All the Steps and Procedures Involved in Car Shipping

Car shipping, also known as auto transport, is the process of moving a vehicle from one location to another. It can be a complicated process, but it is often necessary when moving to a new location or buying a car from a different region.

The following are the steps and procedures involved in car transporting:

Choose a car shipping company

Start by researching and comparing car shipping companies to find one that suits your needs. Consider factors like reputation, price offered, and the services offered. Look for a company that is licensed and insured, with a good reputation and positive customer reviews.

Request a quote

Once you have chosen a car shipping company, request a quote. The quote will typically include the cost of shipping, the estimated delivery time, and the services included in the price. Make sure you understand all the fees and services included in the quote.

Choose your shipping options

To ship your car, you have got 2 main options:

  • Open transport
  • Enclosed transport.

Open transport is cheaper but exposes the car to the elements, while enclosed transport offers more protection, but is more expensive. Select your option that fits well all your needs and budget.

Prepare your car

Before the car is shipped, you should prepare it for transport. This includes removing any personal items from the car, disabling any alarmpppppp, and making sure the car is in good working condition.

Schedule the pick-up

Once you have chosen your shipping options and prepared your car, schedule the pick-up time and location with the car shipping company. Make sure to provide accurate information about the pick-up location and contact information.

Inspect the car

When the car is picked up, inspect it thoroughly and document any existing damage. This will help you to make a claim if the car is damaged during transport. Take photos of the car from different angles and note any scratches, dents, or other damage.

Track the shipment

During transport, you can track the shipment of your car online or through the car shipping company. This will give you an idea of when the car will arrive at its destination.

Make sure you have the contact information of the carrier in case you need to communicate with them during the transport.

Receive the car

When the car arrives at its destination, inspect it again for any damage that may have occurred during transport. If there is any damage, document it and file a claim with the car shipping company.

Check the car thoroughly for any scratches, dents, or other damage that was not present before shipping.

Pay the balance

After the car has been delivered, you will need to pay the balance of the shipping cost. Most car shipping companies require payment in full at the time of delivery, so make sure you have the funds available to pay the carrier.

Leave a review

After the car has been delivered and you have paid the balance, take a few minutes to leave a review for the car shipping company. This will help other people who are looking for car shipping services to make an informed decision, and will also provide valuable feedback to the company.

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How To Use Life Insurance While Your Are Alive


Life insurance is a financial product that gives financial protection to your family in the event of your death. When you purchase a life insurance policy, you pay premiums to the insurance company and in return, the insurance company agrees to pay a designated beneficiary a sum of money upon your death. The amount of time it takes for a life insurance policy to pay out depends on several factors, including the type of policy you have, the terms and conditions of the policy, and the circumstances of your death. In general, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months for a life insurance policy to pay out, but the exact timeline can vary. It is important to review the terms and conditions of your life insurance policy and to discuss any concerns you may have with your insurance provider. Life insurance can be a useful tool for buying a house, especially if you are unable to qualify for a mortgage on your own or if you want to use the policy as a way to secure a mortgage for a loved one.

Life insurance is typically thought of as a financial product that provides protection for your loved ones in the event of your death. However, did you know that you can also use life insurance while you are alive? Here are a few ways you can use the insurance while still living:

Borrow against your policy:

Some life insurance policies, such as whole life insurance policies, accumulate cash value over time. You may be able to borrow against this cash value or withdraw it for a financial need. Keep in mind that taking money out of your policy may affect the policy’s cash value and death benefit, and may also result in tax implications.

Long-term care:

Some insurance policies come with long-term care riders that allow you to use the policy to pay for long-term care expenses, such as assisted living or nursing home care.

Sell your policy:

If you no longer need or want your insurance policy, you may be able to sell it to a third party through a process called life settlements. It’s important to carefully consider the terms and conditions of your insurance policy and to consult with a financial professional before using your insurance in any of these ways. It may not always be the best financial decision for everyone, and it’s important to carefully evaluate the potential risks and benefits.

Determine your insurance needs:

The first step in using insurance to buy a house is to determine how much coverage you need. This will depend on your financial situation and the amount of the mortgage you are seeking. You will also need to consider any other debts or expenses that will need to be covered if you were to pass away.

Shop around for the right policy:

Once you know how much coverage you need, you can start shopping around for an insurance policy. There are many different types of policies to choose from, including term life, whole life, and universal life. It is important to compare policies from multiple insurers to find the one that best meets your needs and fits your budget.

Use the policy as collateral:

Once you have purchased a guaranteed issue life insurance policy, you can use it as collateral to secure a mortgage. This means that the lender will require the policy as security for the loan. If you pass away before the mortgage is paid off, the lender will use the proceeds from the insurance policy to pay off the remaining balance on the mortgage.

Use the policy to protect your loved ones:

If you are using life insurance to buy a house for a loved one, the policy can also provide protection for them in the event of your death. The proceeds from the policy can be used to pay off the mortgage, as well as any other debts or expenses that may arise.

Overall, using insurance to buy a house can be a smart financial move, especially if you are unable to qualify for a mortgage on your own or if you want to provide financial security for a loved one. Just be sure to shop around for the right policy and carefully consider your insurance needs before making a purchase.

BizTrailblazer - How much life insurance do I need


Can life insurance be used to buy a house?

Yes, insurance policies can potentially be used to buy a house. Some life insurance policies, such as whole life insurance policies, accumulate cash value over time. This cash value can be borrowed against or withdrawn, potentially providing the funds needed to make a down payment on a house. However, it is important to note that using the cash value of a life insurance policy to buy a house may not be the best financial decision for everyone. It may be more advantageous to use other financial resources, such as savings or investments, to make a down payment on a house. Additionally, taking money out of a life insurance policy may affect the policy’s cash value and death benefit, and may also result in tax implications. It is important to carefully consider all of your options and to consult with a financial professional before making a decision about using life insurance to buy a house.

Furthermore, the policy can be used as collateral to secure a mortgage, and the proceeds from the policy can be used to pay off the remaining balance on the mortgage if the policyholder passes away before the mortgage is paid off.

How much life insurance do I need?

Determining how much life insurance you need can be a complex process and depends on your individual circumstances and financial goals. There are several factors to consider when calculating how much life insurance you need, including your current income, debts and financial obligations, the number and ages of your dependents, and your long-term financial goals.

A common rule of thumb is to get a policy with a death benefit that is 5-10 times your annual income. However, this is just a starting point and may not be enough for everyone. For example, if you have a high level of debt or a large number of dependents, you may need a higher death benefit.

To determine how much life insurance you need, you may want to consider the following steps:

  • Calculate your debts and financial obligations: This includes your mortgage, car loans, credit card debt, and any other debts you may have.
  • Consider your dependents: How many people rely on you financially? How much money do they need to maintain their current standard of living in the event of their death?
  • Determine your long-term financial goals: Do you want to provide for your children’s education or leave an inheritance for your loved ones?
  • Take into account any existing life insurance coverage: Do you already have life insurance through your employer or other sources?
  • It is a good idea to work with a financial professional or insurance agent to help you calculate how much life insurance you need. They can help you evaluate your financial situation and determine the appropriate amount of coverage for your needs.

How to choose the right life insurance policy?

There are several factors to consider when choosing an insurance policy, including the type of policy (term, whole, or universal), the amount of coverage you need, and your budget. It is important to compare policies from multiple insurers and to work with a financial advisor or insurance professional to find the policy that best meets your needs.

Can I use life insurance to buy a house for a loved one?

Yes, you can use life insurance to buy a house for a loved one. You can purchase a policy in your name and use it as collateral to secure a mortgage for your loved one. The proceeds from the policy can be used to pay off the mortgage, as well as any other debts or expenses that may arise in the event of your death.

