I have to have my justice. These families deserve that. We just have to come together as a community. Submit all those pieces of evidence… and get this guy off the streets.”

Of course, there’s nothing anyone can do if they submit their evidence and the cops ignore it. See the emotional full interview (below):

[Image via Good Morning America/YouTube.]

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Jennifer Lopez Reveals SUPER Romantic Message Ben Affleck Engraved On Her New Engagement Ring

What’s better than a 6.1 carat, $2.5 mil+ Harry Winston pink solitaire? OK, nothing. But what’s second-best? An engagement ring with an extra-special, personal promise about being together forever.

In her Apple Music interview with Zane Lowe on Monday, Jennifer Lopez revealed just how hard the first breakup with Ben Affleck hit her — and got to gush about getting a happy ending nearly two decades later.

Video: J.Lo Lets The World Know Ben Affleck Made Her The ‘Happiest’

But a new beginning for Bennifer meant a new engagement ring. The second ring wasn’t quite so ornate as the first (which she kept btw) — it’s a green stone on a simple silver band. But it means the world to her because of what it stands for. In three words engraved on the inside, Affleck told her:

“not. going. anywhere.”

Awww! She explained that was how Ben would sign the letters he wrote her for months before they got back together:

“That’s how he would sign his emails when we started talking again. Like ‘Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere.’”

Awwwwwww! We heard those emails finally were what sealed the deal, that what he wrote changed everything. Clearly that signoff line was a big part of it! In fact, J.Lo revealed the words inspired a song on her recently announced This Is Me…Now album! Wow!

What do YOU think of the romantic message?? Would it work on you???

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Kim Kardashian FINALLY Gets Her Divorce Settled – Here’s How Much Kanye West Owes In Child Support!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have FINALLY finalized their divorce.

The legal battle over the spousal split has been going on for nearly two full years. But on Monday, the duo agreed to the conclusive terms of their breakup. And now, each of them are totally free and clear! (Well, aside from coparenting their children, that is…)

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Per Page Six, the SKIMS founder agreed to share custody of their four kids — North, 9, Saint, 6, Chicago, 4, and Psalm, 3 — with the Chicago-born rapper. Ye has been granted “equal access” to the kids in the final agreement. Even so, according to TMZ, Kim is slated to have them at her place “80 percent of the time.”

That matches up with a comment Ye made in September about how Kim is their primary caregiver. So it sounds like custody will remain similar to how it’s already been divvied up. Only now, it’s official and final. Kim got it in writing!

As for the couple’s finances, nothing really changes with the divorce going final. Property and financial assets had already been split as part of their prenuptial agreement, so that stays as it was. Plus, each party waived spousal support. No surprise there — they each can fend for themselves.

The big issue was child support. This week’s settlement decrees Ye is responsible for 50 percent of the kids’ expenses. That includes things like school tuition and security costs. And the Gold Digger rapper must pay Kim $200,000 per month in child support, too. Not chump change!! Somewhere, Nick Cannon is comparing that price tag to his own baby daddy tax. (Yes, the Wild’N Out host is catching strays. Ha!)

Child support aside, the other tricky issue settled this week has to do with the kids’ futures. Kim and Ye agreed to enter mediation should they ever have a dispute regarding any of their children. And here’s the key: if one party fails to attend required mediation meetings, the participating party becomes the sole decision maker on the issue.

That’s a BIG move considering Ye’s recent lack of attendance at divorce depositions and other legal meetings. It sounds like there will be hell to pay if he ever tries to pull that again. Probably a wise move on Kim’s part, TBH.

OH! And as for that house across from Kim’s that Ye bought? He gave it to her, too! So it really sounds like things are finally over. Finally.

What do U make of the ex-couple’s final final divorce details, Perezcious readers?

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The Try Guys Finally React To THAT SNL Sketch!!

The Try Guys finally shared their opinion on the controversial Saturday Night Live sketch that left a bad taste in lots of their fans’ mouths.

In case you need a reminder, the sketch comedy show parodied a video from the remaining three members of the popular YouTube comedy group last month in which they responded to the controversy of Ned Fulmer cheating on his wife with an employee. In the skit, cast member Ego Nwodim and host Brendan Gleeson portrayed CNN reporters. And while the 67-year-old actor as a White House correspondent was supposed to be talking about developments in America’s support of Ukraine, things took a turn when some other breaking news came in. Brendan interrupted the broadcast to announce that the Try Guys have responded to the viral controversy about their ex-member.

