The NFL Wives Are Coming For Jeffree Star!!


The hunt to identify Jeffree Star‘s new hunky footballer boyfriend is driving some NFL wives nuts!

As we reported, the makeup mogul has been teasing fans with photos of a mystery man for several days now, claiming the secret beau is in the NFL but not headed to the Super Bowl (meaning anyone on the Philadelphia Eagles or Kansas City Chiefs is off the list). On Monday, internet sleuths were in a frenzy after Jeffree shared some major clues alongside a photo of the pair holding hands in a bathroom. The NFL star’s back was facing the camera, so only his hair was notable. Ch-ch-check it out!

It’s very hard to tell who the athlete in the photo is, but that hasn’t stopped many fans from making their guesses. It could seriously be anyone, so, who’s at the top of the list??

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One running theory is…

Henry Anderson, a defensive end for the Carolina Panthers! While orange isn’t a team color (despite this seemingly being one of Jeffree’s clues), many seem to think Henry’s build and haircut prove he was the one in the snapshot. There’s just one *major* problem — he’s NOT single! Yup, you read that right! Fans think Jeffree’s cheating with a married man!!


Henry’s wife, Saryn Anderson, is now clapping back at all the allegations hitting her inbox – and begging Jeffree to shut down the manhunt after she was “harassed” with allegations about her hubby! Uh oh! On Tuesday, the YouTube sensation took to Twitter with a screenshot of a direct message he received from the player’s wife, who argued:

“I’m getting harassed bc my husband is in the NFL and ppl think it’s him. Please stop.”

Damn. That would be so frustrating! But, um, we doubt she got the reaction she was looking for!

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Instead of privately responding (or even just ignoring the message), Jeffree blasted it out to his millions of fans, clapping back:

“OMG now the #NFL wives are coming after me!!!”

While making light of the DM, the beauty guru did shut down the speculation that Henry was his secret lover, adding:

“Girl… Don’t be so insecure. I don’t mess with married men.”

Well, then. The jury is still out! Saryn has since switched her account to private, so she seems to be checking out of this drama as much as possible! At least Jeffree helped her out by denying the rumors! Now that Henry’s out of the picture, do YOU think you know who the NFL lover is?! Send us your guesses (below)!!

[Image via Jeffree Star/YouTube/Instagram]


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