‘We All Agreed It’s Best’! ABC Officially Boots Amy Robach & T.J. Holmes From GMA! Read Their Statement!

And now it’s official.

We heard earlier on Friday that Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes‘ hiatus was going to become permanent. The GMA3 anchors have been off the air since the first week of December, just after their affair was discovered. The longer the suspension has gone, the more it’s seemed inevitable it was going to be for good. Now ABC has finally confirmed it.

In a statement released to multiple outlets on Friday afternoon, a spokesperson said:

“After several productive conversations with Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes about different options, we all agreed it’s best for everyone that they move on from ABC News. We recognize their talent and commitment over the years and are thankful for their contributions.”

“We all agreed.” Hmm. Are they implying Amy and T.J. were on board? Like some kind of mutual breakup? Innerestingly, “productive” is quite the opposite from what was in the earlier reports about the conversations between execs and talent. From what we heard, ABC went fishing for any possible rules violation as an excuse to can Amy. (It was likely easier with T.J. considering he allegedly has had multiple affairs, including one that was said to be somewhat predatory.)

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For a little more background, actually got hold of the email ABC bosses sent to all staff members before the statement’s release, which read:

“I want to share with you that we’ve reached a decision about T.J. and Amy.”

The email then shared the statement they were planning, which did not change. But it continued:

“The decision about who will co-anchor GMA3 and 20/20 will come later.”

We guess they don’t want to lock themselves into any replacements without a ridiculously thorough vetting process this time. The letter finished:

“I know that this has been a distraction for so many of us, but let’s not forget all the great work that continues to make ABC News the #1 news network in America, and that’s because of you. I want to thank you again for your patience and professionalism during this time.”

So what’s next? Well, the anchors will probably be paid out for the rest of their contracts — a pretty nice goodbye if you can get it. However, we already know they’ve lawyered up in preparation for a legal battle. Maybe they’ll think they’re owed more? Maybe they’ll fight the firing on principle? After all, even ABC seemed to say at first that they didn’t think the co-hosts did anything wrong. We guess we’ll have to wait and see if they fire back… or just go on permanent vacation together in some tropical paradise.

Do YOU think this was the right call on ABC’s part??

[Image via Good Morning America/Hulu.]

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Priscilla Presley Calls Losing Daughter Lisa Marie A ‘Dark, Painstaking Journey’

Priscilla Presley is continuing to speak out about her grief surrounding the loss of her daughter Lisa Marie.

Earlier this week, the grieving mom — who shared Lisa Marie with the late Elvis Presley — posted to her Twitter about how she’s been handling the “very difficult” time since her only child died suddenly earlier this month.

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She wrote to fans:

“Thank you all for your condolences, you have touched me with your words. It has been a very difficult time but just knowing your love is out there makes a difference.”

And on Thursday, the 77-year-old responded to her original tweet, once again thanking fans for being a light to her in such a difficult time. While addressing her followers, she wrote:

“To YOU, I’m truly overwhelmed with your words, your prayers, your love and your support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart in trying to help me get through this loss. Every parent who has lost a daughter or son knows what a dark painstaking journey it is.”

See the full post (below):

So heartbreaking. We can’t imagine what she’s feeling right now, but we’re thankful she was able to find some comfort in the kind words of her fans. The loss of a child is a depth of heartbreak few of us will ever know. We just hope she’s able to continue to find peace.

[Image via Judy Eddy/WENN/Nicky Nelson]

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Wynonna Judd Opens Up About Being ‘An Orphan’ Now – And Writing Music About Her Heartbreak

Wynonna Judd is opening up about how she’s dealing after her mom Naomi Judd‘s tragic death.

As you know, Naomi died by suicide last year, and since then the 76-year-old country legend’s family has been doing what they can to honor her memory. It’s been a heartwrenching few weeks — made even worse by Naomi’s last request: which was apparently to ban Wynonna from her funeral. Since then, little sis Ashley Judd has come out and said that note was not from her “mother’s heart” but instead came from her debilitating struggles with mental illness — the same thing that took her away.