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You can see the full parody (below):

Fans were not happy about the portrayal at the time. The internet dragged the parody, saying it downplayed the entire situation and got it completely wrong. Now, in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, remaining members Zach Kornfeld, Eugene Lee Yang, and Keith Habersberger have addressed it more directly — well, almost.

In the interview which went live Monday, Keith once again expressed his surprise:

“Well, obviously being parodied on SNL was something we didn’t really ever anticipate out of our careers. We never thought we were important enough to be ridiculed that way.”

When asked about the way the skit portrayed them — and the potential “downplaying” of the situation — the group completely changed the subject. Eugene commented:

“They have an amazing costume and wig department. The replication, I commend that absolutely.”

To which Zach added:

“Very generous how much hair they gave me. As someone who’s been bald my whole life, I was thrilled.”

The deflection! And it would seem Yang threw some shade at the comedy show for boiling the Try Guys down to simply a controversy:

“Sometimes, whether it’s how it evolves at SNL or other places that are traditional, they might not be as upfront about those things. I like to think that as much as people think that maybe we will mostly be remembered for the scandal, I think the public at large is mainly going to remember that our reaction was correct.”

Oh damn.

They didn’t come out and say it, but we’re definitely getting a peek into where they actually stand with SNL. Hmm. What do U think, Perezcious readers?

[Image via YouTube/Glamour/Saturday Night Live]

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Kanye West Hits Back At Former Hero Donald Trump: ‘He’s Known For Lying’

OK, this feud is just getting funny now.

Kanye West used to LOVE Donald Trump. Remember when he said wearing his MAGA made him feel like a superhero? Lately, however, the two 2024 presidential candidates (sigh…) have been butting heads.

First Trump was quoted by an insider as saying Ye was acting too “crazy” with his public antisemitism rantings. Then they actually got together for dinner… and everything got way worse. Kanye said that during the meeting he pissed off Trump by suggesting the former POTUS be his running mate in 2024. He claimed Donald went all mafioso on him then got so upset he started yelling, including an insult to his ex Kim Kardashian.

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Trump then went public with his version of events, saying he only entertained the meeting because he was trying to “help a seriously troubled man.” It also became clear Teflon Don is aware of how the Republican Party is turning on him because he tried to distance himself from Ye’s politics and fringe friends — one of whom was a well-known (and unabashed) white supremacist incel named Nick Fuentes. Trump claimed he “knew nothing about” the man, who Kanye had explained was a total Trump loyalist. Ha!

So now Ye is hitting back at Trump’s version of events with perhaps the most hilarious insult yet. The Power rapper visited right-winger Tim Pool‘s Timcast podcast on Monday night… for a while anyway — but we’ll get back to that.

Responding publicly to the ex-President he reiterated how much of a fan he was, saying:

“I would have never wanted to do anything that hurt Trump… I’m on Trump’s side.”

He added:

“I went into the trenches for Trump… There is no one in my position that wore that hat.”

It’s true. He got a lot of heat for wearing the MAGA hat on SNL. Rightfully so, obviously, he was supporting Trump ffs. But he made clear he wasn’t going to stand for any criticism, saying:

“Trump said things that hurt me. He lied about me, but I mean, he’s known for lying.”

Ha! OMG! We have to be honest, we love it when these people fight and the truth finally comes out. Kanye was such a big supporter… but deep down, yes, he 100% knows that every other word that comes of Trump’s mouth is total B.S. And as soon as they’re at odds, even in the slightest, he can admit it. Priceless.

OK, speaking of not being able to take any criticism at all… Kanye actually stormed out of the podcast after just a few minutes! Why? It wasn’t antisemitic enough for him! Really!

They were talking about cancel culture when Ye compared himself to Martin Luther King Jr, and his treatment by the press to protesters being hit with firehoses:

“I thought I was more Malcolm X, but I found out I’m more MLK. As I’m getting hosed down every day by the press and financially, I’m just standing there.”

Pool agreed, saying, “I think they’ve been extremely unfair to you.”

But Ye wasn’t letting that go. He wanted his fellow provocateur to say exactly who “they” is, demanding:

“Who is ‘they’ though? We can’t say who ‘they’ is, can we?”

In other words, Kanye meant the “they” here is the Jewish people. The supposed cause of all his problems. Typical Nazi B.S. Pool responded:

“Corporate press. I’m not using… I don’t use the word as the way, I guess, you guys use.”

Ye’s pal Nick Fuentes was also there (as was Milo Yiannopoulos — apparently they go everywhere together now as a party of three — we’ll let you figure out which party). He jumped in:

“It is them, though, isn’t it?”

Pool pushed back ever so slightly, saying:

“No, it’s not.”

