Nev Schulman’s Wife Laura Perlongo Reveals She Suffered A Miscarriage: ‘It’s All So Intense’


Nev Schulman’s wife is opening up about a painful loss.

Laura Perlongo took to Instagram on Thursday to reveal that she suffered a miscarriage. Showing off pictures of her manicure, the 37-year-old magazine writer used her nails as an analogy for her devastating pregnancy loss and wrote in the caption:

“Damn this manicure’s been through a lot. About to change it, the manicure that is, n feeling a lil sad to see her go. Maybe that’s obvious, maybe not. ​Girl life is such a trip. Life n death, business as usual. No need for sympathy or anything, just didn’t wanna change the nails on this one without saying a word even though that’s the expectation I suppose.”

According to Laura, she and the Catfish host were not planning to share her pregnancy with the world until she was further along – but sadly things changed:

“But it’s all so intense and real or maybe it’s delicate and fleeting. The gain. The loss. It’s all the things. Bunch of fuzzy trash pics with unsure faces. Wasnt planning on posting until 14w and i guess that woulda had a different spin. Wasn’t planning on any of it. And if it’s happened to you too, I’m just sayin it happens a lot. I’m just sayin I LOVED THIS GD MANICURE. And the all too real fantasy of what coulda been.”

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She continued:

“​New month new nails tho and that’s OK by me. There’s still a lot of hands out there to hold, for now. Maybe forever for me. Until you let me hold your next baby, of course. Love you love you love you. All the moms n future moms. All the babes n future babes. Dads n future dads too. But get up with that baby when it comes tho DADS or else you’re off the list and maybe that’s all I’m here to say”

Along with the picture of her nails, the post included a snapshot of her positive pregnancy test, a pic of her stomach, and some videos of their children, 6-year-old Cleo James, 4-year-old Beau Bobby Bruce, and 16-month-old Cy Monroe, including one of them coloring and a close up of their drawings with the middle part cut out. Since her followers were confused by the message, Laura hopped in the comments to clarify she had a miscarriage and thought pictures explained what happened:

“i forgot to say i miscarried w pictures , sry for the confusion. Thought the giant empty body section cut out of the drawing did it but I relied on it too much in hindsight. Anyway, no baby! But thank you for all the love and texts”

Our hearts break for Nev and Laura. Sending love and light to their family during this difficult time.

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