Fans Try To Guess Who Jeffree Star’s New NFL Boyfriend Is – But WTF Else Is In The Photo?!


Jeffree Star has a new man in his life, and the internet is trying to figure out who this apparent NFL star may be!

But meanwhile, we’re trying to make sense of this CRAZY photo the YouTube superstar just posted to his Twitter account… because there is a lot going on here. Even beyond the cryptic partial reveal of this football-playing stud!!

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So, it all started on January 27 when the beauty guru posted this on the bird app:

Then, on Monday afternoon, the Wyoming meat mogul shared a mirror-shot selfie with the same hunky man who had his back turned to the camera. In the clip, Star could be seen holding hands with the muscular beau. And the viral video star’s caption about the connection REALLY piqued everyone’s interest!

Star wrote this message in his tweet, and added an orange heart emoji for good measure:

“His team didn’t make it to the #SuperBowl but he’s 6’6 and plays perfect in the bedroom”


Ch-ch-check out the full shot (below):

That’s very interesting!! Starr indicated the guy’s team didn’t make the Super Bowl. So that could mean he plays for any of the NFL clubs who are not the Philadelphia Eagles or Kansas City Chiefs. And the YouTuber teased his 6’6″ height, which should help narrow down roster options a little bit, right? Plus, the orange heart emoji. Is that a cryptic clue that this dude plays for the Cleveland Browns, or the Denver Broncos, or some other team with orange colors??

Of course, Starr could be fudging any part of that teaser — or all of it. Ha! Heck, the guy might not even be an active NFL-er but rather a former star. So there are a lot of possibilities here and few definitive answers. So far!!

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Regardless, fans dove in. Dozens of people shared random guesses of current NFL players, while dozens more laughed and marveled at the spectacle:

“‘Hey Siri, who’s 6’6’ in the NFL and didn’t make it to the SuperBowl?’”

“‘Perfect in the bedroom’ could this be a joke referring to the Tight End position?”

“god I love u for this LMFAO”

“Ok enough with this cryptic tweets”

“i am placing my bets that TikTok will figure out who this is”

“Not me looking in the mirror for products not released yet also”

But wait! That’s not even half the story here!! While some fans tried to solve the player puzzle, others looked onto the bathroom counter and noticed a HUGE gun with a silencer on it!!! Yes, really! Look for yourself at the very bottom of the photo (below):

And more:

“I know everyone is trying to figure out who your man is but babe why do you have a silencer on the counter lol”

“look @ what’s just casually on the bathroom counter”

“Shoutout to everyone in the replies more interested in the name of the suppressor and less interested in the bathroom gun it’s attached to.”

Ummm… WTF?!

We have some questions about that. Definitely did NOT expect to see that thang thangin’ on the counter.

Other eagle-eyed fans noticed still more sneaky additions to the image, too. How about the the very bottom right part of the pic, back in the corner inside the shower behind where Jeffree and his man are standing:

Yep! See that?! That’s one of the beauty YouTuber’s four dogs taking a nap! Fans loved finding that little nugget hanging out on the tile, too:

“Honestly, all I seen was your baby in the shower sleeping.”

“lil sleepin’ bb in da shower”

“Not the dog sleeping in the shower”

So the cute dog cancels out the shocking gun and, uhh, we’re back to even and wondering about the football beau.

Who is he?! What is going on here?? Share your take on EVERYTHING in this busy viral pic down in the comments (below), Perezcious readers!!!

[Image via Jeffree Star/YouTube]


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