As he tried to equivocate, to explain his position, Ye asked:

“What do you mean it’s not?”

And instead of waiting around for an answer, he got up and left. They literally were not antisemitic enough for him. He just walked out, after only a few minutes of the interview. You can see that whole moment (below):

Shortly after, a producer came on camera to confirm that Ye, Fuentes, and Yiannopoulos had left. Hilariously a lot of Pool’s audience turned on him in the comments. Why? Oh, because they’re actually in agreement with the antisemitic fringe. The fringe IS the right wing.

People like Pool may like to dog whistle and court those white supremacist fans while not outright saying anything that can get them deplatformed, but that’s the mob they’re speaking to.

With some luck, maybe this infighting will finally show a lot of the right wing who they’ve been in bed with this entire time. Will it change things? We’ll have to wait and see. But we’re waiting with popcorn because folks like Trump and Ye fighting means whoever loses, we all win.

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Kylie Jenner Snaps Back At Claim She Posted Photos Of Her Kids To ‘Cover Up’ Balenciaga Controversy

Kylie Jenner has found herself in some trouble after she posted photos of her kids amidst the Balenciaga controversy.

As you know, the brand is currently in a big mess after the internet called them out for sexualizing children in the strange ads that saw young kids cuddling teddy bear purses wearing BDSM attire. Another showed legal docs about a Supreme Court child pornography case, and several other photos included easter eggs concerning historical figures who have had an unusual connection to children and child pornography.

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Yeah, seriously gross. And it keeps getting worse with their “response” which in the end seemed a lot more like a PR move to save face… not looking good.

On Monday, Kim Kardashian even threatened to cut ties with the high-fashion house because of the controversial ads — she said on her Instagram Stories:

“As for my future with Balenciaga, I am currently re-evaluating my relationship with the brand, basing it off their willingness to accept accountability for something that should have never happened to begin with — and the actions I am expecting to see them take to protect children.”

But one thing everyone seems to be taking note of — why aren’t more celebrities speaking out about this!? Well, a social media user was wondering the same thing — and they even called out the 25-year-old and her mom Kris Jenner for posting photos of the kiddos while seemingly ignoring the scandal.

In the TikTok video, the user slams Kris for “telling her kids to release the good photos after the Balenciaga scandal” — which to be fair, that’s a pretty wild claim to make without any evidence to back it up…

Kylie wasn’t having it, either! She responded to the allegation pretty quickly, commenting:

“Uh, whyyyyy would I post my child to cover up for Balenciaga?”

The photos in question were featured in a carousel of life highlights the business mogul posted to the ‘gram on Monday, several of which featured her shared children with Travis Scott, 4-year-old Stormi and their 9-month-old son. You can see the post for yourself here.

Sorry, but saying Kylie posted some snaps of her babies just to “cover up” the scandal is a reach in this case. She does this on the reg!

What do U think, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF in the comments (below).

[Image via Instagram/Kylie Jenner]

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Country Singer Jake Flint Dies Unexpectedly Just Hours After Getting Married

Country singer Jake Flint has tragically passed away only hours after getting married.

According to fellow musician Mike Hosty via The Oklahoman, Saturday started out just like any other day as the soon-to-be-married Jake and his bride Brenda Cline prepared for their wedding. They’d rented a big tent to avoid the weather, and prepared a makeshift stage for the one-man-band to play from:

“It was rainy, but he’d rented a 40-by-60 circus tent. … They put up a bunch of carpets over the mud and then got two pieces of three-and-a-quarter-inch plywood and set it on the ground — and that was my stage. Jake goes, ‘Is that gonna be all right for you?’ And I go, ‘Jake, that’s perfect.’ A piece of plywood or a flatbed trailer is where I shine.”

Sadly, no one knew this would be the last night they’d spend celebrating with the Red Dirt singer. The musician’s longtime publicist, Clif Doyal, confirmed to the outlet on Sunday that Jake had sadly passed away in his sleep — only hours after he married his wife. He was only 37 and his cause of death is unknown. So, so heartbreaking.

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Hosty told the outlet he’d like to remember the couple when they were happiest:

“I really just like remembering that happy moment of seeing them being married … but I really feel for Brenda.”

And Doyal didn’t have anything but good things to say about his client following his passing:

“He was not only a client, he was a dear friend and just a super nice guy. As you can see from the outpouring on social media, he was loved by everybody. I think a lot of it was just that he was a people person, and he had an amazing sense of humor. He made everybody laugh, and he made everybody feel welcome. He was an ambassador for Oklahoma Red Dirt music.”