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How is Wynonna handling everything? The country crooner revealed she’s turned to music to help let some of her feelings out. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight this week the 58-year-old said:

“I just wrote a song called Broken and Blessed and that’s how I feel on this tour. ‘I’m somewhere between hell and hallelujah’ is one of the lines in it.”

That lyric sounds about as open and honest as it gets. Grief is such a complicated emotion and it’s different for everyone — but even with being candid about her feelings, she said she still has her rough patches:

“I struggle. And I think when I struggle, I say it onstage.”

Wynonna has stuck to her job since Naomi’s death, even opting to continue The Judds farewell tour without her mom by her side. Even with her mother gone, though, she said she’s been able to get closer than ever to sister Ashley:

“I’m an orphan now, and I know that. I also have a sister I’m getting close to more so than ever. That’s a remarkable thing to have someone in your life that you’re so different from, but that you can meet somewhere in the middle, and it works.”

“An orphan.” Goodness, that’s a hard fact to face.

Such a sad circumstance, but it’s amazing the sisters are able to stick by each other and offer support. Previously it was believed Ashley and Wynonna were not on the best of terms, but the elder sister cleared things up quickly — it seems like they’re on a journey of putting the past behind them.

The Judds: The Final Tour started this week, with the Love Can Build A Bridge singer inviting several guests onstage with her throughout the shows including Kelsea Ballerini and Martina McBride — among other huge names in country music yet to come. The tour will end in Hollywood on February 25.

We’re sending so much love and light to Wynonna while she continues to navigate life after such an unthinkable tragedy. It’s great to hear she’s still enjoying her passion and pushing through. Reactions, Perezcious readers?

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4-Year-Old Girl Was Turned Away From Hospital & Nearly DIED During Battle With Flesh-Eating Bacteria!

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

A 4-year-old girl is lucky to be alive after a weeks-long battle with a flesh-eating bacteria.

UK native Leanne Passey is opening up about her young daughter Reign’s terrifying medical case, which began with what she initially believed to be chickenpox. She told the South West News Service earlier this week that after the chickenpox developed, she noticed a raised temperature and extreme exhaustion in her little one, which the concerned mother believed to be the result of group A strep.

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However, after a ring began to develop around one of Reign’s sores, Leanne rushed her daughter to a local emergency room, where… she was prescribed antibiotics and told to go back home. But the worried mother knew there was more that needed to be done:

“By this point the red ring had almost tripled in size. They were adamant they were too busy, she was too contagious and I needed to take her home. I said the only way I was leaving was if they kicked me out — she was deteriorating by the second.”

The two continued to be dismissed by the medical staff, which eventually led them to a separate hospital — where they had to wait SIX hours as Reign’s condition worsened. Leanne recalled her 4-year-old’s temperature had reached nearly 107 degrees:

“She’d gone past the point of screaming and was lying there, almost lifeless. I picked her up and carried her through the doors and said, ‘Someone needs to see my daughter; I feel like she’s dying.’”

Reign was finally given the attention she needed and rushed into what became a 4-hour surgery, where doctors confirmed she had contracted necrotizing fasciitis — “a rare bacterial infection that spreads quickly in the body and can cause death,” per the CDC.

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Physicians had to make a large cut on the little one’s side to fully remove the infection and prevent it from spreading. They believe the bacteria was caused by group A streptococcus, which is the most common cause of the infection, according to the CDC. Leanne recalled:

“Her face and body were swollen — she didn’t look right at all. We walked her to [the operating room], and the surgeon explained it had spread and she was in septicemia — we didn’t know if she was going to survive.”

After coming out of surgery, Reign’s condition didn’t improve, prompting doctors to place her in an induced coma and provide her with breathing support in the ICU. She spent three weeks in the hospital before miraculously recovering. Her mother explained that Reign is doing well now, and even jokes about her scar, saying she got it from, “winning a fight against a crocodile.” Adorable!

