CALL LA POLICIA! Gloria Estefan Just Shaded Jennifer Lopez!

Gloria Estefan is not afraid to share her opinion!

The 64-year-old performing icon has no regrets about choosing not to perform at the 2020 Super Bowl. But along with that, she also wants to put Jennifer Lopez‘s latest reveal about that past halftime show into perspective, too!

Of course, Perezcious readers will recall how we’ve been covering the recent controversy around J.Lo’s new Netflix project Halftime, in which viewers learn just how frustrated the Waiting for Tonight singer was at having to share the stage with Shakira during that aforementioned halftime performance. Now, in a new interview, Estefan is letting everyone know where she stands!

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The Latina legend went on Watch What Happens Live as part of Tuesday night’s episode on Bravo, and when host Andy Cohen asked about her take on J.Lo’s Halftime halftime show reveal, Estefan didn’t hold back!

Criticizing Lopez for being so critical of the (lack of) time she and Shakira were given to perform at that world-famous and world-watched event, Gloria explained to Andy:

“Look, this is the bottom line. You have very little time, like 12 minutes or something, to get things on and off the set. So, could you do it with one person? Yes, but I think they wanted to throw a Miami and Latin extravaganza and they tried to pack it as much as possible.”

Makes sense!

The Grammy Award winner confirmed to Cohen that she did not want to participate in that performance — her choice! Estefan threw a little shade J.Lo’s way about that, too, joking that she would have done her thing quickly while stealing the spotlight along the way:

“OK, and imagine what J.Lo would have said if I was the third [performer]! I literally would come out, done Shake Your Body [and Conga] and out.”


That’s a good line. So why didn’t Gloria participate, then?! According to her, she didn’t want to keep things trim during the holidays!! Wait, what?!

Joking about her decision not to join J.Lo and Shakira on stage, Gloria explained:

“It was their moment. Plus, I didn’t want to go on a diet in December.”


You can see Estefan’s interaction with Andy on that topic (below):

As Perezcious readers will recall, J.Lo sharing the stage for the halftime show that year was a major sticking point int he star’s new documentary, which started streaming on the ‘flix earlier this month.

In fact, at one point during the doc, the 52-year-old star singer’s longtime manager Benny Medina explained the tension that came about from having the NFL book two performers for the job:

“Typically, you have one headliner at a Super Bowl. That headliner constructs a show, and, should they choose to have other guests, that’s their choice. It was an insult to say you needed two Latinas to do the job that one artist historically has done.”

Yeah, well, just imagine if it had been THREE stars on stage that year, including Estefan! Ya know?!

Reactions, Perezcious readers??

[Image via Watch What Happens Live/YouTube/ABC News/YouTube]

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More O.J. Simpson Legal Trouble! Victim’s Father Demands $40 MILLION More! 

27 years after the infamous trial took place, O.J. Simpson is still in hot water!

As you’ll recall, the former NFL star was the center of perhaps the most talked about trial of all time back in the mid-1990s. Although he was cleared in the criminal trial, in the civil trial he was ordered to pay $33.5 million to the Goldman family after he was found liable for the death of their son, Ron Goldman. Ron also died alongside O.J.’s estranged wife, Nicole Brown Simpson. They were found stabbed to death outside Nicole’s home in Brentwood, California.

Fred Goldman, who is the father of the late Ron, has spoken out before about how Simpson owes him more than what was originally agreed upon. In 2015, Goldman stated that due to interest piling up over the years, Simpson then owed the family $57 million. That’s A LOT of interest! What is the interest rate for something like this?

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O.J. was convicted of an armed robbery in Los Angeles in 2007, where he was booked into prison. He served 9 years before being released on parole in 2017. After 4 years of parole, Simpson was granted complete freedom in December of last year. And according to Fred, the freedom means O.J. should have more time to pay his dues…

The 81-year-old alleged that Simpson has only made “relatively small payments” throughout the years. With interest adding up and Goldman’s presumption that the former running-back “should be making money” since his release from prison, he says that the sum the family is owed has increased again — by $40 MILLION!

