Ohio Woman Who Lost Teeth From Domestic Abuse Claims She Had To Quit Sheetz Job Over Unfair ‘Smile Policy’


The usually-well-liked convenience store Sheetz is catching heat for getting rid of an employee who apparently violated their “smile policy” after she says she lost her teeth in an awful domestic attack by her ex-husband!

Rose Marie Counts took to Facebook earlier this month to recount a bad experience she had as a (former) employee at a Sheetz store in Circleville, Ohio. She claims she lost her teeth after her abusive ex-husband knocked them out during a domestic incident. But when she showed up to work as a customer service clerk at the small-town convenience store, she was called in by her boss over it!

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In the Facebook post, Counts explained what happened once she got into the store:

“I was asked to come to the office at work. I was nervous I have only been with the company for about a month. When I walked in the office the manager had the company policy pulled up to were it talks about employees appearances. I was informed that policy states all Sheetz employees must have and remain with a perfect beautiful warm welcoming smile. If you are an employee with this company and you break a tooth you have 90 days to have it fixed.”


She went on to explain how her teeth have been an issue for a while — even before she was hired by the store. Still, Sheetz apparently balked that her insurance company wouldn’t pay for temporary dentures until the swelling in her mouth could go down enough to fill in with permanent teeth:

“When I was hired I had no upper teeth. My lower teeth is scheduled to be removed. My insurance will pay for my permanent dentures but they will not pay for a temporary denture. Due to swelling that occurs when teeth are pulled my insurance will not pay for me to have the temporary denture they look at it as a waste of money.”

Then, Counts explained how Sheetz’s “smile policy” strictly defined her look as “unbeautiful.” Thus, she was suddenly unworthy of working in a customer-facing role in the convenience store.

She wrote:

“And even though I am good at my job I can no longer be a frontline employee with the company because of my smile. The company defines my smile as unbeautiful because I still have work that needs to be done on them. So I went to work today and I left work today crying. Why did I leave crying? Because I left my job that I loved that I enjoyed I was happy to be there. But to get told based on my looks that my job is in jeopardy. And that maybe I should fill out paperwork and maybe the company will help me if I tell them my story. They might let me borrow the money to have a temporary denture for me to pay them back the thousands of dollars that it took to buy them.”


According to Insider, Sheetz’s so-called “smile policy” is as follows:

“Applicants with obvious missing, broken, or badly discolored teeth (unrelated to a disability) are not qualified for employment with Sheetz. Sheetz believes that an employee’s smile during interactions with customers and coworkers is critical to creating the sense of hospitality in our stores that we strive for.”

Clearly, Counts has issue with that policy — especially since her teeth were mangled in an alleged domestic abuse incident that she could not control or avoid.

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Along with her Facebook post, Counts also came with the receipts. She shared an audio clip of a meeting with her boss, in which the superior explained the “smile policy.” Counts, who is now in a new relationship according to the New York Post, could be heard in the audio clip telling her manager:

“This company has no idea what I’ve been through. I lost these front teeth because my ex-husband headbutted me because I forgot to turn the hall light out. It’s legit, it’s a bad experience that happened in my life that I’m still trying to…”

At that point, she trailed off, and could be heard getting noticeably emotional. The manager responded “that’s fine,” and said she was “so sorry” about Counts’ situation.

Then, the boss said she had been hearing “wonderful things” from customers about Rose Marie. However, the smile policy was a hard-and-fast rule within the company. Frustrated that her toothless smile didn’t meet Sheetz’s expectations, Counts replied:

“I feel like my job performance should be enough. I don’t feel like I should have to justify myself because of my looks.”

Counts then told her boss she would “have to seek other employment” because she no longer wanted to be associated with the convenience store brand. The manager answered:

“That’s understandable. I really am sorry that that’s the way you feel about us.”


On Tuesday, the New York Post reached out to Sheetz’s corporate offices about the incident. The company’s PR manager Nick Ruffner responded with a statement:

“[Sheetz’s] intent has always been to help her and to determine which of our assistance programs may apply to her situation. Our hearts go out to Rose. … Rose is a valued asset to the Sheetz family and we look forward to continuing this conversation with her.”

That’s it??

Ruffner also confirmed Sheetz is reviewing its “smile policy” after receiving complaints from staffers at its other locations. The brand has 650 stores across Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina.