Passey told the outlet she wants to share her daughter’s story to potentially help other families:

“It’s horrendous. You never expect it to happen to you until it does. I just want people to understand that it’s so serious. It wasn’t the chickenpox; it was the strep that got through the wound.”

We’re so glad Reign is recovering well. Thanks to her mother’s relentless concern, she’s still alive today. And she’s absolutely right. Parents need to know they have to be advocates for their kids — and sometimes that means telling doctors who think they’re “too busy” to look again.

[Image via Leanne Passey/Facebook.]

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Cleaning Icon Marie Kondo Has ‘Given Up’ On Cleaning After Having 3 Kids!

Marie Kondo is no longer Marie Kondo-ing it!

For those who don’t know, the lifestyle guru – who created the KonMari method for organizing and cleaning – rose to prominence when her first book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, hit the US bookshelves in 2014. Her popularity further increased following the release of her two Netflix series, where she promoted the “tidy house, tidy mind” mindset and inspired many people to hold onto possessions that only sparked joy in their lives. But hold onto your seats, Perezcious readers! Because while Marie has long been the queen of decluttering for a longtime, she is putting away her crown and loosening up on her rules!

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In her upcoming book Marie Kondo’s Kurashi at Home: How to Organize Your Space and Achieve Your Ideal Life, shared that she is no longer tidying up as much. Why is that? Well, kids! After welcoming her third child in 2021 with her husband Takumi Kawahara, she has realized life has become too busy with three children to keep a tidy space all the time. As she put it during a recent event, per The Washington Post:

“Up until now, I was a professional tidier, so I did my best to keep my home tidy at all times. I have kind of given up on that in a good way for me. Now I realize what is important to me is enjoying spending time with my children at home.”

Marie added:

“My home is messy, but the way I am spending my time is the right way for me at this time at this stage of my life.”

So understandable and relatable! Her new book is focusing on the Japanese concept of kurashi – which roughly translates to “way of life” or “the ideal way of spending our time.” While Marie is still preaching to choose things that “spark joy,” it is less about ditching the possessions that are cluttering your home — but instead about removing what’s unnecessarily cluttering up your time. She writes on the kurashi section of her website:

“The true purpose of tidying is not to cut down on your possessions or declutter your space. The ultimate goal is to spark joy every day and lead a joyful life.”

The 38-year-old author adds in her book:

“Tidying up means dealing with all the ‘things’ in your life. So, what do you really want to put in order?

When it comes to Marie’s day-to-day, she shared that although she loves her work, “sometimes I pack my schedule so tightly I feel frazzled or am overcome with anxiety.” To solve that? The momma said she makes sure to drink tea three times a day, and she and her hubby always focuses on spending quality time with their children.

Basically, it sounds like Marie realized that a perfectly organized home 24/7 is not realistic for her life (or the majority of people). Nothing wrong with priorities and lifestyles changing – and we love that Marie is acknowledging that fact! Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments below!

[Image via Marie Kondo/Instagram/YouTube]

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How Shakira Responded To Gerard Piqué Going IG Official With His Mistress!

Shakira‘s hips may not lie, but her Instagram posts may get a little elliptical… LOLz!

Right after Gerard Piqué finally went Instagram official with his new girl Clara Chia Marti, the Try Everything singer is seemingly sharing her opinion on the new duo. The Colombian songstress took to the ‘gram with a mostly wordless post on Thursday. Alongside a video of her brushing off the news by dancing, she commented:

“Women don’t cry anymore, women dance merengue”

AKA she’s not going to be shedding any more tears over Gerard!

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Of course, the fact the song she’s dancing along to is her collab with Bizarrap, an entire song trashing her ex, makes it a little less vague… LOLz! Ch-ch-check out her not-so-subtle jab (below)!

Writing and vibing to her music is how she’s getting over this messy split! You do you, girl!!

We weren’t the only ones who thought the caption was referencing the new couple. Take a look at the comments!

“This is how a Ferrari/Rolex answers: talented too much… AND SUPPORT”

“Shakira turned a shameful betrayal into a success! Cry Piqué, he thought he was smart, he got hurt!”

