Man Steals Woman’s Car, Then Contacts Her And Offers To Sell It Back For HOW MUCH?


Wow… can U believe this s**t???

A car theft victim in Memphis, TN got her revenge by working with police to bust the man who allegedly stole her vehicle.

According to reports, 20-year-old Robert Mitchell (above)  stole the car of a woman he knew while it was parked at the Hotel Indigo.

Investigators said that Mitchell then called the woman and told her she could have her own car back for $3,000. It was the wrong move: the woman instead called the cops, who worked with her to set up a sting operation — and it went swimmingly!

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The woman reportedly had Mitchell text her photos of the car to prove he had it, then arranged a time and place to buy it back. However, the cops were waiting when Mitchell got there, and he was charged with theft and extortion.

Mitchell was released on bond.

What in the world is going on down there, Memphis?!

[Image via Shelby County Sheriff’s Office]