What happens if I pass away before the mortgage is paid off?

If you pass away before the mortgage is paid off and you have used a life insurance policy as collateral, the lender will use the proceeds from the policy to pay off the remaining balance on the mortgage. If you do not have a life insurance policy or if you have not used it as collateral, the lender may require the named beneficiaries or the estate to pay off the remaining balance.


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Top 15 Best Chrome Extensions [in 2023]


We all know that Google Chrome is a fabulous web browser – fast, handy, well-designed, and has all kinds of essential features. Google chrome’s original strength is its huge addon library that gives you endless new functions and abilities. Google Web Store is packed with tons of extensions that make your online experience more productive. In this article, we are listing out the top 15 best chrome extensions in 2023 that makes a huge difference to your daily browsing. We highly recommend that try these browser extensions and transform your online browsing experience.

What are the best Google Chrome Extensions?

Before we dive deeper, we’d like to tell you, there are tons of different extensions available in the Google Web Store which can be helpful for different purposes. We have divided them into different categories, such as:

– Productivity
– Shopping
– Security
– Social Media
– Developer
– New Tab
– Content Sourcing
– Blogging

Now, let’s have a closer look of TOP 15 best Google Chrome Extensions (according to our choice) in 2023:

GHOSTERY – Privacy Ad Blocker [Productivity Chrome Extension]

Offered By: Ghostery / Users: 2,000,000+


Ghostery is a powerful Ad-Blocker extension. It is designed to remove the ads that distract you are checking a particular website content. It also helps you to protect your browsing data, so that the ad-tracking tools are unable to collect your personal information. This chrome extension also speeds up the website’s load time to improve your browsing experience.

STAYFOCUSD [Productivity Chrome Extension]

Offered By: Transfusion Media / Users: 600,000+


StayFocusd extension helps you to increase your productivity, by limiting your time on time-wasting websites. It’s highly customizable and you can set your time limit on different websites. Once your allotted time w be over, then you can not access that particular website for the rest of your day.


Offered By: Google / Users: 2,000,000+


Tag Assistant Legacy is an SEO chrome extension, which helps you with the different types of tags. This extension will help you to troubleshoot various Google tags including Tag Manager, Google Analytics, etc. This extension verifies whether you have properly installed the tags on your page or not. All you need to do is navigate a web page and turn on this extension – it will give you an overview of the tags (present on that page), error reports, and possible suggestions to solve out those errors.

BUZZSUMO [Social Chrome Extension]

Offered By: BuzzSumo / Users: 20,000+


BuzzSumo provides you insight, into how content is performing – it gives you the social engagement data about the page or content you are viewing. This tool does not pull up any personal data about your browsing history. You can also use this tool to analyze your competitor’s website to find out their strategies that might be helpful for you to generate more engagement on your content.

MOMENTUM [New Tab Chrome Extension]

Offered By: MomentumDash / Users: 3,000,000+


Momentum is one of the most simplest Google Chrome extensions, that replaces blank tabs with beautiful photography, inspiring quotes, weather reports, etc. This extension was featured on BuzzFeed, The Next Web, LifeHacker, etc. It also has its premium extension – which has more customizable features, integrations, and others.

GRAMMARLY [Blogging Chrome Extension]

Offered By: Grammarly / Users: 10,000,000+


Grammarly is a widely used blogging chrome extension to check grammar, proper spelling, and word use. Grammarly can be integrated with Gmail, Twitter, Medium, Facebook, Linkedin, and other websites also. This extension helps you to to eliminate writing errors & find meaningful words to express yourself. You can register a FREE ACCOUNT on Grammarly to receive personalized writing reports every week.

AWESOME SCREENSHOT [Content Sourcing Chrome Extension]

Offered By: Awesome Screenshot / Users: 1,000,000+

BizTrailBlazer-Blog-AWESOME-SCREENSHOT-[Content-Sourcing-Chrome-Extension]Awesome Screenshot is a screen-capturing chrome extension. It has some awesome features such as photo editing, and annotation, directly from your browser. This extension is very simple to use and very convenient. With this tool, you can actually save a lot of additional time of yours.

EMAIL TRACKER FOR GMAIL [Productivity Chrome Extension]

Offered By: / Users: 1,000,000+

If you want to track your outbound mail on Gmail, then this extension is the ultimate solution for you. It can be integrated seamlessly with your Gmail account and provides you with tick mark (✓✓) notifications once the mail has been opened. This tool basically adds a tracking pixel to the emails you sent. And once those email has been opened it gives you the Green Tick Mark as the notification.

WAPPALYZER [Developer Chrome Extension]

Offered By: Wappalyzer / Users: 1,000,000+

BizTrailBlazer-Blog-WAPPALYZER-[Developer-Chrome-Extension]Wappalyzer helps you to identify website technologies. This chrome extension helps you with market analysis, lead generation, and competitor research. With this chrome extension, you can easily find out the framework of the website, javascript library, payment processor, marketing tools, CDN, and many more.


TUBEBUDDY [Social Chrome Extension]

Offered By: TubeBuddy / Users: 3,000,000+


TubeBuddy is the famous Google Chrome Extension for YouTube creators. This tool helps you to optimize your YouTube channel and your videos. It is compatible with all kinds of devices, such as Apple, Android, Windows PC, or even Apple MAC, etc. It helps you to find out high-performing keywords for your videos. TubeBuddy is loved by almost 3 million creators worldwide.

HONEY [Shopping Chrome Extension]

Offered By: JoinHoney / Users: 10,000,000+


The Honey extension helps you to find out best coupons for your shopping experience. From pizza to furniture, from shoes to electronic devices – you can easily save $150 USD (on average) per year, while shopping. It also helps you to find the right time for shopping. This tool is already featured on TIME, Business Insider, BuzzFeed, NewYork Times, etc.

HUNTER [Productivity Chrome Extension]

Offered By: / Users: 400,000+


Hunter extension helps you to find out professional emails with just a few clicks. You can easily find out the emails of any domain. This tool not only helps you to find out the mail ids but also, in this way you can grow your leads and network. It has FREE and PAID versions. The free version allows you 25 Free Searches per month. Whereas the Paid version gives you an in-depth features list.

EVERNOTE WEB CLIPPER [Productivity Chrome Extension]

Offered By: Evernote / Users: 3,000,000+


Evernote is a note-taking extension. You can easily share the notes with the other team members with this extension. With this tool, users can easily save the links on a clipboard for later reference. This tool is featured in Forbes, INC, The Verge, and on other famous magazines as well.

J2TEAM SECURITY [Security Chrome Extension]

Offered By: J2Team Dev / Users: 200,000+


J2Team Security extension is not an average firewall, but it helps you to customize the blocklist and prevents all phishing attacks. This extension offers you different kinds of Facebook privacy settings as well.


Offered By: Google / Users: 700,000+


Page Analytics extension gives you the details, such as: where your users are clicking, page views, active users, average time on page, etc. on a single platform. But by using this tool, you can improve your conversion rate quite easily.



We are listing out these Google Chrome Extensions, purely based on our personal preferences. Did we miss any other extensions on our list? Let us know! If you have any suggestions or any other FRESH articles on this same topic, please MAIL US with your content. We would love to check it out and if our Editor Team likes it, we can submit it on our blog as well. Happy Blogging!


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How Fintech Is Changing SME Banking [Trends for 2021]


With passing time, there has been considerable debate regarding the fact that FinTech disruptors will one day effectively take over the core roles rendered by banks. In some of the banking fields, this is already occurring with the help of the Finance software development company, particularly when looking at the appropriation of B2C and P2P money token and payment services, budgeting and financial plan, and investment platforms.

