Why We Are Jealous? – Living In Well Being


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People experience jealousy on a mild basis very occasionally. It is an emotion you experience when you see somebody else possessing or enjoying something you would like to have. However, there are many who feel it to a pathological degree. It is a regressive state of mind. With greater intensity is a potential abuse down the road since jealously has a sense of entitlement to control.

What are the causes behind Jealousy?

  1. Lack of self-confidence: Feelings of jealousy are nothing, but you doubting about your abilities or skills. The fact that you are jealous of someone else is because you do not have the self-confidence to achieve it yourself.
  2. Poor self-image: This is another cause of jealousy. You will be experiencing feelings of jealousy when you come across people you see as more beautiful and charming.
  3. Fear: Being afraid of not being accepted, having a friend circle,being rejected or losing someone you love causes you to be selfish and jealous of anything that comes your way.
  4. Insecurity: Your insecurities can be a strong reason that can make you jealous of people around you and the opportunities they get. Even if you are on the better side of life, you will never find satisfaction and feel jealous of everything you haven’t gotten your hands on.

How to deal with Jealous?

The only thing jealousy is capable of doing is ruining your relationships, making you feel bad and simply filling your heart with hatred. Upon feeling jealous, monitor yourself to not go pick fights with others and blame external factors. Keep away from social media networks for a while, as it is a constant reminder of people’s achievements. You do not know its authenticity and it will add to your insecurities. Moreover, you can engage in a motivational session or attend therapy sessions to cope with such devastating feelings.

At Living in Wellbeing, you will find effective techniques to deal with such emotions that are backed by psychological studies and therapies. It can help not only to control the emotions, but to deal with pain, sleep disorders and even heart diseases. Get in touch with us today and embark on a life filled with healthy and happy days.

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Why We Are Possessive? – Living In Well Being


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Possessiveness is the act of taking control over the life and desires of another individual. It is related to mistrust, fear and insecurity felt by the individual. It indicates a manic state of mind wherein a person cannot share the things or a person’s time and presence with another with whom he is obsessed with. Everyone is possessive of their favorite things, pair of favorite things, food etc. Which they hate to share, but it becomes problematic when you start getting addicted to desires.

What triggers possessiveness?

People take possessiveness as a strong emotion. However, it actually reflects the weakness of a person. Possessive people have varied backgrounds ranging from loneliness to discrimination during childhood and also have no self-confidence. It reflects the degraded and injured self-esteem of that person. They leave deep marks on the heart and the mind of an individual. Even egoistic people show signs of possessive behavior since they will not let go of what they think is theirs at any cost, even if the need for it is toxic to oneself. Often, it can even be a genetic trait that is inherited. In most cases, it arises out of insecurities.

How to control possessiveness?

Several secondary emotions are a result of possessiveness such as fear, jealousy, anger, etc. Therefore a possessive person never feels happy and is always fearful of something they are not even sure about. When wanting to control possessiveness, meditation and deep breathing are great tools because they help to achieve higher levels of mental concentration. Accept yourself and believe in change. Such emotions are an intrinsic part of you and you must make every effort to work on them. Talk to your closed ones and let them help you build trust and ease your overpowering feelings.

Possessiveness is a problem many people face. Having someone to talk to and confide in can make an amazing difference. The stigma around opening up about personal struggles and mental health issues seems to be fading and therapy sessions are getting more limelight now than ever.

By speaking to Living in Wellbeing’s licensed professional you can learn about the various healthy coping mechanisms. They specialize in the cognitive behavioral analysis which allows you to navigate the challenges of life without falling apart or burning out. Get in touch with us now!

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Health Benefits of Snake Fruit


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Snake fruit is a descendent of Java and Sumatra in Indonesia. It is a variety of palm tree and is known as Salak. It is mostly cultivated in South East Asia. This wonder fruit has scaly skin and has small thorns on it. The sweet and sour taste filled with juicy goodness is loved by everyone. These days, you will be able to buy them from any supermarket. Both fresh and canned ones are easily available today.

Nutritional value

This fruit is a rich source of pectin and potassium. So it helps in brain development to a very large extent. This is the reason why snake fruit is called The Fruit of Memory in Indonesia. Iron, vitamin C and calcium are also found in this fruit. Hence it is very good for skin, bones and for keeping your healthy and strong.

