The Super Relatable Way Shakira Found Out Gerard Piqué Was Cheating!!


Caught red-handed…

Shakira apparently “worked out” that her ex Gerard Piqué was cheating on her after she discovered someone had eaten her strawberry jam while she was away! OMG!

According to Show News Today, the singer appeared on This Morning to discuss one of her latest revenge songs, Te Felicito, which features collaborator Rauw Alejandro as a robot she created. At one point in the video, the performer opens the fridge to find Rauw’s head inside. When asked what she was really “looking for” in the fridge, Shakira explained:

“To find the truth! It is when I go to the fridge and find the head of Rauw Alejandro.”

And yes, there’s a double meaning here!

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But first, ch-ch-check out the cryptic video (below)!

On the Spanish TV show Socialite, it was then claimed that Shakira had actually discovered the soccer player was “cheating” on her when she opened her own fridge — and noticed her favorite jam had been eaten! Yes, really!

She didn’t walk in on them and didn’t find another woman’s belongings in her home. She just realized her food was MIA! And, honestly, that’s pretty f**king brutal. But how’d she KNOW the jam was gone because of a cheating scandal, you ask? According to Show News Today, Gerard and their kids, Milan, 9, and Sasha, 7, never ate the jam because they all disliked it. So, returning home to an empty jar was definitely unexpected!

And as we all know, Gerard’s mistress was actually caught in the couple’s home back in 2021!! Earlier this month, an interview the athlete did from his home via Zoom resurfaced after fans noticed a woman walk through the frame behind him. And it wasn’t his partner!! Eagle-eyed viewers believe it was Clara Chia Marti, the woman he’s been openly dating since the breakup last summer! Turns out Clara was busy digging into all of Shakira’s treats while she was sneaking around her house! Oof!

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The Hips Don’t Lie artist has been battling it out with her ex via her music lately, including in a new song titled BZRP Music Sessions #53 — in which she not only blames Gerard for her tax problems but calls out his new girlfriend! And it’s not just the 35-year-old she’s upset with. The Zootopia alum reportedly blasted the diss track on a loop when it was released last week while a witch decoration hung outside her home… facing her mother-in-law’s house! Damn!

The singer and her sons are supposed to be moving to Miami and were reportedly planning to make the trip this month, but things have been put on pause now that Shakira’s 91-year-old father was hospitalized in Barcelona, per Mirror. We’re so sorry to hear she’s dealing with this amid the already very emotional and stressful time she’s having!

We hope her father gets better and that she’s able to leave Barcelona for her own mental health, but we doubt starting over somewhere new is going to stop this drama. She and Gerard seem content with battling it out via viral-worthy digs these days! Reactions?!

[Image via Glamour Magazine UK/YouTube & Gerard Piqué/Instagram]


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