Although we’ve also taken expertise insights from the developers of TatvaSoft which is a financial software development company and used their views to complete this subject.

Those who have moved their business online, from a restaurant to a retailer or from another sector, have profited from a notable head in online use as consumer behaviors evolve amidst the pandemic, and several have become more effective. As per the EY report, worldwide, 25% of SMEs are utilizing some sort of FinTech, with 93% of adopters concentrating on the technological solutions on suggestion when picking a partner. However, while it might not look like it, compelling banks are actually in the most effective position to produce solutions that satisfy the current and future banking requirements of SMEs.

SMEs and MSMEs are significant operators of the economy, yet they are often neglected. This area lacks an important liquidity injection. The traditional financial software development service providers have been inadequate to write this credit requirement of small businesses because they have trouble meeting acceptability criteria, exhaustive paperwork, moderate scalability, and meager loan ticket size.

Let’s explore the role of Fintech in the innovation of SME banking along with how SMEs have evolved so far.

The Essential Role of Fintech in the Growth of SME Banking

Fintech has grown to the opportunity to present credit to SMEs and MSMEs within crowdfunding, private loans for business, MSME loans, and online lending tools. They utilize modern-edge technology, such as alternative scoring, digital and pragmatic channels for procurement, and channelizing this sector’s financial requirements.

Without the weight of bureaucracy, fintech software companies can give a quick path to credit and are adequately equipped to take the associated risks. They include several other competencies, like loans, direct banking, money management, and invoicing. Now it’s time to see how it changed SME banking.

The SME Evaluation after the Involvement of FinTech:

Public Banking made the way for a current generation of financial products, providing consumers wider selection and authority over their financial records, and driving contests in the financial industry. With Banking, banks likewise have a different possibility to design products and services that determine corporates and SMEs’ pain scores and promote their services.

The benefits for SMEs are immense, especially in sectors such as:

  • Credit risk scoring
  • Account aggregation
  • Account information
  • Finance management
  • Invoicing
  • Automated onboarding
  • Request to pay
  • Streamlined B2B payments
  • Accounting and bookkeeping

SMEs play an important role in every global economy. As per McKinsey, SMEs create a yearly global income of about USD 850 billion for banks. And 80% of banks over Europe escort the SME market as a preference growth area. But, SMEs endure being an underserved section on the discovery front, and several of them are now accepting other financial service providers for brand-new libations and services. Many developments have been executed in the retail banking division and the benefits for retail customers are obvious, but how can Public Banking support banks and fintech to properly serve the SME market? As recorded in The Paypers Global Open Banking report 2020, Public Banking, by payments and bank statements information, is driving Open Finance as it intends to increase the range of data to encompass savings, expenses, insurance, or pensions.

According to a well-known bank, this change will provide more extensive visibility of financial products and allow functionalities like complete wealth dashboards, while presenting more comprehensive actionable insight, and identification of products and analytics, along with consumers, SMEs, and corporates. Furthermore, as most banks acknowledge, there is a system for SMEs and their clients to communicate overpayments. This synergy should provide the customers more discretion over what they spend and when, and the SMEs a plan to give this opportunity whilst ensuring the payment.


Top FinTech Trends that are Essential for SME Banking

Whoever steps into this territory wonders why more and more FinTechs are concentrating on SMEs? Let’s find out why with this following segment. Within the past months, a particular customer segment has brought a lot of thought in the Fintech field: Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have been recognized as a society that has been overlooked by conventional banks for a long time. As a consequence, an increasing number of Fintech development companies join the market, giving products and settings that have been specially tailored to satisfy the requirements of SMEs – poverty, that because of digitization and globalization have increased in the past 20 years.

Banking stocks, however, have increased only by a little amount and in several states were not fixed as per the dynamic environment. To sustain in today’s extremely competitive markets, SMEs are expected to be compliant and effective. Therefore, Fintech businesses moved up to analyze and stimulate financial products and assistance for SMEs in the below-mentioned market segments:

– Banking & Accounting

Accounting functions in SMEs regularly practice a mixture of different tools. Owning to trade with several licenses, interfaces and information is spending time and financial resources. That is why FinTech have begun to realize completely digital solutions that allow businesses to handle their finances, invoices, and bills more efficiently.

– Supply Chain Finance

The financial compliance of companies can also be controlled with the advice of factoring help. Particularly when capital is required to start a business, deferred payments or extended payment terms in records can have an adverse effect on the liquidity of a company. While the factoring method itself is not an alteration, the solutions that have been produced by FinTech can most absolutely stimulate the factoring method and check it with higher cost-efficiency. BillFront, for example, gives factoring assistance for digital media companies, and appropriate targeting ad-tech companies.

– Credit

Receiving credits from conventional banks can be pretty challenging and time-consuming. In extension, treatment times are frequently very long which has an immediate influence on the businesses’ financial flexibility. Recently advanced solutions that have been specially designed to fulfill the requirements of SMEs resolve the difficulty of a long approach time and explain the application method and at the identical time improve its transparency.

– Debt collection

Similar to any other business, SMEs need to apportion with debtors. While the means of regular debt collection companies are costly and prone to collapse or even end customer relations, FinTech have improved the method of debt accumulation by addressing the consumers in different styles and on various channels. One Fintech firm that has produced a unique program of debt collecting is Pair Finance. The company is reaching debtors through digital channels and bases its communicational purposes on penetrations from behavioral analysis and machine training. As a consequence, debtors react faster and are more inclined to settle their bills. In interest, the debt collection method is more concise and costly than conventional approaches.

How can banks and other firms develop more effective relationships with these SMEs?

In 2020, banks and other donors began developing amazing relationships with SMEs as an effect of determining the government lending programs. And this was in the UK and at a global level as well. In America, for instance, the Pay check Protection Program (PPP) set by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act established the relationship between several American banks and their small businesses. The provocation for banks is to develop these different relationships; the pandemic produced a link through digital SME lending programs and financial companies must now support and maintain these connections through further product offerings.

They have a fabulous event to provide to each of an SME’s requirements whilst increasing their own profitability. Banks who engage in these government-sponsored plans are ready to decide on a new SME customer remotely and very precisely because of public banking data. Finally, the bank can increase the connection with other commodities and services, according to their practice as a borrower.

Wrapping Up

These are a few examples of domains in which Fintech software development companies are concentrating on the requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises. The power of artificial intelligence, machine knowledge and big data will transform markets and their corresponding probabilities and requirements even more. Therefore, it is possible that Fintech companies will enhance their applications to implement solutions that will empower SMEs to optimize methods and, hence, improve their performance.


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Swisher Sweets: Facts, Review and History


Swisher sweets are a classic choice among cigar aficionados. Established in 1861, Swisher Sweets have long been one of the most popular brands for machine-made cigars. Although the brand has been around for over 150 years, they have stayed on trend with flavor releases such as the famous Swisher Sweets Peach and Strawberry cigars.

Swishers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors. Their most popular shape is their classic tip cigarillo which is available in a range of fruity and traditional flavors. Along with their tip cigarillos, Swishers also offer a more extensive and longer variety known as their “long cut” cigars. These are ideal for those who want to savor the flavor of the tobacco over a more extended period. If you want to know more about Swishers, this article has you covered. Here, we’ll discuss the brand’s history, review some of its popular products, and offer some fun facts about Swisher Sweets.

The History of Swisher Sweets

The origins of Swisher Sweets date back to 1861 when David Swisher established a cigar business in Jacksonville, Florida. He was one of the first manufacturers to use a cigar-making machine and began producing the classic Swisher cigars. The brand became popular quickly and in 1890, they released their first flavored cigars.