The PR flack concluded with an explanation about the company’s sudden choice to review policy:

“[This incident] has prompted a more specific review to ensure our policies are aligned with Sheetz’s commitment to foster a culture of respect. While we have a personal appearance policy that includes dental health, we provide accommodations to the policy that are granted for medical, cultural, and religious reasons. At Sheetz, it is important that we honor and recognize our employees’ diverse experiences, individual identities, and unique perspectives.”

OK… Let’s just hope something good comes from this. Nobody should lose their job because they were abused!!

You can see Rose Marie’s original post over on Facebook HERE.

Reactions, Perezcious readers??

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, help is available. Consider calling the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-7233, or text START to 88788, or go to

[Image via Rose Marie Counts/Facebook/Sheetz/YouTube]


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Joe Rogan’s Dad & Sister ‘Have Proof’ He LIED About Domestic Abuse Accusations!


[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Joe Rogan‘s dad is calling out the popular podcaster over long-standing claims about supposed domestic abuse during his childhood.

The Joe Rogan Experience host has gone on record several times over the last decade-plus to discuss the experiences he had as a young child in New Jersey. But now, those claims are being denied by Joe Rogan Sr. — and the 81-year-old wants to talk to his estranged son about the situation.

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So, first, some background. Several times on the JRE podcast and other public forums, the Fear Factor alum has spoken about awful events growing up in New Jersey in his dad’s home. Joe has described his biological father as a “very, very violent guy” and has told stories about the elder allegedly attacking people when he was just a small boy.

In one podcast clip from eleven years ago, Joe said:

“All my damaged s**t came from my real father before I was seven. My real father was crazy. He was like a psychotic person. He beat the f**k out of my mother, he beat the f**k out of my cousin.”

You can watch that decade-old comment and the entire conversation clip (below):

Several times in the years since making those claims, Joe’s father Joe Sr. has denied them. Last September, he notably denied ever abusing Joe’s mother or anyone else in his life. But the accusations have persisted. And now Joe Sr. is taking to TikTok to comment on the claims directly to the public.

In a new video posted to the social media network on Monday evening, Joe Sr. and his daughter, Bridget Rogan Carselda, spoke up about the domestic violence and abuse allegations. The octogenarian was clearly enraged about his estranged son’s claims, and said this to lead off the video:

“You lied about me. Your father! If you lied about your father, you’d… give up the world. I’m tired of it, Joe. I’ve had enough. If you can’t talk to me, face to face, you’re a punk-ass. That’s all you are.”


Joe Sr. continued:

“You’ve got all the money and everything. But you know what you don’t have? You don’t have no heart. And I’m going to tell you something else you don’t have: you ain’t got two balls. You don’t want to talk to your father because you couldn’t handle me. … You owe me a big apology.”


At that point, Bridget jumped in to comment on Joe and his mother leaving Joe Sr. when the future comedian was just seven years old. Thus, she said, Joe never really knew the whole story about his father:

“Joe, you were taken away at a very young age, OK? Unfortunately, you did not grow up with the man that we were fortunate enough to grow up with. That my kids were fortunate enough to grow up with.”

Bridget continued:

“I’m sorry that all this happened to you. From the bottom of my heart, I am sorry, because you will never know what you have missed out on in life.”

Joe Sr. jumped back in later in the video. Angered at how his estranged son has characterized him — and his community — the elder Rogan slammed a comment his famous son made about the Italian-American community where he was raised:

“You said the Italians in North Jersey are psychotic? Joe, I’m 81 years old, I’ve never met a psychotic Italian. … It’s about time you become a man, Joe, and get to reality. You were wrong. You lied. We all know you lied.”

Then, Bridget cryptically warned that her family had receipts that would make the feud “really ugly” if they chose to release the info:

“I love when I see the comments. ‘They just want the money, they just want the money bag.’ I have a box. Pandora’s box. And if I open it, Joe, things would get really ugly. But see, we don’t roll that way. Us psychopaths from New Jersey, we don’t roll that way.”


Joe Sr. continued by trying to bait Joe into meeting him face-to-face for a talk:

“Joe, in front of everybody, I’m looking at you, I’m pointing at you. Come here, sit down, and me and you talk, that’s it. I won’t tell nobody what was said. I’m a stand-up guy. I ain’t like you, making up stories so I can make money. I don’t do that s**t. Especially family. I don’t do that. But I’m going to tell you something, Joe. Before you go here, and you come and sit, do me a favor: go buy that set of balls.”

