Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt


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To gain a better and healthy lifestyle, people who are health conscious tend to avoid salt consumption to a very large extent. The sodium which is the main ingredient of common salt can be the prime reason for cardiovascular conditions such as hypertension, heart diseases and stroke. But while avoiding salt, you tend to suffer from a deficiency of sodium that can ultimately lead to hyponatremia and severe nausea.

To avoid such situations, the consumption of salt is very important. Avoiding salt can also lead to iodine deficiency which can also lead to serious mental problems too. Hence it is not wise to avoid salt from your diet at all. But finding the right alternative to common salt can be done if you prefer to stay healthy and fit. Himalayan salt can be the best alternative to sea salt if you prefer a healthy body.

Himalayan salt

Most people are not aware of what Himalayan salt is. Himalayan salt has the same texture as common salt, but what differentiates it from common salt is its colour. Unlike common salt which is gained by evaporating seawater, Himalayan salt is mined. This is the reason why it is popular as rock salt or halite. It is found in various shades like Dark red colour, pink and white. This is how we can differentiate between sea salt and Himalayan salt. It is mined at Khewra salt mine near Himalayas, India.

How better is Himalayan salt than common table salt?

Himalayan salt is the purest form of salt found on earth. It is free from pollution of any kind. Sea salt on the other hand is evaporated and has the largest risk of being contaminated. Sea is contaminated and hence salt can obviously be contaminated.

Himalayan salt- Benefits for Skin 

If you want healthy and beautiful skin, taking a bath with minerals can help give you direct benefits along with full hydration. When skin cells are hydrated, it helps in proper regeneration. The result would be youthful, firm, healthy glowing skin. Instead of trying out different ways of getting your skin healthier by spending money on unnecessary skin products, taking a bath with water that is mixed with a handful of Himalayan salt can help a lot. It can give a hydrated body with infused muscles. This helps in providing better circulation. Body circulation means you will be having a better metabolism, which ultimately gives you optimal health benefits.

Giving your body a soak in warm water mixed with Himalayan salt can be really beneficial to your muscles. It soothes sore muscles and gives it strength. Moreover, it refreshes the body and mind as well, as it relaxes the mind too. A bath in water mixed with Himalayan salt during evening relaxes body and mind alike, giving a good sleep, better appetite and freshness when you wake up the next day. If you are a person who is affected by cramped muscles, then this can be really helpful to you. Moreover, consuming this salt can also strengthen your bones.

As the best air purifier

Himalayan salt is used as an air purifier too other than mixing with the water for a bath. Getting clean air inside your house is possible with the use of Himalayan salt as an air purifier. It helps to kill the bacteria and even pollen found in the air. You can even use it for cleaning your sinus. Mixing the salt in hot water and taking a good deep breath can help clean the sinuses.

As an energy drink

Health benefits of drinking Himalayan salt at a moderate level can help in balancing the body’s fluids soon after your workout sessions. Instead of taking sports drinks, you can go for this energy drink as it is healthy and safe. The regular sports drinks available in the market contain chemicals and preservatives that are not good for your body. Moreover, it hydrates the body and balances the PH level, boosting your immune system. It also helps in better digestion and metabolism of the body.

Add to food for more benefits

Adding Himalayan salt to food can give you a lot of benefits apart from giving a better taste. It helps as an aid to good sleep, lowers blood pressure, helps in weight loss, maintains better and stronger bones, promotes muscle regeneration and prevents goitre.

Even though Himalayan salt has a lot of benefits, care should always be taken to avoid over-consumption, as high dosages can be dangerous. But its benefits compared to common table salt is more.