In the 1930s, the company changed hands and was passed down to David Swisher’s son, who renamed it King Edward Cigar Company. Under his leadership, new products were developed, such as mellow, original, sweet, and sweet tip varieties.

In the late 1990s, Swisher Sweets was acquired by Sunshine Tobacco Co., an Imperial Tobacco Group PLC subsidiary. Since then, they have continued to develop new flavors and products while staying true to their classic lines. Swisher Sweets are mild cigars that are perfect for casual smokers. To this day, Swisher sweets are still one of the best-selling brands on the market.

What are swisher sweets made of?

Swisher sweets are made of a combination of tobacco, fillers, and flavors. The tobaccos used are usually mild-medium strength and the filler is a combination of different types of leaves. These include black Cavendish, Burley, and Virginia tobaccos to provide a balanced flavor profile.

The flavoring used can vary from traditional aromas such as cherry, vanilla, and rum to more exotic flavors such as watermelon. The flavoring is added to the wrapper which helps create a sweet aroma when the cigar is smoked.

Why are they called swishers?

The brand was named Swishers because of the trademark swirl pattern that was used on the cigar wrappers. This swirling pattern is still used to this day and has become a signature of the Swisher Sweet cigars.

Are swishers just tobacco?

Yes, the Swisher cigars are made of tobacco wrapped in real and whole tobacco leaves. This makes them a genuine, all-natural cigar. Compared to other cigar brands, Swisher Sweets are incredibly mild and smooth.

Are Swishers illegal?

No, Swisher Sweets are not illegal and are widely available for sale in most parts of the country. However, it is important to note that some states have laws restricting the sales of cigars with certain flavors. In addition, some states require that you must be at least 21 years of age to buy Swisher Sweets. If you are under the legal smoking age, it is illegal to purchase a Swisher Sweet cigar regardless of where you live.

Are Swishers addictive?

Yes, Swisher sweets can be addictive like all other cigars. This is because the tobacco used in Swisher Sweets contains nicotine, which can be habit-forming if smoked regularly. Therefore it is important to enjoy them responsibly and in moderation.

What flavor is Swisher Sweet Original?

The original Swisher Sweet cigar is a mild blend of natural and flavored tobacco. The flavor profile consists of light and sweet nuances that offer a smooth, mellow smoking experience.

Moreover, the Swisher Sweet original is the most popular flavor and is often used as the base for many of the company’s other cigar creations.

Reviewing Swisher Sweets Products

Swisher sweets are renowned for their quality and affordability, making them an ideal choice for those looking to enjoy a cigar without breaking the bank. Their cigars come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from cigarillos to blunts.

Here is a thorough review of each of their products:


Swisher Sweets Cigarillos come in the classic tip shape and feature a mild, smooth flavor. They are available in several flavors, including grape, strawberry, and peach. The cigarillos are very affordable and offer a pleasant smoking experience.

Long Cut

The long-cut variety of Swisher Sweets is known for its long burning time and smooth flavor. They feature a sweet, mellow taste that cigar aficionados enjoy. The cigars come in several flavors, including blackberry, apple, and vanilla.

Mellow Cigars

Swisher Sweets Mellow Cigars are mild and smooth with a pleasant flavor. They are available in several flavors, such as cherry and honey. These cigars are perfect for those who want to enjoy milder smoke.


Swisher Sweets Blunts offer a full-bodied flavor with a sweet aroma. They come in several classic flavors, including grape, original and sweet tip. These blunts are ideal for those who want a longer, more flavorful smoking experience.

Fun Facts About Swisher Sweets

Swisher Sweets has been around for over 150 years, making it one of the oldest cigar brands in the world.

BizTrailblazer - Fun Facts About Swisher Sweets

A family-business

The company is based in Jacksonville, Florida, and employs over 400 people worldwide. They are the largest cigar company in the United States. David Swisher’s legacy was then passed down to his two sons, which also worked hard alongside their father from the beginning. It was not until the late 1990s that Sunshine Tobacco, an Imperial Tobacco Group PLC subsidiary acquired them.

A popular cigar brand even today

Swisher cigars are the most popular in the United States and can be found in over 70 countries around the world. The brand has also extended its product range beyond cigars and cigarillos to include pipes and other tobacco accessories.

Swisher Sweets are the perfect cigars for casual smokers who want a smooth and flavorful smoking experience. Whether you’re looking for mild cigarillos, long-cut cigars, or blunts, Swisher Sweets has something to offer everyone. With nearly two centuries of history behind them, it is no wonder why Swisher Sweets remain the top cigar brand in the United States.

A wide range of cigar flavors

Swishers has released several limited-edition flavors over the years, including banana, blueberry, and key lime pie. Aside from that, they also have a wide range of classic flavors, such as original, grape, strawberry, and honey.

One of the best and unique things about these cigars is the wrappers are also sweetened, which adds a pleasant flavor to the cigar.


Swisher cigars are reasonably priced and perfect for those who want affordable yet high-quality smoke. With a long history and a vast selection of flavors, these cigars make the ideal choice for both novice and experienced smokers. The company also offers several bundle packs and value packs at discounted prices.

The Swisher Sweets Artist Project

In 2014, the company started the Swisher Sweets Artist Project, which showcases artists worldwide. The initiative was to promote creativity and bring art to their products. The funds gained from this movement were given back to the community, which helped empower the youth. In addition, the event also gathered artists and young people who were passionate about making an impact in society. The Swisher Sweets Artist project has become a great success, as it celebrates art and culture and gives back to the community.

The Tobacco

Another fun fact about Swishers is their unique blend of tobacco. The cigars are created using a special blend of tobacco from five countries, including the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Peru. This unique blend gives Swisher Sweets cigars their characteristic flavor and aroma.

More fun facts are:

  • Swisher cigars are one of the oldest brands in the United States, with roots dating back to 1861.
  • The brand has released over 20 new flavors since its inception.
  • Swisher Sweets employ over 400 people worldwide.
  • They are the largest cigar company in the United States.
  • The tobacco blend used in these cigars is from five countries.
  • Swisher Sweets are available in over 70 countries around the world.
  • The company started the Swisher Sweets Artist Project to promote art and culture.
  • It is the most popular cigar brand in America.


Swisher cigars are an excellent choice for those who want an enjoyable smoking experience without breaking the bank. With its wide range of flavors and affordable prices, it’s no wonder why this brand has been around since 1861. Whether you prefer a mild cigarillo or a full-bodied blunt, Swishers has something for everyone.

If you’re looking for an exceptional cigar experience that won’t break the bank, then Swishers is the brand for you. And at Atmos Smoke, we have a range of Swisher cigars available. We have all the classic flavors and limited editions, so you can find the perfect one for your taste.  So if you want to try something new or stick with an old classic, Atmos Smoke is here to help. Shop now and have a great smoking experience with Swisher Sweets today!


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Twisted Hemp – Nature’s Gift To The World Of Manmade Materials


Did you know that there is a crop that can be used to make over 25,000 different products? This crop is known as hemp, and it has been around for centuries. Hemp fiber can be used to make clothing, paper, building materials, and much more. In today’s article, we will discuss all of the hemp, its benefits, and how it makes a difference in the world of man-made materials.

What is Hemp?

Hemp is actually one of the oldest crops mankind has grown. The cultivation of hemp can be traced back over 10,000 years ago. That’s right! Hemp was used for many purposes such as for making clothes and for various other edibles. It even served medicinal purposes.

What is Twisted Hemp?

Recently, twisted hemp has emerged as the new sustainable super-material. Twisted hemp is fully twisted hemp fibers that have been twisted and woven together so that it can be used for various applications.

Twisted hemp is strong, durable, and sustainable, making it a great alternative to other man-made materials. It is made from naturally grown hemp plants and processed without the use of any chemicals or harsh treatments.

