Jeremy Renner’s Chilling 911 Call Details The Gruesome Extent Of His Injuries: ‘He’s Been Crushed’


[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Jeremy Renner’s 911 call following his snowplow incident has been released, and boy, it’s terrifying.

Nearly three weeks after The Avengers star was crushed by his 14,330-lb PistenBully snowplow after attempting to help a neighbor clear a passage on New Year’s Day, the chilling emergency services call is giving insight into JUST how frightening — and serious — the situation really was. In an audio clip released by TMZ Tuesday, you can hear Renner’s neighbor by his side, frantically telling the 911 dispatcher:

“Someone’s in front of my house, on the ground, he got run over by a snowplow. He’s been crushed. Send paramedics.”

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The operator asked the concerned caller where Renner was bleeding from, which he quickly responded, “I don’t know. I can’t tell.” Then, you can hear the 52-year-old actor moan in pain in the background, with his neighbor telling him, “Easy, easy, easy, easy.” He proceeded to inform the 911 operator:

“He got crushed up on his right side.”

He added:

“His right chest and upper torso, his ribs, they look like they might be crushed. He’s got a head wound as well.”

To make matters even more dire, the dispatcher was not even able to provide the caller with an ETA, because of the severity of the snow on the mountains. She explained:

“I don’t know how quick they’re able to go.”

Renner’s neighbor responded:

“His breaths are getting shorter, so please.”

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He noted the Hurt Locker star was “short of breath” and in “a lot of pain,” but remained “conscious.” He added:

“We’ve got him covered in blankets. His head’s covered.”

The neighbor then warned Renner directly:

“Don’t be drifting off… Stay awake.”

Ugh, SO TERRIFYING. We can’t even begin to imagine the amount of pressure that man was under while attempting to keep Renner stable long enough for the paramedics to arrive.

As we previously reported, after arriving at the hospital, the Arrival star was in “critical but stable condition.” A rep later provided details surrounding the accident at the actor’s Nevada home, noting:

“[Renner] was moving snow from his driveway on Sunday so that his family members could depart his home after spending New Years together. He was also helping clear out the snow of his neighbor’s home as everyone up there had been without power for 24 hours and there had been a large snowfall. So he was helping everyone in trying to clear out the snow so people could get out.”

Thankfully, he’s recovering and was even able to return home to his family Monday. See more (below):

We’re so glad he’s doing better, and his neighbor was there by his side through it all. What are your thoughts on the chilling 911 call, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments down below.

[Images via Jeremy Renner/Instagram & Vanity Fair/YouTube]


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