Fred has stated that the sum O.J. now owes him has grown to a whopping $97 MILLION! Reports made in 2021 allege that Simpson has only paid about $132,000 of that huge amount. If that’s the case, he’s got a LOT of catching up to do! Yikes!

According to TMZ, Goldman believes that O.J. has “more money than the Simpsons claim to have” and he’s hoping that his move of once again increasing the quota of what he is owed will “help shake some of that cash loose”!

Simpson seems to be living a relatively carefree lifestyle now, which he regularly shows off on social media, moving from one golf course to another across the Las Vegas area. If O.J. is found by the court to owe the money that these new filings state he does — he might be using that golfing money for something else — paying off the bill he was ordered to 25 years ago!

[Image via YouTube/Inside Edition/12 News]

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Horror Movie Come To Life As ‘Hundreds’ Of Dead Birds Wash Up On Martha’s Vineyard

Something strange is going on in New England.

An animal control department in Martha’s Vineyard took to Facebook on Tuesday to issue a warning after “hundreds” of dead birds, most of them cormorants, washed up on the beach at the popular vacation destination.

In the post, the Tisbury Animal Control warned residents and visitors to the Massachusetts island to distance themselves from any dead birds they may come across and contact an animal control official.

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The post warned:

“This is extremely dangerous to us as a small island. PLEASE inform your local ACO if you find any dead birds…
DO NOT TOUCH THEM!!! Keep your dogs leashed if on beaches so they do not get contaminated. Take care when going in water, many are floating in seaweed, etc.”

As for the “hundreds of dead Cormorants washing up all over the island,” the ACO says:

“The ACO’s across the island have collected them and many were sent off to Mass Fish and Wildlife for testing. We will keep you updated.”

Meanwhile, officials are collecting the dead birds and transporting them to the Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game Division of Fisheries and Wildlife (MassWildlife) for testing.

This scary scene comes as the Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) has been detected in wild birds in Massachusetts and throughout the US. Back in April, People reported that the avian flu outbreak has been responsible for millions of bird deaths so far this year.

While the Tisbury Animal Control’s post is headed AVIAN INFLUENZA WARNING, the ACO does clarify that these are not confirmed cases — but to follow the safety protocols just in case!

Stay safe out there, Perezcious readers!

[Image via Avalon/WENN/WCVB]

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What Are The Men Who Date Erika Jayne So Afraid Of?!

Erika Jayne knows all too well how difficult the dating scene can be!

Speaking with E! News’ Daily Pop on Wednesday, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star opened up about being single and getting back out there again for the first time in over 20 years following her split from estranged husband, Tom Girardi. And unfortunately, she admitted it has not been the best experience for her so far! Erika spilled:

“It’s hard because I don’t think people really know what to expect. And I can’t get on an app. What if [Jeffrey] Dahmer shows up?”

Those obsessed with true crime content know you can never be too careful – especially when one is venturing into the wild and sometimes scary world of dating apps!

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But beyond potentially matching with a serial killer, Erika confessed she’s also “really socially awkward” when going out with someone new, explaining:

“I say exactly how I feel, and I realize that men don’t like that. They say they want a woman that’s forward, but they really don’t.”

When host Justin Sylvester pointed out that the guys she went out with might be “scared” of her, the 50-year-old reality star confessed that is actually the case – and they’ve said it to her face, too:

“They actually told me, ‘I’m afraid of you.’ And I was like, ‘Why? I’m modern. I thought I was doing what women are supposed to do, which is speak your mind and say what you like,’ and no.”

Despite her dating struggles, Erika ultimately says she is enjoying her life as a single woman:

“I’ve had a chance to completely start over and be free from an over 20-year marriage and almost wipe the whole slate clean in a way. It’s my life to rebuild, so, in that way, it’s a lot of opportunity, but it’s scary at the same time. So, that’s when I say ‘no,’ it’s scary and I don’t really know what I’m doing. I’m just out here trying to make it happen.”

As for what she “mourns” from her relationship with Tom? The Pretty Mess singer simply confessed:

“I mourn the Tom that was good.”