What is the origin of twisted hemp?

Twisted hemp has a fascinating history and origin. Twisted hemp was first used by ancient Egyptians, who created it using the fibers of the Cannabis sativa plant. Twisted hemp was an incredibly strong and flexible material that allowed them to build durable structures like boats and houses. Twisted hemp also served as a great source of cloth for clothing, sails, and rope.

Hemp has played a significant role in human history, surpassing linen as the primary vegetable-derived textile material until the mid-nineteenth century. Humans are said to have used hemp for as long as they have used linen, with hemp textiles going back to the 5th millennium BC in China.

Why is it called twisted hemp?

‘Twisted’ refers to a process in which two strands or more strands of yarn are twisted together to form one yarn strand. This results in giving the fabric an enhanced strength which not only is stronger but also superiorly durable in nature than other fabrics made.

Is hemp still being cultivated?

If you thought that its cultivation stopped somewhere along the way, then you are wrong. Today, hemp is a popular crop grown by farmers around the world. The uses of hemp are still increasing with each passing day.

Which countries grow hemp?

Many countries around the world are growing hemp for a variety of uses, including food, clothing, paper, textiles, and more. In particular, several European countries are leading the way in hemp cultivation. Poland is one of the top hemp-producing nations in Europe, with an estimated 5500 hectares used for industrial hemp production. In Germany, hemp is grown for the production of paper, textiles, and food. France and Italy are also major producers of hemp.

What is the difference between a traditional blunt and twisted hemp?

The main difference between a traditional blunt and twisted hemp lies in their source materials. Traditional blunts are typically made of tobacco leaves that have been cured and rolled. Twisted hemp, on the other hand, is made of hemp fibers that have been woven together and then twisted in a specific way to create an incredibly strong material.

Compared to traditional blunts, twisted hemp has greater strength and durability for any application. For other hemp products, check out Atmos Smoke.

How does twisted hemp make a difference?

Twisted hemp provides a more sustainable alternative to synthetic materials that are typically used in manufacturing. Twisted hemp is composed of natural fibers, meaning it has less impact on the environment than man-made materials. It can also be used to create products with greater strength and durability, making them more reliable and longer lasting.

Comparing Hemp and Other Fabrics

If you’re wondering how hemp contrasts with other fabrics, here are some brief comparisons.

Hemp fabric vs. cotton

The main differences between hemp and cotton are in their properties, such as strength, durability, cost-effectiveness, water absorption rate, and environmental impact. Hemp is a much stronger material than cotton and can withstand higher temperatures; it is also more resistant to wear and tear. Hemp fibers are naturally mildew-resistant, making them great for outdoor use or products designed with moisture in mind. Cotton absorbs more water than hemp but takes longer to dry; however, it has an extremely soft texture which makes it perfect for everyday wear. In terms of cost-effectiveness and sustainability, hemp requires fewer chemicals than cotton during the production process and its strong fibers require fewer resources to create quality fabrics.

Hemp fabric vs. linen

Hemp and linen are both natural materials made from plant fibers, though they originate from different sources. Hemp is a strong and durable material that is made from the inner bark of the Cannabis sativa plant, while linen is woven from the long strands of flax fibers that come from the flax plant. Both materials are highly sustainable and eco-friendly.

Hemp is a more durable material than linen and can withstand wear and tear better, while linen is softer and much more lightweight. Linen absorbs more water than hemp but takes longer to dry; however, it has an extremely soft texture which makes it perfect for everyday wear. Depending on your needs, both materials are great options for sustainable clothing or home decor.

Hemp vs. canvas

Hemp and canvas both have a long history of being used as fabrics for clothing, home decor, and more. While they are made from different sources, they share many of the same characteristics and qualities. Both hemp and canvas fabrics are strong, durable, and highly sustainable; however, there are some differences that should be considered when choosing between them.

Hemp is a heavier material than canvas and has more natural water-resistant properties, making it better for outdoor applications. Canvas, on the other hand, is much softer and lighter in weight, which makes it great for clothing or products that require less strength and durability. In terms of cost-effectiveness and sustainability, hemp requires fewer chemicals to produce, making it the better option for products with a smaller environmental footprint.

Hemp fabric vs. jute

Hemp and jute are two natural fibers that have been used for centuries in textiles, construction, and other industries. Though they both come from plants, hemp and jute are quite different when it comes to their properties and uses. Hemp is made from the inner bark of the Cannabis sativa plant and is known for its strength and durability. It is also more water-resistant than jute, making it a great option for outdoor use. Jute, on the other hand, is softer and more flexible than hemp but is less durable in terms of wear and tear resistance. Jute has great absorbency which makes it perfect for interior projects such as flooring and rugs.

BizTrailblazer - Hemp fabric vs Jute

Source: Textile Exchange

What are the benefits of hemp fibers?

Hemp fibers are amongst the strongest in nature. They provide incredible strength to the fabric and have several other benefits that make them stand out from other natural fibers such as cotton or silk. After all, they are known to be three times stronger than cotton!

Twisted hemp fibers are known to be anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. Twisted hemp is also excellent at resisting wear and tear, which makes it ideal for items that require a lot of use or those exposed to the elements.

What are the benefits of twisted hemp?

Twisted hemp offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • Increased strength and durability compared to other man-made materials.
  • Naturally anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic properties. 
  • Resistance against wear and tear, making it ideal for items that require frequent use or are exposed to the elements. 
  • Eco-friendly production process without the use of any harsh chemicals or treatments.

What are the disadvantages of twisted hemp?

The main disadvantage of twisted hemp is the cost. Twisted hemp fabrics are more expensive than traditional fabrics due to their unique production process and higher-quality materials. Additionally, hemp fabrics require more care when washing and drying in order to prevent damage or shrinking.

What are the uses of twisted hemp?

Twisted hemp can be used for a wide range of applications, from outdoor pursuits to fashion and homeware. Twisted hemp is particularly great for making items that require extra strength and durability such as ropes, bags, sails, and more. Twisted hemp can also be used to make clothing items such as shirts, pants, and jackets that are both stylish and durable. Twisted hemp is also a great choice for upholstery, bedding, and more as it is naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and resistant to wear and tear.

Hemp is The New Sustainable Super-Material

In conclusion, twisted hemp is nature’s gift to the world of manmade materials. Its superior strength and durability make it an ideal material for a variety of applications. Twisted hemp is also known to be naturally anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly. Twisted hemp fabrics may be more expensive than traditional fabrics but their unparalleled strength and sustainability are well worth it. With fully twisted hemp, you can enjoy superior materials that are sure to last. For more information about hemp products, contact Atmos Smoke.


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How to Fill Out and Submit Form 15G

Form 15G is a self-declaration form that can be submitted by individuals to their banks in order to avoid the deduction of taxes on interest earned on their deposits. It is beneficial to submit Form 15G because it helps save on taxes. In this blog post, we will show you how to fill out and submit Form 15G.

What is Form 15G?

Form 15G is a declaration that is to be furnished by an assessee who is eligible to receive certain incomes without deduction of tax thereon. The declaration has to be furnished in duplicate in the prescribed form duly signed by the assessee.

The person who furnishes Form 15G, hereinafter referred to as the declarant, shall be solely responsible for the correctness of the particulars furnished therein and of the consequences arising out of such furnishing.

A declarant who knowingly or willfully makes a false declaration or furnishes incorrect particulars shall be liable to prosecution under

perjury (Section 193 of the Indian Penal Code) and shall also be liable to a penalty under the Income-tax Act.

What are the benefits of submitting Form 15G?

