King Charles Wants Prince Harry & Meghan Markle At Coronation – But Is Being ‘Met With Resistance’ From One Family Member!


King Charles III is supposedly willing to do anything and everything to get Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to attend his coronation – despite Prince William’s objections!

For weeks, there has been a lot of talk about whether the 74-year-old will invite the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to watch him be officially crowned king in May – or whether they will even attend if they score an invitation. Harry has made it pretty clear that he and Meghan would only come if the royal family sat down and talked out their issues. Basically, he wants the fam to take responsibility for their actions and apologize to the couple.

Reports also have come out about the family is willing to hold “peace talks” with Harry before the coronation. But if they do end up forming some sort of truce, there’s a strong chance it will only be temporary. As royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti told Us Weekly:

“Whether or not that’s possible is one thing, and whether or not it’s lasting is another thing. Even if they do manage to make some form of peace, [it] might be temporary. I think it’s going to be extremely difficult for them as a family — and more broadly, for the nation and for the Institution — to forgive what’s happened.”


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Given how difficult reconciliation will be for the fam, it sounds like Charles is now having someone to step in to help! According to on Saturday, King Charles asked the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, to arrange some sort of agreement between his sons that would allow Harry and Meghan to attend the coronation.

However, it doesn’t seem like he is putting in this effort because he would be crushed if the two didn’t show up! The outlet reported that Charles believes it would be a bigger distraction if their presence was missing from the event. So he’s pulling out all the stops in order to convince them to head across the pond for the big day! Sources told the outlet that part of the “deal” could include giving Harry “a high-profile seating position” in Westminster Abbey or assurance that he’ll keep his titles. Yeah… We doubt that’s what Harry wants most of all.

While King Charles is willing to do whatever it takes, even bringing a mediator to do some peace talks, he has “met resistance” from one of the members of the royal family! You can probably guess who it is. It’s none other than Prince William. *Shocker* Lolz! Sources told that the Prince of Wales doesn’t want Meghan or Harry at the event – especially after the release of Spare. We cannot be too stunned by that, considering the 38-year-old did not hold back when it came to William, even recounting a nasty physical altercation with him.

But the 40-year-old reportedly is worried that his younger brother will try to use the coronation to stage a “stunt” in order to overshadow or upstage the celebration. An insider explained:

“The issue of substance is whether they attend the Coronation, and if they do, under what terms and conditions. The family is split, and all the indications are that Harry is being advised to agree to nothing at this stage and ‘play it long’ right up to the last minute, which is making negotiations with him very difficult.”

They continued:

“Harry’s camp made clear that the idea that he would just attend the Coronation and behave himself but then be stripped of his titles was a total non-starter. While he might decide at some point to discard his titles of his own volition, he objects to the idea of being forcibly stripped of them.”

The insider also noted Harry hates “being lumped together with Andrew in the public mind as the two ‘problem Princes’, when he considers the circumstances to be totally different.” That’s very understandable! There is a BIG difference between what’s going on with Harry, and Prince Andrew‘s horrific sexual assault scandal!

Who knows what’s going to happen with this coronation! What do YOU think? Do you believe Meghan and Harry will end up attending the ceremony? Sound OFF in the comments below!

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