Then, Bridget explained why she and her father chose to go public with their accusations.

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The younger Joe won’t respond to them, she said, so they decided to take things to social media to draw attention:

“The thing about our family is that we’re very, very close. No matter what goes on in our family, it always stays within our family. This whole Joe thing is something very new to us. This is the only way to respond to him. We’ve contacted him privately. He doesn’t want to hear what we have to say. He doesn’t want to hear the truth.”

She went on:

“But here’s the thing: when you make an accusation, you have to back it up with proof. And when there’s no proof, there’s no truth to what you’re saying. We have a box full of truth, Joe. We have proof from the attorney general’s office. We have proof from the police department. We have proof from legal cases. Whatever you said, ‘my father is a psychopath, my father beat children, my father beat women, my father beat your mother,’ we have proof, Joe, that it never happened. Real proof. Legal proof. Where’s your proof?”

So much drama!!

You can watch the Rogan fam’s full video (below):


Joe Rogans dad and sister tell the truth….the proof is in the box! #regret #joerogan #italian #newjersey #truth #foryou #CapCut

♬ original sound – FIGHT LIFE ACADEMY

Like we’ve already said up top… Yikes! Lots of anger here. Clearly, this resentment and drama has been brewing on all sides for a long, long time. Will anything come from it this time around, tho?

Share your reaction to everything down in the comments (below)…

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, help is available. Consider calling the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-7233, or text START to 88788, or go to

[Image via Powerful JRE/YouTube/Fight Life Academy/TikTok]


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See Victoria Beckham’s 11-Year-Old Daughter Wearing One Of Mom’s Designs!


Victoria Beckham‘s daughter Harper looks runway ready while wearing one of her mom’s dresses!

The 48-year-old fashion designer shared an adorable mirror selfie to Instagram on Monday with her 11-year-old, showing off some new designs from her Spring/Summer 2023 collection. The mother-daughter duo looked absolutely stunning: Victoria in a baby pink, floor-length ruffle gown, while her daughter stood by her side and held her hand, totally rocking a strapless ombré dress — complete with a mini blue handbag and some sneakers!

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In the caption of the post, the former Spice Girls member revealed she made the dress specially for Harper:

“My number one #VBMuse #HarperSeven! Mummy loved creating this dress for you.”

Aww! How sweet!

Victoria also posted a picture of herself and model Isabella Grutman, who was wearing a gorg baby blue gown from the new collection. She finished her caption by complimenting her friend:

“I love seeing my new collection on you @IsabelaGrutman!! You look incredible! Kisses xx VB”

Ch-ch-check out the full post (below):

Such a sweet mommy and daughter moment! They both look so beautiful in Victoria’s new dresses. Reactions, Perezcious readers?

[Image via MEGA/WENN/Instagram/Victoria Beckham]


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Idaho Murder Suspect’s Lawyer Has Represented At Least THREE Of The Victims’ Parents!


Well, this is awkward. But is it ethical??

Bryan Kohberger is set to face trial in the coming months for the shocking murders of four University of Idaho students. But will it be with his current legal team?

His current lawyer is the public defender from nearby Kootenai County, a woman named Anne Taylor. But there’s a bit of an issue with her representing him. We learned last week that she had previously represented one of the victims’ parents. She had Xana Kernodle‘s mother as a client, 43-year-old Cara Kernodle, at the time the murder case came in. She quickly dropped that case after working on it a month, subbing in a new public defender, to jump over to defend Kohberger.

Huh?? Why? Aren’t there more public defenders? Well, as it turns out, not so many who have handled a capital murder case. In fact, she’s apparently the only one in North Idaho. Many critics have accused her of clout-chasing — as this case will be in a media spotlight from beginning to end. But it’s possible she was just the only one in the region qualified. Like we’ve said before, this isn’t the type of thing they see every day there.

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Only… it’s starting to look more and more like the Public Defender’s office might need to bring in someone from out of town. See, as it turns out Anne Taylor also represented ANOTHER victim’s parents!

In a jaw-dropping coincidence, Inside Edition reported over the weekend that records show Taylor represented Maddie Mogen‘s father, too. Benjamin Mogen faced two misdemeanor drug charges in 2020, and as his public defender Taylor got him a deal where he pleaded guilty to one and was sentenced to 90 days.

But that’s not all! She also represented Maddie’s stepmother, Korie Hatrock, who faced one misdemeanor and two felony drug counts. The more serious matter took longer but also resulted in a plea deal, to a single felony charge. The case seems to have been closed by December 28 of last year — two days before Kohberger’s surprise arrest.