Form 15G is submitted to avoid TDS (Tax Deducted at Source). TDS is a system introduced by Income Tax Department, wherein taxes are deducted at source from the income earned by an individual and deposited with the government Gratuity Meaning. This way the burden of paying taxes is divided between the payer and receiver of income.

The person who deducts TDS is called a deductor and the person from whose income TDS has been deducted is called deduced.

How to fill out Form 15G.

In order to fill out Form 15G, you will need to provide your personal information. This includes your name, date of birth, pan number, and address. You will also need to provide your bank account details so that the TDS can be deducted from your account.

Part 2: Income Details.

Income details include your income from salaries, interest, dividends, and rental income. You will need to provide the total amount of income earned from these sources in order to calculate the TDS that is applicable on this income.

Part 3: Bank Account Details.

You will need to provide your bank account details in order to have the TDS deducted from this account. The bank account details required are your account number and IFSC code.

How to submit Form 15G.

To submit Form 15G online, you will need to log into your account on the Income Tax Department website. Once you are logged in, you will be able to fill out the form and submit it electronically.

Offline Method.

If you prefer to submit Form 15G offline, you can do so by mailing it to the Income Tax Department. Be sure to include all required information and supporting documents, and keep a copy of the form for your records.


Form 15G is a self-declaration form that can be submitted by an individual to their bank or income tax department in order to avoid deduction of taxes at source on interest earned. The form can be used for both fixed and recurring deposits.

Individuals who are eligible to submit Form 15G include those who are below the age of 60 and whose total income does not exceed the taxable limit. Those who submit Form 15G will not have any taxes deducted from their interest earnings, making it an advantageous option for many taxpayers.

To fill out Form 15G, taxpayers will need to provide their personal information, income details, and bank account details. Once the form is complete, it can be submitted online or offline to the relevant authorities.

Submitting Form 15G is a simple process that can save taxpayers a significant amount of money on their interest earnings. For anyone who is eligible to submit the form, it is well worth taking the time to do so.

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15 Best HR Management Software in 2021


Have you started a new business? Or have you just scaled up your business? So, you might be in a need of the best HR systems for your company. However, you still may not know the proper use and purpose of a top HR software, and how it can change the way you manage your employees.

In this article, we’ll dig deep into the world of the best HR management software. We’ll help you to know what is HR Software? What are the benefits of HR Software? And we will also talk about various types of HR software. Lastly, we will list out 15 best HR management software for your company in 2021. 

However, I’d like to tell you, this article will be long, so be patient and read along!

What is HR Software?

In the quest of knowing the 15 best HR management software, we must know what is HR software? HR software is basically a platform, that integrates, automates, and manages most of the day-to-day HR processes in a company.

It can perform different kinds of functions, which include organizing and maintaining the employee databases, and obviously, organizational information of the company to make it much more accessible. Over the years, the popularity of HR software has grown up massively.

Various Types of HR Software

Currently, there are many HR software available in the market offering different values, features, and functions. These variants of HR software include Human Capital Management, Human Resource Management System, and Human Resource Information System.

Now you might ask, what HR software should I buy?

The answer to this question is, there’s always going to be a very thin line between all these three variants. However, just to simplify we can say, Human Resource Information System only offers basic functionalities, in order to manage processes, people and policies. Whereas Human Capital Management looks after the area of talent and workforce management. Lastly, Human Resource Management System offers comprehensive functionalities, which also include payroll services and all the bells and whistles of a top HR software.

Benefits of an HR Software

The best thing HR software does is to lighten the burden of your entire HR department. It specifically reduces the time spent on doing repetitive, low-impact administrative tasks, which eventually helps your HR employee to focus on more productive things. Other than this best HR management software benefits mainly include;

– Better and accurate analytics
– Better feedback
– Reduced errors
– Vastly improved organization of various documents and obviously employee data
– Keeping companies compliant with different regulations
– Streamlined processes

So, now we have explored all the aspects of the best HR management software. Now you must read further for the list of 15 best HR management software for your organization. These 15 best HR management software can be also used by small businesses and start-ups.

1) Bamboo HR

Bamboo HR is one of the best software for HR management. Its two founders Ben Peterson and Ryan Sanders didn’t start the company just to make some quick buck. They wanted to make a truly great product that customers would love. Bamboo HR should be the best HR software for small businesses. This platform provides a great UI experience and great customer support service.

BizTrailblazer Blog - best HR software in India - Bamboo HR


– Good support team
– Great UX/UI


– A bit expensive
– No payroll services


2) Keka

Keka has beautifully built a powerful and efficient best HR and Payroll software. Keka simplifies many complex HR processes. This platform offers flexible pricing plans.

BizTrailblazer Blog - KEKA Smart HR Management Software


– UI is very user friendly
– Great support team


– The main bummer is non-availability of on-premise implementation


3) Zoho

Zoho is a well-known name when it comes to the best HR management software, and it is quite natural that we’ll keep Zoho on our list of 15 best HR management software. The best part of Zoho is, businesses can now customize as per their wish and requirement, which makes it cost-effective.

BizTrailblazer Blog - ZOHO recruit - HR management software


– Low pricing
– Good UI


   – Works best only with inhouse product integration


4) HROne

HROne is one of the best HR software in India. This platform offers its employees self-service. Additionally, HROne helps your HR to perform multiple tasks in a day, that too on the go.

BizTrailblazer Blog -HRMS software - HR ONE


– Low pricing
– A very user-friendly UI


The web version lacks few functions


5) SumHR

How can we forget SumHR in our list of 15 best HR management software. With the intent of breaking free from the HR chaos, SumHR was founded in 2013. This cloud-based HR software is one of the best HR software for start-ups in India. This platform allows to create of attendance policies, manage shifts, and tracking of every employee’s in and out time. 

Sum HR Management Software 2021 - BizTrailblazer Blog


– Economical to use
– Easy to learn


Completely cloud-based, can’t be implemented on-premise.


6) HRMantra

In this list of 15 best HR management software HRMantra scores very high. Established back in 1998, HRMantra was the first vendor to set up HR software, that too web-based. HRMantra is one of the best HR software for small businesses.

BizTrailblazer Blog - HR Mantra


– Easy to adapt


– No option for trial accounts


7) Kredily

In order to make HR software available to the masses, Kredily was created. It is one of the best free HR management software in India. Start-ups or small businesses with a limited employee count can use Kredily.

BizTrailblazer Blog - Kredily HR Software


– It’s free
– Suitable for small businesses


 – Limited set of features


8) Freshteam

Freshteam is one of the best cloud-based HR software that is available in the market right now. This HR software excels in recruiting process. Although the UI/UX is decent, the customer might still face some inconvenience with the response speed of the support team.

FRESHWORKS - Smart HR software -BizTrailblazer Blog


– Very good for recruitment
– Ease of use


– Slight delay in customer support


9) SageHR

Previously CakeHR, has now become SageHR. This HR software is equipped with multiple modules. And the best part is trial account’s features are not at all compromised. SageHR fast tracks the workload of the entire HR department.

BizTrailblazer Blog - Sage HR


– Trial accounts have necessary features
– Decent customer service


The mobile app can be a bit faster


10) Beehive

With more than 21 modules, Beehive scores very highly on the list of 15 best HR management software. It offers integration both in the cloud and on-premise. This HR management software has an easy-to-navigate interface.

Beehive HRMS - BizTrailblazer Blog


– Cost-effective
– UI is quite user-friendly


On-premise implementation does not support Mac systems


11) Rippling

The best part of rippling is, it quotes its customers according to the chosen services. The company also allows 1:1 customer support.

Rippling HR Management Software - BizTrailblazer Blog


– Great payroll service
– Decent UI


– Not serviceable outside of the US


12) Paycor

When it comes to the best HR payroll software, Paycor scores very high. This is one of the best HR software for start-ups. Recently it has also launched a free payroll for its clients.