Well, rebuilding her life (and not to mention dating) might be put on hold depending on how her legal troubles turn out! Following the dismissal of her embezzlement lawsuit, she was named in a new legal filing, which claimed she “aided and abetted” Tom’s alleged stealing of a financial settlement. Then shocking allegations were dropped in another lawsuit, accusing Erika of being the “front woman” of a “criminal enterprise.” So safe to say we are surprised she even has time for dating, given the legal troubles stacked against her right now. Not to mention all those California taxes she owes!

You can ch-ch-check out her entire interview (below):

[Image via E! News/YouTube]

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Kendall Jenner & Devin Booker Broke Up!!!

Oh no! So much for that talk of taking the next step and having babies…

Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker have reportedly broken up after 2 years of dating.

The couple were first linked back in June 2020, but throughout the past couple years they’ve managed to keep the relationship remarkably low-key — despite her career as a supermodel and his as an NBA star. Part of that was keeping it off the reality shows, we guess… But privacy wasn’t enough to keep the relationship safe forever. Ultimately, it seems, the pairing fell prey to a major relationship killer that has nothing to do with their fame: wanting different things.

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The source who broke the news to ET on Wednesday explained:

“Kendall feels like they’re on different paths.”

ANOTHER source corroborated the news to the outlet, saying the 26-year-old KUWTK alum and the 25-year-old Phoenix Suns shooting guard “have had discussions about their future but they are not on the same page.”


We can’t help but think this is directly related to the moment we saw on The Kardashians last week where Kendall spilled:

“Oh my god, being in a baby store feels real for me these days.”

Hinting she was actually thinking about taking that next step with Devin, she got some advice from big sis Khloé Kardashian, who cautioned her:

“Remember what we talked about? The standards.”

Did Devin not meet “the standards” after all? Or… and this is how it seems… he decided he wasn’t ready for kids yet, and Kendall — the only KarJenner sister who doesn’t have babies — feels like she is??

Importantly the source who told ET about the breakup says they think it’s very possible Kendall and Devin could get back together. So we guess it was amicable, at least there’s that.

What do YOU think the breakup was all about??

[Image via Kendall Jenner/Instagram.]

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The Kardashians Did NOT Want Blac Chyna Trial Covered On Hulu Show – Here’s Why It’s Happening Anyway!

Fans will get to watch the legal battle between Blac Chyna and the KarJenners play out on the upcoming second season of Hulu‘s The Kardashians — but apparently, it is begrudgingly so for the famous family!

Executive producer Danielle King spilled during an interview with Deadline’s Crew Call podcast on Monday that the defamation lawsuit will be covered throughout the new season. Though it took some creativity…

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While the crew might not have been able to get inside the courtroom, King explained that the drama ended up unfolding on camera naturally, saying:

“We weren’t filming it. We just got snippets along the way and it ended up unfolding into this really compelling story.”

However, it turns out there was a reason they never purposely filmed the trial for the show. According to Danielle, the Kardashians have requested that certain parts of their lives not be filmed — including their courtroom showdown with Blac! So if you were expecting to be able to watch the court case unfold, don’t hold your breath! Don’t worry, though, the EP promised that viewers will still get some behind-the-scenes tea from the family on the whole ordeal in the new season — mostly because it was REAL! Danielle explained:

“They have boundaries. They’ll say, ‘We don’t want this shot.’ I absolutely respect that. But then there will end up being a conversation about it in another time we’re shooting and we’ll flesh that out in one way, shape or form. Maybe we didn’t cover the initial part of a conversation, but then it comes up organically in a different scene.”

As you most likely know, the 33-year-old model sued Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Khloé Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner for their parts in allegedly sabotaging her reality series Rob & Chyna. The lawsuit had finally headed to court this year, with some shocking revelations being made for weeks – including the momager stating at one point that she thought Blac was going to kill her son Rob Kardashian. Although the former reality star was hoping to score a $100 million dollar payout, the KarJenners ended up victorious. Now, she reportedly might owe them nearly $400,000 in litigation costs. Yikes!