That makes THREE parents of the four victims that Taylor represented. If it had a whiff of conflict of interest before, it’s an overwhelming stink now. Boise, Idaho defense attorney Edwina Elcox weighed in, telling Fox News Digital in particular the ongoing Kernodle case and her sudden abandonment of it was particularly problematic. She quipped:

“I wouldn’t touch that with a 10-foot pole. It just doesn’t seem right.”

However, she did concede:

“It’s not normal, but again this case isn’t normal. [Latah County] is a much smaller jurisdiction, where they may not have the resources and have somebody that is qualified to deal with the magnitude of this case.”

As for suggestions she’s doing it for attention, well, as LA defense attorney Lara Yerestrian told Fox, defending accused murderers isn’t the kind of attention folks usually want:

“It’s not the most popular thing to do, so you know that she’s not doing it necessarily for her career. She’s doing it because I’m assuming as a criminal defense attorney and a believer in the concept of a fair trial and our constitutional rights, she’s doing what she believes is her calling and her job, and that is to defend a defendant who’s been arrested and charged, even if it’s seen as a heinous crime to everyone. It’s what she does.”

But former prosecutor Neama Rahmani thinks regardless of intentions, it’s just too precarious:

“It’s a potential conflict of interest at best, and maybe an actual conflict if Taylor received confidential information related to the Kohberger case from any of the victims’ parents.”

You certainly don’t want anything with even the hint of impropriety in a case like this — not just because of how it looks under that media spotlight but also because you don’t want this to end in a mistrial for any reason.

What do YOU think? Should Anne Taylor be recused from the case??

[Image via KREM 2/YouTube/Xana Kernodle/Instagram.]


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Prince William’s Godmother Spotted With Royal Family For 1st Time Since Racism Scandal!


Well, this ousting didn’t last long!

Lady Susan Hussey was seen alongside members of the royal family this week — for the first time since she resigned from her role as a palace aide after that racism incident at Buckingham Palace!

On Sunday, Queen Elizabeth II’s longtime lady-in-waiting — who is also Prince William‘s godmother — was photographed walking to and from the church at St. Mary Magdalene in Sandringham, England. King Charles III and his sister Princess Anne were also seen at the same service… meaning the royals are no longer worried about being associated with her! Ch-ch-check it out (below)!

While Lady Susan hasn’t regained any official royal duties, this sighting proves how quickly she was allowed back into the fold! Probably much to the dismay of her critics…

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If you don’t recall, back in November, Susan was called out for allegedly asking one guest racially-loaded questions at a royal reception. Domestic abuse activist Ngozi Fulani, of Sistah Space, took to social media to put the 83-year-old on blast, claiming Susan repeatedly asked her where she was from. And, no, the UK wasn’t a suitable answer! Ugh. You can see all her allegations (below)!

Shortly after the headlines, Buckingham Palace released a statement declaring the royal household member involved had resigned. Two weeks later, Susan finally apologized to Ngozi face-to-face, with a statement declaring after the fact:

“Lady Susan has pledged to deepen her awareness of the sensitivities involved and is grateful for the opportunity to learn more about the issues in this area.”

Let’s hope she really is learning from her mistakes, but honestly, it’s hard to know with the royals! Sweeping under those fancy rugs seems to be their thing. They could easily be willing to breeze past the drama now that some time has passed… Thoughts?! Are you happy or upset to see Susan mingling with the royal family again?? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Sky News/YouTube & MEGA/WENN]


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Inside Todd And Julie Chrisley’s Prison Stays So Far!


If you’re like everyone else, you’ve probably been wondering what prison has been like for Todd and Julie Chrisley. And you’re in luck, because we finally have some answers.

As you know, the Chrisleys reported to prison earlier this month for a combined 19 year stay after they were convicted for bank fraud and tax evasion. Definitely not a small number, it’s going to be a while before they’re back to their everyday lives — and it’s got us all wondering how they’re settling in…

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Lindsie Chrisley recently revealed on her Southern Tea podcast she had visited her father with Nanny Faye when they made an “impromptu road trip” to Federal Correctional Institute Pensacola. The whole family seems to be dealing with the sentencing pretty hard, with Savannah Chrisley being the guardian of her 16-year-old brother Grayson and 10-year-old niece Chloe, but maybe things are starting to look up?