Great source of protein

Normally, we need to consume sufficient amount of eggs, cheese or meat regularly to get the right amount of protein. Since snake fruit is a storehouse of protein content, you can consume the fruit to get sufficient protein for the body. With the regular consumption of protein foods, you will be able to build muscles and help in properly giving neurological support. It also helps in promoting cell development.

A good antioxidant

Beta-Carotene that helps in preventing heart diseases, stroke and cancer, is found in snake fruit. So it is always better to choose snake fruit than mango or watermelon to get more health benefits.

Perfect partner that helps in weight loss

This is a wonder fruit that can help you lose weight, providing you sufficient amount of nutrients for your body. You get stamina even while you are on a diet since it has carbohydrates and calcium. Even though the fruit is not found in European countries and America, you will be able to find them in many of the stores that provide fruits found in other countries.

Boosts Eye health

Snake fruit has Beta carotene that helps in providing your eyes great health. It helps in providing better vision. This is the reason why the fruit has to be given to kids. The presence of Vitamin A helps in better eyesight, and also improves the ability of the eyes to see in dark or light. Prevent night blindness by consuming the fruit regularly.

Controls Blood sugar level

Having snake fruit regularly helps to lower glucose present in the blood. To control diabetes, consuming the tea made from the skin of snake fruit helps a lot. Thus people suffering from diabetes can gain a lot of benefits from regular consumption of this fruit.

For pregnant women

Snake fruit is good for pregnant women. It helps to reduce nausea and morning sickness, which is normally found in pregnancy. It has vitamins and nutrients that help in the development of the baby in the womb.

Helps to improve stamina

The fruit has protein and potassium that helps in improving stamina to a very large extent. Those who love to work out regularly can have this fruit to get your body filled with energy and stamina. Kids can also have snake fruit regularly for gaining stamina, and also for helping in the body’s growth and development.

How to consume 

The fruit can be consumed fresh after peeling off the skin. The candied, juiced, canned, dried, and pickled versions are also tasty. It is also fried to chips. It is also made to syrup or made into a spread that can be consumed with bread. Regular consumption of snake fruit gives overall benefit to your health. So make sure to include this fruit in your daily diet.


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Why We Are Desirous? – Living In Well Being


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Desire is a sense of hoping or longing for a person, object, or outcome. It makes one want to take action to obtain their goal. Our culture in general and our economy, in particular, is entirely built on our desire for experiences or things that we do not have. It is a part of us as humans and desires do not really end until our last breath, however, excessive desires can be the root cause of many physical and psychological issues.

Why we are desirous?

A lot of people struggle with desires but do not bother examining what the causes are.

  1. Shaped by surroundings – Experience plays a large role and preferences can be shaped as per our learnings from our surroundings. For example, people desire expensive things being around people with a rich lifestyle.
  2. Fear or insecurity – Desires can be manifested based on fear, which can be a very destructive emotion. The desire for good looks, money, acceptance in society, etc. Is always on a high because of one’s insecurities.
  3. Self-image – People often tend to measure their own self worth with the objects they possess. It is added to more desire for you to feel that you will never have enough.

How to control your desires?

Desires end in nothing but an endless quest for more. It is intimately connected to pain and pleasure. It is always good to the desire for positive things and outcome but there needs to be a strong control over it. Desiring ends up in greed and that may not be what you are aiming at. Be vigilant and watch the thoughts that drive you to deep-seated desires. Work on your will power and self-discipline and live your life in uncluttered contentment.

Therapy is another medium that helps you discover a lot of the things that bother on a day-to-day basis. It does not hurt to see the situation from a third-party perspective or take inputs for a life decision you need to make.

Living in Wellbeing is a great platform to organize your thoughts. Taking to our therapists in person or through online sessions will help you reduce the mind-chatter in your brain that affects your self-esteem and causes other physical and mental problems. Moreover, they will also help put things in perspective to have a positive mindset. Get in touch with us today to enjoy life more freely without worrying.

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Why we are suspicious? – Living In Well Being


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If you tend to check up on people, read between the lines for every interaction you have or assume that people are out to lie or hurt you, it is likely that you are more suspicious or paranoid than others. Suspicion is belief without proof and you will see a pattern of behavior that may indicate a lack of trust. You may not be able to make a firm conclusion, but your trust radar will keep telling you that something is wrong. Why does that happen?

Why we are suspicious?

Paranoia or anxiety – These triggers an unfounded fear that something bad is going to happen. It is what always keeps you suspicious. A combination of environmental and biological factors can lead to a suspicious and paranoid personality trait. It usually appears in early adulthood and can be caused by disturbed childhood, abusive relationships or anger and intoxication.

