Top 15 Best Chrome Extensions [in 2021]


We all know that Google Chrome is a fabulous web browser – fast, handy, well designed and having all kinds of essential features. Google chrome’s original strength is it’s huge addon library that gives you endless new functions and abilities. Google Web Store is packed with tons of extensions that makes your online experience more productive. In this article, we are listing out top 15 best chrome extensions in 2021 that makes a huge difference to your daily browsing. We highly recommend that try these browser extensions and transform your online browsing experience.

What are the best Google Chrome Extensions?

Before we dive into deeper, we’d like to tell you, there are tons of different extensions available in the Google Web Store which can be helpful for different purposes. We have divided them into different categories, such as:

– Productivity
– Shopping
– Security
– Social Media
– Developer
– New Tab
– Content Sourcing
– Blogging

Now, let’s have a closer look of TOP 15 best Google Chrome Extensions (according to our choice) in 2021:

GHOSTERY – Privacy Ad Blocker [Productivity Chrome Extension]

Offered By: Ghostery / Users: 2,000,000+


Ghostery is a powerful Ad-Blocker extension. It is designed to remove the ads that distracts you are checking a particular website content. It also helps you to protect your browsing data, so that the ad-tracking tools are unable to collect your personal information. This chrome extension also speeds up the website’s load time to improve your browsing experience.

STAYFOCUSD [Productivity Chrome Extension]

Offered By: Transfusion Media / Users: 600,000+


StayFocusd extension helps you to increase your productivity, by limiting your time on time-wasting websites. It’s highly customizable and you can set your time limit on different websites. Once your allotted time w be over, then you can not access that particular website for the rest of your day.


Offered By: Google / Users: 2,000,000+


Tag Assistant Legacy is a SEO chrome extension, which helps you with the different types of tags. This extension will help you to troubleshoot of various Google tags including Tag Manager, Google Analytics etc. This extension verifies whether you have properly installed the tags on your page or not. All you need to do is navigate a web page and turn on this extension – it will give you an overview about the tags (present on that page), error reports and possible suggestions to solve out those errors.

BUZZSUMO [Social Chrome Extension]

Offered By: BuzzSumo / Users: 20,000+


BuzzSumo provides you the insight, how a content is performing – it gives you the social engagement data about the page or content you are viewing. This tool does not pull up any personal data about your browsing history. You can also use this tool to analyze your competitor’s website to find out their strategies that might be helpful for you to generate more engagements on your contents.

MOMENTUM [New Tab Chrome Extension]

Offered By: MomentumDash / Users: 3,000,000+


Momentum is one of the most simplest Google Chrome extensions, that replaces blank tabs with beautiful photography, inspiring quotes, weather reports etc. This extension was featured on BuzzFeed, The Next Web, LifeHacker etc. It also has it’s premium extension – which has more customizable features, integrations and others.

GRAMMARLY [Blogging Chrome Extension]

Offered By: Grammarly / Users: 10,000,000+


Grammarly is widely used blogging chrome extensions to check grammar, proper spelling and word use. Grammarly can be integrated with Gmail, Twitter, Medium, Facebook, Linkedin and other websites also. This extension helps you to to eliminate the writing errors & find the meaningful words to express yourself. You can register a FREE ACCOUNT on Grammarly to receive personalized writing report every week.

AWESOME SCREENSHOT [Content Sourcing Chrome Extension]

Offered By: Awesome Screenshot / Users: 1,000,000+

BizTrailBlazer-Blog-AWESOME-SCREENSHOT-[Content-Sourcing-Chrome-Extension]Awesome Screenshot is a screen capturing chrome extension. It has some awesome features such as photo editing, annotation, directly from your browser. This extension is very simple to use and very convenient. With this tool, you can actually save a lot of additional time of yours.

EMAIL TRACKER FOR GMAIL [Productivity Chrome Extension]

Offered By: / Users: 1,000,000+

If you want to track your outbound mails on Gmail, then this extension is the ultimate solution for you. It can be integrated seamlessly with your Gmail account and provides you tick mark (✓✓) notifications once the mail has been opened. This tool basically adds a tracking pixel to the emails you sent. And once those email has been opened it gives you the Green Tick Mark as the notification.

WAPPALYZER [Developer Chrome Extension]

Offered By: Wappalyzer / Users: 1,000,000+

BizTrailBlazer-Blog-WAPPALYZER-[Developer-Chrome-Extension]Wappalyzer helps you to identify the website technologies. This chrome extension helps you for market analysis, lead generation and competitor research. By this chrome extension you can easily find out the framework of the website, javascript library, payment processor, marketing tools, CDN and many more.


