Gamemax F15 G PC Case Review


Every PC fan knows they need the right case for their fresh build and the variables that need to be satisfied appear endless – we are here today to help some of you with making some of those decisions. It seems with the eruption of RGB, looks and aesthetics have overtaken almost every other consideration – well, this F15 G from Gamemax has that covered out of the box. And with a remote control option, it is super easy to sort out, too.

We’ll look at more of this a little later. We suggest if you are starting out, ease of build is the most important bit to get right when it comes to sourcing a new case, and Gamemax has done that so well with their F15 G.   They do like to use macho names for their cases like Abyss, Black Hole, Aero, Commando, Predator and Kamikaze. Look past these cheesy names and you will find an enviable range, mostly in the £70 range here in the UK, which is around $80 or $90 US. Heaps of style and colour seems to have been their mantra at the design stage. But they are good. No sharp edges on our F15 and acres of space inside for motherboards right up to the rarely used Extended ATX. An ITX will look a little bizarre though in that black cavernous interior. There is also room for a proper water loop if you are so inclined. Even around the back, there appears to be plenty of space for just about anything.


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