Savannah said on her Unlocked podcast Tuesday her parents are doing well during their prison stay — in particular, her mother:

“My mom, she’s honestly doing really well, and I know it sounds crazy for me to say that like it’s crazy for me to say, ‘Alright they’re doing really well,’ but they are.”

Julie, according to the 25-year-old, is “keeping busy” and has even “made friends” at Federal Medical Center in Lexington, Kentucky where she’s serving her sentence.

The Sassy by Savannah founder went on to say she’s doing so well, in fact, she’s taking it easy and playing cards:

“She’s going to church, she’s working, she’s playing some Spades — and when I tell you she’s playing, she’s running a dog on everyone.”

Church and playing cards, it almost sounds like more of a retirement community than a prison. Hmm.

Savannah was pleased to hear her mom is playing Spades as it’s her family’s “thing.” She expressed it makes her “heart happy to know that my parents are OK.”

As for Todd, it seems like he’s become a pastor of sorts? His daughter detailed how he’s encouraging his fellow inmates to “know Jesus”:

“He is working in the chapel, which is absolutely amazing, and I could never be more proud of my dad and the man that he is. I get to hear all these people’s stories and how he’s affecting their life and encouraging change.”

Teary-eyed, Savannah seemed very relieved to know her parents were doing just fine:

“That puts me at peace. It lets me know that they are OK. This isn’t the ideal situation, but we find strength in knowing that this isn’t the end.”

Although some days are fine, the businesswoman did admit that Todd still “struggles” and has “days that are tough” for him. He seems to be keeping in good contact with his family through email and visitation, though it seems his wife is having a far more lax time than him…

Reactions, Perezcious readers?

[Image via Instagram/Todd Chrisley]


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Austin Butler Reflects On ‘Immediate’ Connection To Lisa Marie Presley: ‘I Will Treasure That Forever’


Austin Butler will always cherish the instant friendship he formed with Lisa Marie Presley.

While appearing on The Tonight Show on Monday, the 31-year-old opened up about what it was like to meet Elvis Presley‘s daughter for the first time after filming the award-winning biopic. He shared:

“I first met Lisa when we screened the film at Graceland. And I’ve never had an experience where I met somebody and felt an immediate depth of relationship to them.”

We bet all the time he spent portraying her father before their first introduction must have made their natural bond so much more surreal.

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During their first meeting, the Lights Out vocalist felt close to Austin almost immediately, too — and she proved it by giving him a tour of parts of Graceland the general public never gets to see, such as bringing him to see Elvis’ slippers and bedroom, he revealed:

“[I] get goosebumps. That was after we screened the film and the bedroom, you know, his bedroom is a place that most people never get to see. And she said, ‘I want to show you something.’ And she took me up there we just sat in his bedroom. And up there, he’s not Elvis, he was just dad, you know? And so, to hear those stories, I truly will treasure that forever.”

Sounds like a very special interaction! Getting a bit emotional, the Carrie Diaries alum added elsewhere in the conversation:

“She was a person who didn’t really have anything to prove and wouldn’t open up to everybody, and she just opened up to me and we got so close, so fast. So, yeah, it’s just devastating.”

As we’ve been following, the 54-year-old tragically passed away on January 12 after suffering cardiac arrest. Her official cause of death is still under investigation. She leaves behind three daughters, Riley Keough, 33, and twins Harper and Finley Lockwood, 14.

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Her passing came just days after she joined Austin at the Golden Globes, making his ongoing award show successes — such as landing an Oscar nomination for Best Actor — “bittersweet.” He explained:

“It’s weird in moments like this, because it’s so bittersweet. I mean, so much great stuff is happening but it’s really [sad]. I’m just devastated for her family, and for her to not be here celebrating with us.”

Thankfully, his last moments with the singer-songwriter are ones to remember. Reflecting on what it was like to attend the Globes with Lisa Marie and her mother Priscilla Presley, he sweetly added:

“Just to get to be with her at the Golden Globes, like, I’ll never forget that for the rest of my life.”

It must be so difficult to experience so many highs in his professional life while also mourning this very sudden loss of a friend — not to mention the daughter of the legendary icon he was portraying in the film.

Just days before the Oscars noms were announced, Austin was one of many who flew to Memphis, Tennessee to pay tribute to the late star at a Graceland memorial service. We’re sure she’ll be close to his heart as he continues with awards season. Check out his full interview (below).