As mentioned, the former pro soccer player hard-launched his romance with the 23-year-old PR student this week after months of speculation about their relationship. It’s been months since Shak and Gerard called it quits over the summer, but it’s not like this was him respectfully waiting.

Since they share two kids together — Milan and Sasha — it was never going to be as clean of a split as we’re sure either of them would like. But it’s not co-parenting concerns that have them continuing a war of words with all these ongoing viral clapbacks! No one could blame Shakira for blasting her ex considering the betrayal we’ve heard he put her through.

Word on the street is he was sneaking around with Clara amid his 11-year romance with the Hips Don’t Lie singer for months… until she came home one day to find her jam had been eaten. That’s not a metaphor, she saw her strawberry jam — that no one else liked — was low and realized something was wrong. Soon enough, reports came out about the athlete’s (alleged) infidelity. And her fans are even pretty sure they saw his mistress in the background of a Zoom interview he did! She was just making herself at home in her bed, eating her jam. Ouch.

So, what do U think of Shakira’s dancing response to Gerard’s big news?! Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via British Vogue/YouTube & Gerard Piqué/Instagram]

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Spitgate 2.0?! NBA Star Matt Barnes Appears To Spit On Fiancée’s NFL Player Ex-Husband!

Move over Chris Pine and Harry Styles — there’s a new spitgate in town!

Before the Cowboys vs. 49ers game could officially even kick off Sunday, tensions were already raised through the roof! In footage obtained by TMZ Sports, it appears that former Golden State Warriors star Matt Barnes literally spit in a romantic rival’s face! The incident went down at around 3:40 p.m. — just before the playoff game was set to begin at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California.

The man who Barnes spit on was later identified as former NFL defensive end David Patterson Jr., who was previously married to Barnes’ now-fiancée, Anansa Sims. Ahhh, now things are coming into focus…

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The video, which was posted by TMZ Wednesday, shows the 42-year-old retired NBA player arguing with Patterson before things get a little too physical. Luckily, the two were eventually separated and both walked off in different directions. But not before an apparent fluid transfer…

Two days after the incident, Barnes requested a temporary civil restraining order against the former Atlanta Falcons player, claiming Patterson was actually the aggressor in the situation, according to the outlet.

In court documents, Barnes claimed Patterson “hunted me down and aggressively confronted me.” Further, he added Patterson yelled profanities and threats at him, threatened to shoot him with a gun, and incited the surrounding crowd “into a frenzy by yelling out my full name repeatedly.” He noted that eventually, the altercation became physical: 

“[Patterson Jr.] shoved me, and I was forced to push him off of me. I did not want the altercation to physically escalate further, and out of frustration with him seeking me out and his unrelenting repeated harassment I spit in his direction in disgust.”

Well, no internet mystery about this spit take! See the full moment (below):

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He added that the 37-year-old is “jealous” of his relationship with Sims, with whom Patterson shares three kids after being married from 2010 to 2017. The exes appeared on a reality show called Beverly’s Full House back in 2012. Barnes said it was all part of an attempt to “bait me to damage my reputation and hurt my career.”

In a Thursday update from TMZ, the outlet revealed a judge had approved Barnes’ protection order through February 16, when a hearing for the matter is set to take place in El Lay. As a part of the order, Patterson Jr.  is required to have no contact with Barnes, and must stay at least 100 yards away at all times. He has also been ordered to have no firearms, according to the outlet. As of now, police are still investigating.

What are your thoughts on the altercation, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments down below.

[Image via MEGA/WENN]

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‘Insane Chemistry’ On Set?? How Long Have Pete Davidson & Chase Sui Wonders Been Hooking Up?!?

Hold up, we’re a little confused…

The first time we got wind there was anything going on between Pete Davidson and Chase Sui Wonders was just last month. In December they were photographed attending a basketball game together… but that almost immediately gave way to sexy vacation PDA pics. So it was pretty clear very quickly that these two were a full-on item.