How to deal with this?

  1. Do not seek validation- Do not shop for agreement or confirmation of your intuition. Spend your time focusing on trust and truth and accept that sometimes you may be wrong.
  2. Practice relaxation- Practice deep breathing, which will slow your body down and stimulate feelings of calm.
  3. Pen it down– writing can be a great way to express your feelings. Write down about all the times when you have felt hurt, helpless, betrayed, or humiliated and you will find a way to make peace with it.

Letting it all out and discussing what is on your mind with a friend or even a therapist goes a long way. Naturally, as humans, we are constantly in need of social interaction, companionship and validation and what is better than having an open conversation with a medical professional?

At Living in Wellbeing, our psychologists offer an unbiased opinion that helps you see the issue from an outsider’s perspective. Our expert health team will help you with insights and information on how to handle certain situations which will, in turn, help you to heal and grow. Call us or write to us and let us guide you through all your mental and physical challenges.

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Why We Feel Unworthy? – Living In Well Being


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Many times, you catch yourself feeling like you really don’t measure up. Such feelings have a cumulative negative effect on the mind and the body. You fail to take actions or engage in with others, neglect relationships because of shame, fear or guilt. Moreover, you internalize all this unconstructiveness to the point where your body suffers medical as well as psychological consequences.

Why we feel unworthy?

Such feelings usually occur when you are trying to measure up to the unrealistic expectations others have for you. People stay locked into the past and conclude that you are lacking because of what you have been through or lose in life in the past. It could also be possible that you have been betrayed by the person you have been close to or just let down. Unworthy feelings also arise because of self-esteem issues and fear of being jilted or being used.

How to deal with such negative feelings?

We as humans wish to be joyful, fulfilled, grateful and connected. And that can be achieved in many ways.

  1. Acknowledge the emotion you feel

Once you identify and acknowledge the emotions that make you feel low, it will no longer have any power over you.

  1. Focus on your talents and strengths

Everyone has skills they are good at and confident doing. These will help you go a long way toward restoring and rebuilding your self-worth.

  1. Get help from your friends

Take help from your friends, allies and loved ones. Listen to their suggestions because they give you additional emotional support and encouragement and will only want the best for you.

Another proactive approach is to speak to a therapist. Attending long-term sessions are often the treatment of choice. If you have suffered a traumatic situation or an event in the past or recently, your therapist can help you work through this.

At Living in Wellbeing, we ensure that you learn and practice techniques and calming strategies to lessen your negative emotions. Our expert health advisors are someone you can trust and who will not let out your personal information with anyone. So, get in touch with us today via email or call and challenge what makes you feel unworthy.

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Health Benefits Of White Vinegar


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Most of us might have heard of different types of vinegar. White vinegar is the most useful of all the known vinegar. Everyone knows that vinegar has acetic acid and for centuries, it has been in use. During the 6th century, it was used for the purpose of healing wounds. In China, it was mainly used for preventing infections.

Improves insulin level

White vinegar is very good for improving the insulin level. Hence it is very good for those who have type 2 diabetes. So if you are eating foods that help in boosting the insulin level, make sure to consume a moderate level of vinegar. It is good for keeping the blood sugar level in check. The acetic acid found in the vinegar helps in lowering blood sugar.

Helps in lowering cholesterol level

Lowering the triglyceride level is possible with the help of vinegar. Consume in moderate levels to prevent some of the health problems that are mainly caused due to the high cholesterol level like strokes and heart attack.

Helps in absorption of calcium

It is a surprising fact that vinegar has certain qualities that can help us in giving our body in many ways. Our body needs calcium for building strong bones and also for other purposes. But calcium does not get absorbed into the body directly. For the right absorption of calcium, taking the right amount of vinegar beforehand can help a lot. This will help you in getting better and stronger bones.

For brain health

For the purpose of promoting the health of the brain, the consumption of moderate levels of white vinegar can help a lot. It helps in improving cognitive ability and also helps in the development of brain tissues.

Have anti-microbial properties

Vinegar is used to kill microbes, especially harmful bacteria that are present in food. It can be seen that vinegar is used while cooking meat, especially red meat. It kills bacteria present on meat and also makes the meat tender.

No calories

A little bit of vinegar mixed with the salad is not at all harmful for the body as a single tablespoon of vinegar contains around 3 calories, without any fat.

