Top 3 Cryptos to BUY in January 2023 – The Bullrun is HERE?


The crypto market is waking up from hibernation. In the last few days, most altcoins saw a significant increase in prices. The Bitcoin price also broke out higher than 17K. Naturally, most cryptos will also follow higher. Which coins should you bet on in the near future? Let’s list the top 3 cryptos to buy in January 2023.

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How are Cryptos performing in 2023?

Cryptocurrency prices have tended to move sideways in recent weeks. Especially at the end of the year there was even a slight price drop. But the new year got off to a good start for the crypto market. The prices of many altcoins saw increases of between 5 and 10 percent. The Bitcoin price was also able to rise again from 16,500 to 17,000 dollars.

BTC course 3 months
Bitcoin (BTC) price in the last 3 months, source:

The market is at a turning point right now . With the FTX crash, the Bitcoin price fell below the $16,000 mark and was thus at the low point for 2022. Now the price could rise again in 2023. Alternatively, we could see one more major crash before things really bounce back. 

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Top 3 Cryptos to Buy in January 2023  

In the next days, the values of various cryptocurrencies may increase significantly once more. because the resistance level of $ 17,000 is set to be retested by the price of bitcoin. Since it has been around for a few weeks, this barrier has consistently rejected Bitcoin.

Should this happen, not only could the Bitcoin price rise, but the prices of the Altcoins should also go up sharply. There are certain cryptocurrencies that could increase more in the coming days and weeks. Which coins are these? Let’s list the top 3 cryptocurrencies to buy in January 2023:

1. Solana (SOL)

The price of the SOL token has already risen sharply in the last few days. Solana could recover from the FTX crash in the next few weeks , when the SOL price lost more than 60%. Now the trend reversal seems to have come at Solana.

cryptos to buy: Solana Coin

In the next few weeks, the price could rise even further and get back to a value that the token had before the FTX crashAt the moment, Solana is probably massively undervalued and could rise sharply. 

2. Cardano (ADA)

When we talk about an undervalued token, we are not far from Cardano’s ADA. Despite good further developments in the network, the price of the token has fallen almost continuously in 2022. 

cryptos to buy: Cardano price forecast

In the first days of the year, the ADA course also rose by a double-digit percentage. Similar to Solana, this could continue in the coming weeks and Cardano could soon better represent its value.

3. Litecoin (LTC)

The third altcoin from our list of top 3 cryptos to buy in January 2023 is Litecoin. This crypto saw a small resurrection as early as Q4 of 2022. In recent months and years, things have often gone quiet around the altcoin as new projects seem more exciting. However, unlike many other coins, Litecoin benefited from the FTX crisis. 

cryptos to buy: Litecoin

As the oldest altcoin and “digital silver”, many investors are learning to appreciate Litecoin more and more in these uncertain times. Above all, the praise from Bitcoin maximalist Michael Saylor in recent weeks has helped Litecoin. It should be one of the cryptocurrencies that can rise sharply in the coming weeks.

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