Paycor HR Software - BizTrailblazer Blog


– Payroll processing is easy
– Great features


Customer support can be improved


13) Namely

This HR software is one of the best HR platforms and it is specifically designed for mid-sized organizations. This platform provides self-service for the employees. Additionally, Namely also provides a very robust set of diversity.

BizTrailblazer Blog - Namely HR


– Customizable
– Easy to use


No presence in the US


14) Workday

In the list of 15 best HR management software, Workday also scores decently. This HR management software is not so suitable for small businesses, due to its advanced features. Workday also caters to educational institutions, which also makes it one of the best HR management software for schools.

BizTrailblazer Blog - WorkDay HR Management


– Advanced features
– In-depth analytics


– Not suitable for small businesses


15) Gusto

Gusto started its journey as ZenPayroll in 2012. This is one of the 15 best HR management software, that eliminates any chance of mistake which could happen in manual processing. This is good for small businesses.

BizTrailblazer Blog - Gusto HR Management Software


– Great customer service
– Fast navigation


– The basic plan lacks features



If you have completed the super long article, and if you are reading this line. Then I would like to say ‘THANK YOU’ for reading such a loooong article. However, this was the list of 15 best HR management software in 2021. And let me tell you, these HRMS software automates the mundane administrative tasks so much, that once implemented your HR team can become much more efficient than ever before.



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Top 7 Shopify Apps For Up-Selling And Cross-Selling


Do you run your own Shopify Store? Are you worried about your sales? If all of these answers are YES, then for sure you are not using proper up-selling / cross-selling products in your shopify store. Up-selling and Cross-selling products are the most effective ways to boost your online sales. If you are using Shopify for your online store management, then there are multiple shopify apps, which make up-selling and cross-selling easier for you.

We are going to list down Top 7 Shopify Apps for up-selling and cross-selling, based on our personal preferences.



This shopify app enables up-sell and cross-sell offers on your THANK YOU page. This app is having almost 4.9 Star Rating on the Shopify App Store with great customer reviews. It improves your online sales by promoting up-sell offer. It helps you to generate more profits by increasing the AOV (Average Order Value) of your store. This shopify app can display upto 3 targeted cross-sells, that increases the chance of your buyer accepting. It has it’s unique AI engine scanning mechanism that can suggest you upsell and cross-sells automatically. It can easily integrate with Bundles Bear and Auto Multi-Currency. It has 4 types of plans – FREE, SILVER ($49.99 per month), GOLD ($99.99 per month) & PLATINUM ($149.99 per month).


One of the best upsell and cross-sell app for your shopify store. It offers you to upsell & cross-sell your customers by offering them extra services, such as – free gifts, related product bundles, one click upsell popup for mobile devices etc. This app can be easily integrated with CartHook, Shogun, Gift Box, Vitals, PageFly. CandyRack is smart, simple and the most effective shopify app, that generates immediate sales boost for your online store. This app is not free, though it has a 14 days free trial for each of it’s packages. It has 4 types of plans – BASIC SHOPIFY ($29.99 per month), STANDARD SHOPIFY ($49.99 per month), ADVANCED SHOPIFY ($99.99 per month) & SHOPIFY PLUS ($199.99 per month).


ReConvert is a simple but powerful shopify app for your Thank You Page optimization. It allows you to customize your thank you page with the drag and drop interface. ReConvert is just like abandoned cart recovery with advanced features. You can easily customize the Thank You page with their built-in templates or can create your own template from scratch. This app gives you in-depth analytics of your thank you page which includes CVR, CTR, visits, best upsell etc. This shopify app can be easily integrated with Klaviyo, Loox, MailChimp, SMSBump etc. It has 4 types of plans – FREE, PRO THANK YOU PAGE ($7.99 per month), MVP THANK YOU PAGE ($14.99 per month) & VIP THANK YOU PAGE ($29.99 per month).


Zoorix is a simple but the most effective upsell app for your shopify store. It gives you an instant sales boost up to 25%. It has the feature that give your customers an automatic recommendations (AI Based) based on your store order. This app has some awesome features, such as: slider for ajax cart, supports multiple languages, volume discount, bundle specific variants, warranty upsell, supports shopify locations, ROI dashboard and much more. It has 4 types of plans – FREE, ZOORIX PRO ($7.99 per month), ZOORIX MVP ($14.99 per month) & ZOORIX VIP ($19.99 per month).


This app is trusted by over 1.5K+ merchants. BOLD UPSELL can be easily integrated with Bold Brain, Google Analytics, Bold Product Options, Bold Discounts etc. It allows you to track your upsell performance so that you can optimize your offers. With it’s FREE ADDON (Bold Brain), you can easily access upsell recommendations based on your customer’s activities. This app also gives you an advanced level of upsell funnel with the conditional logic. It has 4 types of plans – STARTER ($9.99 per month), PLUS ($19.99 per month), PREMIUM ($39.99 per month) & PRO ($59.99 per month).


Boost your sales with the help of This app widget appears like a slider, which can be placed almost anywhere of your shopify store. You can customize the rule system to satisfy your customer’s needs. It allows you to display upsell and cross-sell in static blocks, pop ups, sliders with the help of pre-defined templates. It has a Free 7-day trial to try it’s awesome features. It has only one plan – PERFORMANCE BASED ($19.99 per month).


Increase your shopify revenue with SellUp – with this shopify app you can create precision based upsells & cross-sells for your online store. SellUp is one of the most powerful app, that allows you to show your product recommendations just below the main Add to Cart button. It has some brilliant pre-built templates, that uplift the look of your store. It can easily run with any of these stores: Dropshipping, Print-on-Demand or Digital product stores. It can be easily integrated with Free Upsell App, Smart Upsell, One click upsell, Upsell etc. It has 4 types of plans – FREE, BASIC ($14.99 per month), GROWTH ($39.99 per month), & PLUS ($59.99 per month).


You have to think beyond your imagination if you want to improve your store’s sales. With these shopify apps, you can recommend additional products to your customers much easily. Mostly these apps don’t need any coding knowledge. These can be easily setup & integrated in your store. But if you face any difficulties to install or to setup these apps, you can hire shopify developer for your tasks. So don’t waste your time, use these shopify apps to enhance your customer’s purchasing experience.


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A Complete Guide To 20 Best Hemp Clothing Brands


If you’ve clicked on this article to know about the 20 best hemp clothing brands, then there’s a chance that you already know about the latest discussion about using hemp-based clothing. However, many of us still don’t know that there’s a debate going on and hemp-based clothing just can be the future of sustainable fashion. We have another article on our website, where we have shared our views on Hemp VS Cotton, which is better. However, just for your information, the hemp plant is much kinder to our mother nature. It needs less water, less farming land, and chemicals to grow.

Now you might ask hemp plant is basically a marijuana plant. Right? Ummm!!! Not entirely.

Is Hemp Different than Marijuana?

Yes! Products from these 20 best hemp clothing brands are derived from hemp plants. It is entirely different from marijuana, and there’s no chance of getting high from the hemp plant. Why? Because hemp consists of less than 0.3 percent of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the main reason of getting high. Also, hemp plants are now being used to clean up nuclear radiation and create plastics that are a bit environment-friendly.

There’s multiple evidence of hemp’s use throughout the history of mankind, which also includes the discovery of material made from hemp plants over 10,000 years ago. Some also believe hemp was the first crop to be cultivated by humankind.

Additionally, the Agricultural Act of 2018, which is known as the farm bill has legalized hemp and hemp-derived products, which also include hemp-derived CBD. 