So there is A LOT to cover with this drama! Fortunately, you won’t be left waiting forever to learn about what goes down. Danielle insisted on the podcast that everyone “won’t have to wait another year,” sharing that the goal is to finish filming by the end of June. So exciting! Kris, who was also on the pod episode, added:

“The beautiful thing of a streaming network is that we can wrap these episodes and get it to the viewers as soon as possible. They feel like they’re following along and not trying to catch up with something that happened six or eight months ago.”

As for what else fans can expect from season two of The Kardashians? Obviously, plan on seeing Kravis Italian wedding content! Danielle said:

“You’ll have to tune in. We’re covering it. It’s going to be amazing. That much I know.”

But when it comes to some more Kete moments, well, she only mentioned that it will be up to Pete Davidson whether or not that happens:

“Kim never tried to persuade Pete. It’s always up to the significant other. If they want to join in on the fun, more power to them. We’re happy to cover that. Pete is a high-profile person. Kim has said before, ‘When the cameras are rolling for him, it’s performance time; When the cameras are rolling for this family, it’s time to get real.’ It’s a different muscle.”

So much to look forward to with this new season! Who’s excited about an inside look at the Blac Chyna vs. the Kardashians legal battle? What are you hoping to see in the next chapter of the show? Drop your thoughts in the comments (below)!

[Image via Nicky Nelson/WENN, WENN]

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Is Kim Kardashian & Kanye West’s Divorce Headed For A Messy Trial??

We were under the impression that things were going well — or at least a little better —  for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West as they started to successfully navigate coparenting recently following their contentious split.

But maybe that’s all wrong?! Because this new report sure makes it sound like things are about to get way more tense as the legal aspects of the ex-couple’s divorce continue to move forward!!

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According to a new report published in The Sun late Tuesday night, Kim and Kanye have been trying to work out their coparenting issues — but they are unfortunately “no closer to agreeing on custody” of their children. Of course, the ex-duo shares four kids — 9-year-old North, 6-year-old Saint, 4-year-old Chicago, and 3-year-old Psalm — and coparenting has proven to be a challenge at various points in the past for them.

Now, according to court docs obtained by the news org, a judge has scheduled a trial-setting conference for the former partners for August 5. The two parents have a lot to do before then if they want to avoid going to court on the custody issues, too.

Per the outlet, both parties (or their legal counsel) must “meet and confer” to set a time for a Family-Centered Case Resolution Conference at some point this summer. In that meeting, the parties must discuss each side’s respective terms as far as custody and coparenting are concerned, as well as “exchange financial documents” and other information. As they potentially prepare for a courtroom showdown following the August 5 date, Kim and Kanye are apparently also expected to discuss whether expert witnesses will be brought in to testify about custody concerns.

What a mess that would be…

Of course, as we’ve previously reported, Kanye is now on his fifth lawyer since the divorce proceedings began early in 2021. The 45-year-old rapper parted ways with well-known divorce attorney Samantha Spector back in late May after she filed docs alleging there had been “an irreconcilable breakdown in the attorney-client relationship.” She’d originally been hired to replace prior attorney Chris Melcher after Ye fired him earlier in the year.

Those behind-the-scenes issues could further exacerbate the tension between Kim and Kanye as the possibility of a court date looms. The insider told the news outlet that Ye has been stalling through the divorce to drag out the possibility that things may not be totally over for him and Kim, even despite the presence of new boyfriend Pete Davidson in her life:

“Kanye knows that a successful divorce means it’ll really be over for him and Kim. He’s found it hard since their split, and many of his delay tactics are motivated by his feeling that Kim moved on too fast with Pete.”


One family attorney who spoke to the outlet — and who is not representing anyone involved in this legal battle — shared their strong opinions about the likelihood of a trial up ahead:

“I absolutely think that this case will go to trial if Kanye continues to attorney-shop his way through the divorce. One of the best ways to deal with a person who does not believe the rules apply to them is to have a trial or have a court determine the disputed issues. This is a last resort for a celebrity like Kim, who has tried to keep the messiness of her breakup out of the press, but it is the only way to deal with a spouse who will not negotiate from a position based in logic.”

Jeez! Sounds like a bad situation! Guess we should seriously start expecting a trial as a real possibility?!