Jake released three four studio albums across his career from 2016 to last year. He also charted three singles on the Texas Regional Radio Report with his 2017 song Cowtown, 2018’s Long Road Back Home, and 2020’s What’s Your Name. He was an up-and-coming artist whose career was budding quickly — but sadly came to an end far too soon.

The country music singer’s grief-stricken bride is understandably having a hard time. She posted a video to Facebook on Monday which showed herself and Jake dancing following their marriage, which she captioned:

“I don’t understand.”

Brenda also updated her status on Tuesday, where she expressed the heartbreak she’s experiencing that very few will ever understand:

“We should be going through wedding photos but instead I have to pick out clothes to bury my husband in. People aren’t meant to feel this much pain. My heart is gone and I just really need him to come back. I can’t take much more. I need him here.”

Just gut-wrenching. It’s unfathomable what she’s going through right now…

Our hearts are with Jake and Brenda’s family and loved ones, he will be dearly missed.


[Image via Facebook/Jake Flint/Brenda Flint]

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Candace Cameron Bure & Jodie Sweetin In ‘Pretty Serious’ Dispute Amid ‘Traditional Marriage’ Controversy!

Things aren’t so merry and bright for the Tanner sisters these days!

According to a new source opening up to ET on Tuesday, Candace Cameron Bure and Jodie Sweetin, who played sisters DJ and Stephanie Tanner, respectively, for years on Full House and Fuller House, are in a “pretty serious” disagreement following Candace’s very controversial “traditional marriage” comments!

Earlier this month, the devout Christian spoke with WSJ. Magazine about her exit from the Hallmark Channel and her next chapter at the Great American Family network, which has no plans to include same-sex couples in their movies. While addressing this, the 46-year-old very clearly said she wants to “keep traditional marriage at the core” of her Christmas flicks.

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Naturally, the hateful declaration sent the internet into a tailspin! Several notable celebrities clapped back at the comment, including Hilarie Burton, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Maren Morris. Then JoJo Siwa entered the chat. The pair have had a complicated history ever since the Nickelodeon star called CCB the rudest celeb she’s ever met in a TikTok earlier this year. The teen once again put the actress on blast for her anti-LGBTQ remark and Jodie slid into her comment section to send her support, writing:

“You know I love you

Days later, the Merry Swissmas lead also re-posted Holly Robinson Peete’s IG post calling for inclusivity to her Instagram Stories. Shockingly, Candy then UNFOLLOWED her TV sister on the ‘gram! Damn! (At this time, Jodie still follows Candace.)

Phew. It’s been a lot! And it doesn’t sound like it will be resolved anytime soon…

While chatting with ET, the insider explained the co-star’s ongoing dispute has to do with their different world views since Jodie “is progressive in her beliefs and Candace is very religious in hers.” AKA she’s conservative as f**k! Cause it’s not like every religious person is a proud homophobe! Reiterating all this, the confidant continued:

“They have different views and opinions on various important topics.”

All of this has probably been pretty obvious to both of them behind the scenes. We mean, Candace has made a habit out of preaching her religious views on social media. But it seems her “traditional marriage” quote was just too much for Jodie to let slide. According to the source, Bure’s comments to WSJ. “held a lot of weight,” but it also didn’t help that Jodie so publicly took a stand against Candace, the insider dished:

“Candace’s quote about traditional marriage impacted a lot of people. Jodie does not agree with Candace’s remarks and wanted to show where she stands. Candace is upset that Jodie chose to do this in a public way instead of talking to her one-on-one.”

Well, if she can speak her mind so publicly then her on-screen sibling should be able to do the same! Just saying. ET tried to get a comment from the stars, but Candace’s reps couldn’t be reached and Jodie’s team said they don’t have a comment at this time. So, we bet nothing has changed.

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As for the A Christmas… Present star, she’s been standing by her word, saying in a long-winded statement after making headlines last week:

“We need Christmas more than ever. I am a devoted Christian. Which means that I believe that every human being bears the image of God. Because of that, I am called to love all people, and I do. If you know me, you know that I am a person who loves fiercely and indiscriminately. My heart yearns to build bridges and bring people one step closer to God, to love others well, and to simply be a reflection of God’s huge love for all of us.”

To her vocal haters, she added:

“To the members of the media responsible for using this opportunity to fan flames of conflict and hate, I have a simple message: I love you anyway. To those who hate what I value and who are attacking me online: I love you. To those who have tried to assassinate my character: I love you. To everyone reading this, of any race, creed, sexuality, or political party, including those who have tried to bully me with name-calling, I love you.”