And yet, they keep insisting “they’re friends”?? According to a source spilling to Us Weekly this week, the co-stars are keeping up a veil of platonic friendship — or at least casual companionship — even with other friends. But folks close to them can tell they’re definitely “too close for that.” LOLz! Pals can see it — heck, anyone can see it! Just look at ’em! They’re all over one another!

And the Us insider assures it’s more than a vacay fling, revealing they’re together “all the time” now. They have “overnight dates, cook together and go out together” — as far as this source is concerned they’re “absolutely in some kind of relationship but aren’t open about it yet.”

Our big question now then is, how long has this façade been going?

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We know they met on the set of last year’s horror-comedy Bodies Bodies Bodies — but principal photography started on that in May 2021. Even then it was clear to everyone around them that there was something magic going on with the actors. the insider says:

“Pete and Chase had insane chemistry on set. As well as when the cameras weren’t rolling.”

So what happened all that time in between? Well, in Pete’s case we have a pretty good accounting. He famously dated Kim Kardashian for nine months from November 2021 to August 2022. (And maybe a little more after.) More recently he dated Emily Ratajkowski for a much shorter stint. And it seemed like almost immediately after that, the Chase was on.

But how long has he been into her? Did he hold a torch for his onscreen girlfriend all that time? Have they been on-and-off hooking up for the last year and a half? Keeping it super low-key, telling people they’re just friends? Like they’re still doing?? Or did their friendship just evolve one day? It’s been known to happen! We just wish we knew which it was! For the moment, neither of them are being vocal about the friendship/fling/romance/whatever.

What do YOU think, Perezcious relationship experts??

[Image via A24/Hulu/YouTube/Emily Ratajkowski/Instagram.]

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Anne Hathaway Dancing Like Nobody’s Watching During Paris Fashion Week Party Has Internet Going Crazy!

This is a mood!!!

Anne Hathaway has everyone talking after letting loose at a party during Paris Fashion Week!

On Thursday, clips of The Devil Wears Prada alum dancing the night away at the after party for the Valentino Haute Couture show went viral — and for a very good reason! Fans just couldn’t get enough of Anne!

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In the clips, the actress can be seen tossing her long brunette locks around as she rocked a leopard-printed mini dress with matching tights and heels, which she also wore to the show earlier in the day. The 2001 hit Lady Marmalade from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack blasted as she sung along! Ch-ch-check it out (below)!

Love it!!

Fans couldn’t get over how hot and carefree the 40-year-old looked, commenting:

“I am not the same person I was before I saw this video”

“Need to party with Anne Hathaway DESPERATELY”

“Would sacrifice all of you to be in this room in this moment. Sorry.”

“I am on my knees”

“i love everyone remembering that anne hathaway is hot and likable”

“We should all aspire to be so free”

“Hats away for real”

Referencing Anne’s iconic Princess Diaries role, another teased:

“Genovia is the only acceptable Monarchy”


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Before breaking it down on the dance floor, Anne and her husband Adam Shulman walked the red carpet at the fashion show together, looking fine AF! Seems like they had a great time, even amid a little runway mishap! Just look at how amazed the Oscar winner was watching the models (below)!

So cute! Here’s the best part, though! Anne’s confidence and easy-going attitude at big events like this is actually quite new. In October, she told ET:

“I’m so lucky that my life has always been very, very full and fortunate. But I’m in a place where I’m able to enjoy it differently. I used to come to these things and I would truly tremble. I would be so anxious. It is a little sad that I was able to be in all those wonderful places and the only thing I could feel was scared.”

Nowadays, nothing is bringing her down, she gushed:

“I’m just living life a little differently now and I’m enjoying it. I’m so focused and connected to my gratitude, to be in a place this wonderful.”

The proof is in those HAWT dancing videos!! She was truly beating to the sound of her own drum! Reactions, Perezcious readers?! Let us know if you’ve been freaking out over these videos in the comments (below)!

[Image via MEGA/WENN]

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