Other benefits of Vinegar

People, who are planning to lose weight, can make use of vinegar to create the filling effect. This will help in reducing the quantity of food that is taken in. It also helps in preventing obesity. Moreover, vinegar has some of the essential nutrients in it such as vitamin B1, riboflavin and also mineral salts. In short, it helps in improving your body functions to a very large extent.

Vinegar helps in the absorption of the essential nutrients from the food to the body. Thus it helps in making the body healthy and active. It also prevents and reduces the production of warts on the skin.

If you are having body pain, all you need to do is take a bath with the water mixed with a small quantity of white vinegar. It thus gives relief from pain as well as itchiness of the skin. It can also be used to heal burns and injuries. It can also give great relief from throat problems, especially sore throat. All you need to do is gargle white vinegar into a glass of water and gargle it for some time. It is also a good skin antiseptic that helps in removing blemishes from the skin.

It can also be used as a cleaning agent. Clean your bathroom, toilets and sinks with vinegar to give that sparkling clean look each day.

Vinegar has multiple benefits that will give you a lot of health benefits and also helps you to clean your home in a safer manner.


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Why We Are Thinking? – Living In Well Being


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Studies show that an average person’s mind deals with more than thirty thousand thoughts in a day. The anxious brain is hyper vigilant and is always on the lookout for one thing or another. Most of these thoughts are your mind planning to avoid problems, worrying or ruminating. When your thought processes are tired, it does not feel good. You are not relaxed and are probably stressed and that will gradually wear down your body and mood.

What makes us think so much?

We are desperate creatures hunting for answers. But adds to our personality and makes us ever think?

  1. Introvert personality– An introvert’s mind is plagued by distressing thoughts. They are constantly judging and evaluating others while they isolate themselves and their inability to get out of their own heads puts them in a state of constant anguish.
  2. Anxiety– Anxiety and unending thinking tend to be evil partners. It makes you dwell on the problems and its consequences rather than that of the solution.
  3. Fear– We are largely fearful and constantly have what-if scenarios playing in our heads about things that could go wrong with ourselves, loved ones and the world in general.

What to do to avoid over thinking?

  1. Rest: When you rest your busy mind, you stop wearing it out. Moreover, it will start refuelling and repairing itself and thereby also improve overall health. So make sure you get as much sleep as possible.
  2. Get occupied: Find something to occupy your time with. Reading, video games, painting, art, writing, etc. Will challenge and change your mind.
  3. Practice mindfulness: Commit to becoming more aware of the present than diverting your thoughts towards what has happened and what is going to happen.

Such mental challenges are also caused by genetic or environmental factors. However, proper therapy and medication can greatly reduce the effects.

In Living in Wellbeing, we believe that a relationship without honesty is a very weak relationship. And we keep all our counselling sessions absolutely private. You can also opt for online sessions, motivational talks and even couple counselling. So get in touch with us today and let us help you build skills to fight all physical and psychological problems in a more beneficial way.

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Why We Are Revengeful? – Living In Well Being


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The fight with revenge is centuries old. History has been evidence of the causes and consequences of revengeful acts. Every living creature has natural instincts of attack and counterattack. It seems to be one of the deepest urges we have. But why do we get it?

Why we are revengeful?

Theorists and researchers believe that revenge is a form of establishing justice. The threat of revenge may act as a form of protection. There are many reasons that make our mind revengeful.

1. Scarred past- There are cases where people have found themselves to be helpless as a child when they were abused or faced problems. They grew up with a vengeance and under the pressure of such powerful emotions, ended up finding great satisfaction in revenge.

2. Disappointment and depression- There maybe someone who was wronged by a close friend and want revenge because he was disappointed. It could have also been that someone they were hurt and their depression is making them do exactly the same- hurt people in one way or the other.

3. To safeguard self-image- When someone is not acknowledged, socially humiliated or harmed in any other way, that person will feel helpless and the only way to treat the bruised ego will be to strike revenge.

How to save yourself from revengeful feelings?

1. Understand the root cause: Understanding how thoughts and emotions influence behaviour is important for people who have intense revengeful thoughts that often rule them. It can help people develop ways to better manage their actions.

2. Meditate- Meditation has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and other anxieties. It may be a great coping mechanism for your desires for revenge as well. It can calm your nerves, slow your thoughts and help you feel centred.