What do U make of it, Perezcious readers?? Sound OFF with your take down in the comments (below)…

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Tom Hanks Explains Why He LOVES Crashing Weddings!

No one loves crashing a wedding more than Tom Hanks!

The 65-year-old actor has made it a habit of popping in on a couple’s big day over the years. Most recently, he surprised a bride in Pittsburgh back in March by joining in on bridal party pictures outside a hotel right before the ceremony. And that wasn’t the only time this has happened! Last October, the Forrest Gump star even stopped to take pictures and chat with Diciembre and Tashia Farries when they got hitched on the beach by the Santa Monica Pier in California.

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Tom has made so many people’s nuptials an extra special occasion! So when ask about why he started to randomly show up at a ceremony “invited or not” during an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Tom shockingly admitted:

“It’s my ego, unchecked. I just can’t help but think ‘What would these people like more than anything else to remember this magic day of days? Oh I know, me!’”

Ha! At least he is honest about it!

He also looked back on one of his very first experiences with wedding crashing. As Tom recalled, he was working on a scene for the 2009 film Angels and Demons at the Pantheon in Rome, and a couple had actually booked the location for the same day! Talk about one of the worst wedding nightmares coming to life! So of course, Tom stepped in to save the day:

“This limousine pulled up, and it was the bride and the groom trying to ‘get me to the church on time. And they couldn’t do it because we had all this stuff going on. It was like ‘Uh, how do we fix this?’ So, like a stalker — you know, ‘Hey miss, miss, miss!’ — I knocked on the window, I said ‘Hey listen, we have a thing, but would you do me the honor of escorting you to your bridal altar?’ So we did it!”

And the rest, as they say, was history! You can watch a full breakdown of his wedding crashing adventures (below):

Thoughts on his reason? How would you react if Tom Hanks happened to show up at your wedding one day? Drop your reactions in the comments (below)!

[Image via Late Night with Seth Meyers/YouTube, Wedding Crashes/YouTube]

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Amber Heard Is ‘Still Weighing Her Legal Options’ – But Prioritizing Having A Fun Summer! Huh?!

Amber Heard is having a tough time moving on after losing her defamation case — understandably so! With so much chatter about her next steps, what is she really focused on these days?!

Is an appeal coming? Is she seriously writing a tell-all memoir? And how about her career in Hollywood — can it be salvaged? So much of her life has been flipped upside down since losing her highly-publicized defamation case against ex-husband Johnny Depp, and that’s taking a big toll on her. But for the moment, she’s not really worried about the legal matter! Huh?!

A source had a lot to spill about Amber’s state of mind these days, telling People that the 36-year-old is “doing okay” following the verdict. She reportedly “feels drained and exhausted after the trial” and is simply “trying her best to have a positive outlook.” Makes sense!

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Thankfully, she does have one bright spot in her life: her baby girl, Oonagh Paige Heard! The momma is now pouring all her attention into her 1-year-old, the insider explained:

“She is happy to spend every day with her baby girl.”

She’s also relying on her sister, Whitney Henriquez, to help her regroup after the legal drama:

“Her sister [Whitney Henriquez] is also her biggest supporter. They spend a lot [of] time together.”

That proved true after the duo was spotted at a TJ Maxx last week attempting a shopping spree on a budget! Just a sign of how much Amber’s life has changed since she now owes Johnny over $8 million in damages (not to mention any possible outstanding attorney fees and the like).

Interestingly, while the Aquaman star’s lawyer said that her client will “absolutely” appeal the verdict, Amber’s yet to make an official filing. So what’s going on there? The confidant shed some light on that, saying:

“Amber is still disappointed about the jury’s verdict. She is still weighing her legal options, but right now, she needs some breathing room to just enjoy the summer.”

Weighing her options? Huh. That doesn’t sound like she’s so confident she has a good chance of winning an appeal. We’d think she’d be racing to get that done sooner than later if she really wanted to fight back…

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Maybe she’s getting more and more “scared” about the possibility of future lawsuits filed by Depp? She did tell Savannah Guthrie during her tell-all interview on Today that she fears she could be silenced again as she continues to speak about the alleged abuse she faced at the hands of the Pirates of the Caribbean alum. (Claims he denied under oath and for which the jury seemingly didn’t believe since they sided with him.) If speaking out is going to continue to be costly, it’s understandable why she’d want a break from court!