For her part, Jodie took to social media today to share several organizations fans should consider donating to for Giving Tuesday and she included GLAAD! So clearly she’s passionate about standing up for the LGBTQ+ community, even when it means striking up a feud with one of her oldest friends! Reactions, Perezcious readers? Do you think they’ll be able to make amends? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via FayesVision/WENN & Jezebel/YouTube]

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King Charles Extends ‘Olive Branch’ To Disgraced Brother Andrew With First Christmas Invitation To Ex-Wife Sarah Ferguson In 30 Years!

King Charles III is shaking things up this holiday season!

As the new man in charge, His Majesty is already doing things very differently than his mother Queen Elizabeth II. According to royal biographer Phil Dampier, who spoke with on Tuesday, the new king has delivered an “invitation for Fergie [Sarah Ferguson] to spend Christmas with the family.” It’s poignant as experts are viewing as an “olive branch” from the monarch to his brother Prince Andrew.

While it might not seem like it at first glance, this invite is actually a HUGE deal! It’s reportedly the first time Sarah’s been invited to spend the holiday with the family since her split in 1992. That’s 30 years! Whoa!

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According to the outlet, it is believed the 63-year-old was invited to join the royals for a festive celebration at the Sandringham Estate in England. She might also make a public appearance with her disgraced ex-husband during the traditional Christmas morning walk to St. Mary Magdalene Church. To the royal expert, this is Charles being “forgiving and kind” to both his younger brother and former sister-in-law. Phil explained:

“This looks like an olive branch from King Charles to his brother, who is otherwise out in the cold.”

Ever since Charles took the throne, he’s shown no interest in letting the Duke of York back into the fold following his Jeffrey Epstein scandal, which saw him lose his military titles and face sexual assault allegations by Virginia Giuffre. So, it’s definitely a significant show of support for the King to invite Fergie to spend the holiday with the family! It’s also something that never would have happened during the Queen’s reign — because of her husband Prince Philip! The source continued:

“He is still a member of the family and by inviting ex wife Fergie it looks as though Charles is being forgiving and kind. It would never have happened while Prince Philip was alive and Fergie spent many Christmases on her own at Wood Farm while the rest of the royals were in the big house. Andy and Fergie’s daughters [Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie] are grown up with kids of their own so it makes sense for them all to be invited, including the Duchess of York.”

And while it’s likely to be great news for the Yorks, don’t expect this to mean rekindled romance for the exes:

“This will please Andrew but I still don’t think he and Sarah will ever remarry.”

According to a Sandringham source via The Sun, preparations are already underway at Wood Farm for the arrival of Andrew, Fergie, and their daughters. They dished on Tuesday:

“Andrew is banned from public life but you can’t ban him from family Christmas. Staff at Sandringham have been tasked with getting Wood Farm ready for the whole York family. When she split with Andrew, Sarah was never allowed at the family Christmas Eve and Christmas Day while Philip and the Queen were alive. For 30 years she used to have Christmas dinner on her own. But things are being done differently now.”

Well, it’ll certainly be a less lonely holiday for the momma! If she chooses to accept the noteworthy invite, she’ll join the royals in a swapping of gifts in Sandringham’s White Room followed by a sit-down evening meal in black tie. Fancy AF!

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Zara Tindall’s husband Mike Tindall is also expected to receive an invite following a recent stint on I’m A Celebrity, and we’d imagine Prince William and Princess Catherine AKA Kate Middleton will have no problems snagging a spot at the party. But don’t expect a total royal reunion since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are not expected to receive an invite, per Daily Mail. Oof! Guess you can ban some people from the family Christmas!

Of course, this comes amid Andrew’s ongoing controversies. Ever since his relationship with Epstein made headlines, he’s been facing the fallout of his past, such as being stripped of his official duties by his mother in January. On Monday, he was spotted looking furious after government officials informed him that his £3 million-a-year armed security detail would be axed beginning in December. He has tried to convince Charles to reverse the decision but to no avail. A source told The Sun on Sunday:

“He is going to write to the Home Office and the Met Police to complain about losing his taxpayer-funded security.”

Let’s just say his actions haven’t been met with much sympathy from those in the UK, so we don’t expect a letter to do much now! Dai Davies, a former head of the royal protection, slammed the Duke, calling him an “over-inflated egotist,” per DailyMail. Damn! Davies also argued the money could be better spent on solving crimes in London. Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Why do you think Charles is offering this olive branch his brother’s way if he has no problems being so standoffish in other aspects of their relationship?! Let us know (below)!

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