3. Take out your anger in a constructive way- Exercise is a wonderful outlet to release hormones and boost your mood.

Moreover, you can always explore the option to speak to a friend or a therapist. The benefits of therapy are many and it may be the best time to ask for help.

Living in Wellbeing provides the best guidance that can help you by teaching you the necessary tools to manage feelings of revenge. Speak to our health advisors today!

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How to Deal with Sexual Health Problems When Struggling with Cardiac Disease

Most people will experience some type of sexual health problem at some point in their lives, and 50 percent of them will have problems with their intimate relations at some point in their lives. Among the many causes of sexual dysfunction are various medical conditions, behavioral health issues, medications, and menopause. Left untreated, these problems can affect the quality of your life. Listed below are some tips that can help you treat sexual health problems and improve your relationship.

Identifying and treating sexual health problems is an integral part of treating people with cardiac disease. Often overlooked and under-diagnosed, these issues can be embarrassing and negatively impact your recovery. In addition to being uncomfortable and embarrassing, sexual health problems can be a sign of more serious health conditions. A clinician should know how to treat such problems and be able to give you the tools and support needed to deal with them. In addition, clinicians should know when to refer patients for more comprehensive care.

A patient with sexual health problems is likely to want to seek help. Unfortunately, this issue often goes unnoticed and isn’t addressed. This can affect a patient’s physical recovery, their emotional well-being, and their relationships. Fortunately, most patients with cardiac problems are aware of the problems that may affect their relationships and are likely to be seeking help for it. This website is designed to address common concerns and provide strategies for improving sexual health.

A physician who is experienced in assessing and managing sexual health problems should be able to help patients overcome any difficulties with sexuality. The increasing prevalence of questions about a patient’s health may result in better sexual health care. A doctor can offer preventive care such as immunization for hepatitis B, counseling about sexual risk taking, and more. Consider contacting the qualified erectile dysfunction doctors near Orlando for a consultation about your unique specific sexual health issues. With this increased awareness, physicians will be expected to become more competent in managing sexual health issues. In this way, a patient’s physical recovery will be improved and relationships will be strengthened.

The most common sexual health problems are pain, anxiety, and anxiety. The most common symptoms are lack of sexual desire, pain during intercourse, and vaginal dryness. While males are more likely to have sexual health problems than females, the most common problems in females include painful intercourse and difficulty reaching orgasm. Moreover, one in every eleven experience issues related to hypoactive sexual desire.

While most sexual health problems are not reported, they can have a negative impact on an individual’s physical and emotional health, and may even affect their intimate relationships. Despite their potential consequences, they are often the result of the untreated or underlying problem. Luckily, the treatment of sexual dysfunction is possible. The World Health Organization (WHO) has published a guide to common sexual issues. It also includes a list of resources that can help patients manage sexual dysfunction.

The most common of all sexual health problems is inappropriate or involuntary insemination. While many people do not know how to spot a sexual dysfunction until it interferes with their lives, it is important to be able to identify the signs and symptoms of a problem early. These problems can impact the patient’s quality of life and the quality of his or her relationship. A healthcare provider should evaluate each patient’s situation to determine the underlying cause and recommend an appropriate treatment plan.

A clinical assessment of sexual health problems should begin with a universal screening. This screening should be performed by a professional who specializes in this area. A clinician should be familiar with the most common and prevalent sexual health problems and their causes and symptoms. This initial assessment should help the healthcare professional determine the appropriate care and treatment for the patient.

A study in Norway found that a majority of respondents wanted help with their sexual health concerns. A third of them wanted professional help finding a sexual partner, while 40% needed assistance with practical problems and sexual adjustment. Twenty-six percent reported having contact with a health care professional, although only three percent of these contacts were positive. If you’re worried about your partner’s health, it’s always best to discuss the issue with your doctor.

A study published in 2006 explored the factors that influence the need for sex problems. The researchers looked at sexual preferences, the age of men, and the causes and effects of these problems. Of course, these findings don’t mean that you’re alone in experiencing sexual problems, but they’re important. While many people have a sexual health problem, most people don’t seek help. Rather, they feel embarrassed or ashamed about it.

When you have a sexual health problem, you need to seek help as soon as possible. Regardless of your age, you may have been having trouble with sexual problems for years. Seeing a doctor is the best way to get the right treatment for your particular needs. A medical professional can help you find the right solution for your situation. There are many ways to treat a sexual health problem, and your doctor can help you. A physician will diagnose the problem and recommend a course of treatment.

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