You can tell how much the Presley family means to him… Thoughts? Let us know (below)!

[Image via Tonight Show/ET/YouTube]


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Alec Baldwin Officially Charged For Rust Shooting – Because Of His TV Interviews?!?


Well, it really happened. Alec Baldwin has officially been charged with involuntary manslaughter for his role in the shooting death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

He and Rust armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, who was in charge of weapon safety on the western, were both charged in new court on Tuesday. The probable cause statement laid out the entire event in the most matter-of-fact terms:

“The set-up was to be a close-up on BALDWIN and the firearm, as he drew the weapon and pointed it. Halyna Hutchins and Joel Souza were viewing the practice scene on a monitor attached to the camera. BALDWIN drew the revolver from the holster, pointed it at Halyna Hutchins, and fired the weapon. When reviewing the script and witness interviews, for this particular scene and close-up shot, evidence indicates the scene/shot did not require the weapon to be fired. It was also determined by consultation with expert armorers that in a rehearsal, a plastic gun or replica gun should be used as no firing of blanks is required. However, BALDWIN fired the single action 45 long colt revolver resulting in the discharge of a projectile that struck ‘and traveled through right armpit area of Halyna Hutchins, exited her back (from the OMI’s official report), then struck Joel Souza in the right shoulder and lodged into his right back.”

The most important words there, of course? Baldwin “fired the weapon.” The doc even explicitly notes that Baldwin “approached responding deputies on the day of the shooting, wanting to talk to them because he was the one who ‘fired’ the gun.”

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However, he has since denied he ever “fired” the gun — something that shocked a lot of people who have followed the story. He told George Stephanopoulos in his first TV interview:

“The trigger wasn’t pulled. I didn’t pull the trigger. I would never point a gun at someone and pull the trigger on them, never.”

Coming out with that defensive a stance — a statement that seemed to shirk responsibility — may have damned him in the long run. The probable cause statement specifically mentions his “inconsistent accounts” of what happened in “multiple media interviews”:

“Many media interviews and law enforcement interviews were conducted by BALDWIN, and he displayed very inconsistent accounts of what happened during the incident when firing the gun that killed HUTCHINS.”

Wow. If there’s one thing prosecutors tend to pounce on, it’s lying. It implies a guilty mind, something to hide.

As for what actually happened, the doc describes “photo and video evidence” from inside the church where the rehearsal was taking place that show Alec with his finger on the trigger:

“The photos and videos clearly show BALDWIN, multiple times, with his finger inside. | of the trigger guard and on the trigger, while manipulating the hammer and while drawing, ‘pointing, and holstering the revolver.”

Meaning he wasn’t in a safe position — he could easily have accidentally pulled the trigger without even trying.

Furthermore, the FBI crime lab rigorously tested the gun to try to make it go off accidentally, without pulling the trigger — and they couldn’t. So they determined he did pull the trigger, intentionally or not, and then tried to lie about it.

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The doc also says Baldwin “was not present for required firearms training prior to the commencement of filming” — as he was on his phone. Then on the day “failed to demand at least two safety checks between the armorer and himself and witnessing the handling of firearms by a first assistant director”:

“Standard protocol is the armorer is to show the actor the firearm, pull the bullets out in front of the actor, and demonstrate there are no live rounds (but dummies) in the firearm. BALDWIN knows this is standard safety protocol as he has mentioned it in media interviews and in law enforcement interviews.”

Once again, those interviews came back to bite him. This is why lawyers always tell you never to speak in public about these things.

Baldwin — also a producer on the film — failed to get his required safety training and then failed to make sure there was proper safety on the day, including  putting his finger on the trigger and pulling it. As the doc says, even without that extra training Baldwin should know from his many films using firearms that “the first rule of gun safety is never point a gun at someone you don’t intend on shooting.” Prosecutors concluded:

“Baldwin’s deviation from known standards, practice and protocol directly caused the fatal death of Hutchins. Baldwin acted with willful disregard for the safety of others and in a manner which endangered other people.”


As for Gutierrez-Reed, it wasn’t just the fact she didn’t make sure Baldwin got his safety training and that he went through all safety protocols that day. The doc says there were five other live rounds in addition to the one that killed Halyna Hutchins found on the set. That is the responsibility of the armorer. Seems pretty simple.

What do YOU think of these charges, Perezcious readers??

[Image via ABC News/YouTube/Alec Baldwin/Instagram.]


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