Mia Thornton’s Response To RHOP Oral Sex Comment Controversy Just Makes Things Worse!


What on earth is going down (literally!) over on Real Housewives of Potomac??

On Sunday night’s episode of the hit Bravo show, cast member Wendy Osefo said her co-star Mia Thornton supposedly asked to perform oral sex on her!!

And immediately after the chaotic claim aired on the reality ep, Thornton delivered her own clarifications about the supposed oral sex ask. Except her take on it didn’t exactly make the situation better! Or, uhhh, maybe it did. If you’re into group sex!!!

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On Sunday evening’s brand-new RHOP episode, the 38-year-old public affairs PhD alleged that after a long night of drinking, co-star Thornton supposedly made this jaw-dropping comment:

“I just want to eat your box.”

Ummm wow!

So naturally, when Mia sat down with Andy Cohen on Sunday night for a guest run on Watch What Happens Live, the Bravo host (and all of his fans) wanted to know what was up!!

Andy couldn’t resist asking for clarification on the oral sex allegation. And Mia tried to downplay it… for a moment. At first, Thornton — who is also 38 — denied making the NSFW comment and instead told the WWHL host:

“No, absolutely not. I don’t even talk like that. I didn’t even know what a hot box was until I met these ladies.”

Oh, so she’s going to play the good girl here and deny, deny, deny. Right? Well, not quite! Moments later, Andy pressed on about a hypothetical swinging sitch. Mia said she’d consider hooking up with her castmate if Wendy’s husband Eddie Osefo joined in, too.

Then, Mia looked over to her own husband Gordon Thornton — who was tending bar on the WWHL set — and said:

“It depends on if Eddie’s involved. Absolutely. And so would [Gordon]. It would have to be, like, a quadruple.”


So, Mia went from “I don’t even talk like that” to wanting a full-on foursome in, like, thirty seconds?!?!

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Watch the whole thing go down (below):

Messy AF!

But we’re not gonna lie… We kind of love it! LOLz!

Interestingly, fans didn’t care much for the “box” clarification, tho. And they certainly weren’t feeling Mia’s supposed swinging desires!! Across both Twitter and YouTube, viewers revealed remarkably low opinions of Thornton’s box talk and follow-up foursome commentary:

“Mia hasn’t changed….Mia just wants to get close to Wendy to get closer to Eddie”

“This explains why Mia was so pressed about wendy… she has a thing for Eddie so in fact she was the jealous one. Mia just be telling on herself.”

“@WendyOsefo she wants your man… I been knew this.”

“She want Eddie. She tried to spare her husband feelings by adding him in last minute lol.”


“Mia not knowing what a box is…very unbelievable.”

“This is such a weird thing to say with your husband right behind you”

“Mia just says anything for the camera & for shock value.”

“Even if they are swingers, Wendy & Eddie clearly aren’t interested.”

Yikes! From frenemies to, uhh, swingers? Maybe?

What do y’all make of it, tho, Perezcious readers?! Did Mia just make a bad situation worse?? Share your take about all this shocking sex talk down in the comments (below)!

[Image via Wendy Osefo/Instagram/Watch What Happens Live/YouTube]


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