Hemp is the Strongest Natural Fibre

Yes! Hemp is the strongest natural fibre in the world. We might be discussing 20 best hemp clothing brands, but this plant has many more uses than textiles. It is used to create building materials, industrial textiles, paper, and body care products.

Hemp-derived CBD oils can treat sleeplessness, reduce acne, reduce stress, be used as pain medication, and lower high blood pressure.

Hemp VS Jute

People often get confused between hemp and jute. Here we can say, although considered coarse compared to cotton, jute is extremely strong. Due to its insulating cloth-like properties, it can also be used as curtains in order to keep heat or cold at bay.

Compared to jute, hemp is slightly less coarse, which pits it further closer to cotton. However, hemp is much stronger than jute and holds color better than both cotton and jute. Still, hemp can feel a bit less soft than cotton against the skin, but with use, that hint of coarseness gets better.  

Why Isn’t Hemp More Widely Used?

Yes! We are listing out the 20 best hemp clothing brands.

Now you may ask us: why isn’t hemp more widely used?

Before the 80s, hemp fibre used to feel very coarse in hand, and it couldn’t be used for any kind of apparel. However, during the ’80s Chinese scientists figured out, how to remove the coarseness of the fibres, without compromising their strength. This breakthrough has helped us to understand the advantages of hemp over cotton. Today, hemp fabric is nearly similar and can be used to make anything.

Additionally, hemp has been confused with marijuana, and misconceptions about hemp became the sole reason to ban the plant. However, the situation is now changing, governments across the planet have understood the importance of the hemp plant and they are slowly allowing hemp cultivation.  

While listing down the 20 best hemp clothing brands, people have also asked us, about sustainable fashion and what are advantages and disadvantages of it?

What is Sustainable Fashion?

In simpler terms, sustainable fashion is to maintaining fashion without being cruel to our mother nature. Currently, the fashion industry is quite a large industry, with massive levels of pollution. Sustainable fashion clothing is made of organic products, that are much easier to recycle.

What are the Advantages of Sustainable Fashion?

Here we are mentioning the 20 best hemp clothing brands, mainly because the fashion industry uses many harmful toxic pesticides to grow cotton, and then again, they use various chemicals to dye those fabrics, which leaves a huge impact on our planet. As you might know, cotton uses massive quantities of chemicals and water only to be harvested. So, opting for more organic fabrics like hemp could cut the number of chemicals discarded in the soil massively.

Sustainable fashion ensures, no child or forced labor, fair wages, basic human rights for the laborers, keeping biodiversity intact, manufacturing clothes in eco-friendly ways, etc.

Whenever you, the consumer spend money on fashionable clothes, you are telling the fashion industry, what they should do. Therefore, consumers should use their rights wisely.

What are the Disadvantages of Sustainable Fashion?

We can see a big disadvantage here, and that is a mindset. Yes! Human mindset plays a crucial role when it boils down to adopting new things. Additionally, cost plays a big role in this, and as you can expect sustainable fashion doesn’t come cheap.

So, enough of this Gyan. Now let’s dive deep into the world of the 20 best hemp clothing brands, which will make your wardrobe, a much more fashionable place.

Guide to 20 best hemp clothing brands in 2021

Below is the complete list of the top 20 hemp clothing brands,

1) 8000 Kicks

Have you ever heard of shoes, that are 100% splash-proof? While being super strong and flexible and also provide game-changing comfort levels? 8000 Kicks’ products are made out of hemp, which not only makes them stronger, but it makes them fashionable too.

2) Patagonia Hemp Clothing

Patagoia Hemp Clothing manufacture outdoor collections for surfing, biking, and winter sports. The best part is, they donate 1 percent of their sales back to various environmental projects.   

3) Tact and Stone

With a mission to ‘change more than your wardrobe’ Tact and Stone have a complete line of basic tees made of hemp. These hemp tees are lightweight and made of 100 percent natural fibre.

4) Valani

If you love flowy skirts, dresses, and pants while being a fan of simple colors and designs. Valani can be like a wonderland for you. Their mindfully packed products are often biodegradable at the end of their life cycle.  

5) Amour Vert

Amour Vert has partnered with the American forest preservation, and the brand has pledged to plant a tree for a t-shirt sold. In order to ensure the highest quality standards and eliminate any chance of excess waste, Amour Vert’s products are made in very limited quantity.

6) Outerknown

When it comes to sustainability, Outerknown is working relentlessly. 90 percent of all the fibres used in their clothing line are either recycled, organic, or regenerated. Also through Fair Trade USA, Outerknown invests in the livelihoods of more than 5k workers, who work to bring the vision of Outerknown into life.  

7) Thought

Seventh in our list of 20 best hemp clothing brands is Thought. Over 10 percent of its clothing is completely dedicated to hemp clothing. Thought sells everyday wear, office wear, and occasional wear.

8) Ekzo

This San Diego-based brand Ekzo uses 100 percent natural fibres in all of its clothing and accessories. Their hemp-based clothing line-up comes with a breathable look and gets softer with each wash.  


In our list of 20 best hemp clothing brands, WAMA scores very high. It makes undergarments made of hemp. Mostly because, hemp is anti-odour, anti-bacterial, comfortable, and it gets softer with each wash.

10) BEWUSST Hempware

Based in Germany, BEWUSST Hempware, aims to use a sustainable manufacturing process, while their garment-dyeing process is GOTS certified. BEWUSST also offers free worldwide shipping.

11) Jungmaven

With globally sourced materials from Europe and China, Jungmaven products are made in Los Angeles. It is one of the leading hemp clothing brands amongst the 20 best hemp clothing brands. Currently, the brand’s mission is to raise awareness about hemp and its many uses. Jungmaven believes, “fashion is a form of activism; what we choose to wear says both who we are and what we stand for”.

12) Tentree

With the promise to plant as many as ten trees for a piece of purchased clothing came the brand name Tentree. Currently, the organization has planted more than 51 million plants, and it aims to reach 1 billion by 2030. Tentree uses a rare and unique blend of Tencel, hemp, recycled polyester, and organic cotton.

13) Goodwear

Made from cotton/hemp blend, Goodwear is 100 percent made in USA product, which only uses best quality materials. It specializes in loungewear, basic shirts, sweatpants, and sweatshirts.

14) Hempy’s

As the name suggests, Hempy’s is a US-based brand, that sells sustainable, and natural clothing, and most of their products are made of hemp and organic cotton.

15) Onno

Based in Colorado, US, Onno sells t-shirts made of hemp and organic cotton. Onno buys the carbon offset in order to balance the harm it causes while moving its products. Its ultimate aim is to make everyone a little happier.

16) Bohempia

In our list of 20 best hemp clothing brands, Bohempia is slightly different. It makes hemp-based sneakers, that are flexible, lightweight, and keeps feet dry and odor-free.

17) Seeker

When it comes to the 20 best hemp clothing brands in the US, Seeker comes into mind. It is inspired by the lifestyle of eastern spiritual cultures. The company believes, its clothing helps its users’ mind and body to feel free

18) Faherty

Faherty is a family-run sustainable clothing brand, based in the US. Currently, the organization is selling a small range of hemp-based clothing. It is also striving to use ethically sourced materials. Currently, Faherty is one of the top hemp clothing brands in the USA.

19) Hemp Tailor

19th on our list of 20 best hemp clothing brands, is Hemp Tailor. It is perfect for those, who are obsessed with the planet earth just as the brand itself. The brand is completely focused on hemp and hemp-based fabrics to produce sustainable clothing.

20) Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch’s mission is to create durable, long-lasting clothing while being kind to mother earth. Also, you’ll be glad to know that all of Taylor Stitch’s partners are also looking to become leaders when it comes to sustainability.

So, now you know the 20 best hemp clothing brands for 2021. Now start making a difference, before it’s too late.


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