In the same NBC News chat, the Zombieland alum expressed her desire to focus on motherhood in her future, noting:

“I get to be a mom, like, full time, you know? Where I’m not having to juggle calls with lawyers.”

It’s no wonder she’s trying to stay positive and have a fun summer — for herself and her daughter. We imagine these last few months have been so exhausting, stressful, and busy for them both! Thoughts on this, Perezcious readers? Are you surprised Amber hasn’t filed an appeal yet?

[Image via Amber Heard/Instagram & MEGA/WENN]

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Did Burned Boy’s Family LIE About Bullying For GoFundMe Money?! Surveillance Footage Tells Different Story!

Perezcious readers will no doubt recall the disturbing story of Dominick Krankall — the 6-year-old boy who suffered horrific second and third-degree burns following a terrible incident back in April at his home in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

At the time, authorities reported Dominick was allegedly the victim of a terrible bullying incident. The story went that he’d been playing in a yard with several other children, and was purposely hit in the face with a burning ball that led to his horrible burns. But now, newly released surveillance video of the yard where the incident occurs seems to show a different story.

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This week, police in Bridgeport concluded their investigation into the case, determining that “there was no wrongdoing,” according to WFSB-TV. The outlet reports that police determined Dominick and other boys in the backyard had been playing with a canister of gasoline together, and investigators say the incident was not a targeted bullying attack.

On Monday night, the TV station also published surveillance video showing the backyard scene and some of the moments that led up to the incident. In the short clip, one of the boys in the yard appears to fill a cup with gasoline before setting it down and lighting it on fire.

Off screen, Dominick can then be seen approaching the area with the cup. After a matter of seconds, he stumbles back on screen with his clothes and face on fire. Frantically wiping at the flames on his face, he runs across the yard. At one point, one of the other boys appears to attempt to help put the fire out from Dominick’s body, as you can see in the clip (below):


Aside from the horror of the incident itself, the story went viral in late April after Dominick’s mother Maria Rua insisted her son was intentionally set on fire by neighborhood bullies. The boy’s family claimed to the media — and on a GoFundMe fundraiser page — that Dominick had been bullied by an 8-year-old neighbor and his 11-year-old brother. As of Wednesday morning, that GoFundMe has raised just short of $600,000 from supporters. The little boy was given a first responder parade in his honor in Bridgeport and invited onto the field at a New York Yankees game in the weeks following the incident, as well.

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But now, the mother of the two children accused of bullying Dominick is speaking out. Laura Giacobbe spoke to WFSB-TV about the allegations against her two boys and denied the bullying allegations. Explaining that she’d been out at the time of the scary event, and Rua had been watching the kids play in the backyard, Giacobbe said:

“They were interacting in the backyard being boys.”

Laura further explained that the video supposedly showed what really happened — including the moment where her older son Lorenzo tried to put the fire out and help Dominick:

“Dominick was not left there to die. My 11-year-old son Lorenzo saved him, took his bare hands and took the fire out on his face.”

Now, Giacobbe is “considering legal action,” according to the news outlet. She says the bullying allegations generated “a frenzy of threats” from people online, and even forced her family to receive police protection for a time after the incident occurred:

“The police department had to sit in front of the home overnight, to make sure nothing happened. It was stated the house would be lit on fire, they were going to drag my son and myself down the street and let us suffer from the pain.”


The news outlet notes that Dominick’s family is sticking by their story, which is “based on what the boy told them about the incident.” Furthermore, the Krankall clan claims that “key moments” of the incident are not shown in the short video. That could be true; the surveillance video is very short.

Either way, there is at least one undeniably good piece of news through all this: Dominick is “healing well” from the incident with “just a few red marks” still visible on his face, according to the news outlet. We love to hear that!!

What do U think about the new developments here, tho, Perezcious readers?

[Image via WFSB-TV/YouTube/GoFundMe]

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