TUBEBUDDY [Social Chrome Extension]

Offered By: TubeBuddy / Users: 3,000,000+


TubeBuddy is the famous Google Chrome Extension for YouTube creators. This tool helps you to optimize your YouTube channel and your videos. It is compatible with your all kinds of devices, such as Apple, Android, Windows PC or even Apple MAC etc. It helps you to find out high-performing keywords for your videos. TubeBuddy is loved by almost 3 million creators world wide.

HONEY [Shopping Chrome Extension]

Offered By: JoinHoney / Users: 10,000,000+


Honey extension helps you to find out best coupons for your shopping experience. From pizza to furniture, from shoes to electronics devices – you can easily save $150 USD (on an average) per year, while shopping. It also helps you to find our the right time for shopping. This tool is already featured on TIME, Business Insider, BuzzFeed, NewYork Times etc.

HUNTER [Productivity Chrome Extension]

Offered By: / Users: 400,000+


Hunter extension helps you to find out professional emails with just few clicks. You can easily find out the emails of any domains. This tool not only helps you to find out the mail ids, but also, by this way you can grow your leads and network. It has FREE and PAID versions. Free version allows you 25 Free Searches per month. Whereas the Paid version gives you an in-depth features list.

EVERNOTE WEB CLIPPER [Productivity Chrome Extension]

Offered By: Evernote / Users: 3,000,000+


Evernote is a note taking extension. You can easily share the notes across the other team members with this extension. With this tool, users can easily save the links on a clipboard for later references. This tool is features on Forbes, INC, The Verge and on other famous magazines as well.

J2TEAM SECURITY [Security Chrome Extension]

Offered By: J2Team Dev / Users: 200,000+


J2Team Security extension is not an average firewall, but it helps you to customize the blocklist and prevents all the phishing attacks. This extension offers you different kind of Facebook privacy settings as well.


Offered By: Google / Users: 700,000+


Page Analytics extension gives you the details, such as: where your users are clicking, page views, active users, average time on page etc. on a single platform. But using this tool, you can improve your conversion rate quite easily.



We are listing out these Google Chrome Extensions, purely based on our personal preferences. Did we miss any other extensions in our list? Let us know! If you have any suggestions or any other FRESH articles on this same topic, please MAIL US with your content. We would love to check out and if our Editor Team likes it, we can submit on our blog as well. Happy Blogging!


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Best Document Management Systems [A Complete Guide]


Since the last decade, companies across the planet are trying to move away from paper documents and opting for digitized documentation systems, which the pandemic has accelerated even further. Documents, be it in electronic form or in the paper, are essential for a business to run, because managing business information from different sources can be a daunting task.

So, depending on the need of an organization, the best document management systems must be able to capture, store, and retrieve electronic and paper type of documents, which can offer multiple benefits. Now! You might ask, what are the advantages of the best document management system. And the answer is, there are many advantages of a document management system and we will discuss that in detail below. Before that, I would suggest you go through our previous article on Document management systems to have better clarity.

Top 5 Advantages of the Best Document Management Systems


i) Reduced use of Storage

Since the emergence of Covid19, employees can no longer work from the office, and the need for storing documents on the cloud increase by few folds. Additionally, the rising cost to store paper documents has forced organizations to use document management systems that are software-based. The best document management system help companies to free up their office spaces and save some costs by reducing the use of paper documents.

ii) Better Collaboration

Thanks to Document management systems, sharing and collaborating is now easier than ever. The best part of DMS is, documents captured from different sources can be retrieved or accessed from multiple locations at the same time. Many of the popular document management systems can provide much better visibility in various business processes, which can allow much better workflow management and monitoring.

iii) Better Security

In order to keep sensitive data protected, the security of documents is of utmost importance for any organization. The best document management system provides much better control over various sensitive documents. Additionally, a document management system leaves a trail of people who have viewed the document, if changed, how much has been changed, and the time of accessing the document.    

iv) Better Regulatory Compliance

Most of the organization’s fear nowadays is not meeting regulatory compliance. However, the best document management system can help to store classified data much more securely, while being compliant with the regulatory compliances.

Now we know the top 4 advantages of the best DMS systems, we can move to the next part of the article, which is the top 13 document management software for you. However, please keep in mind, this list is not in any particular order, here we will list out the main features of this system so that you can choose the best document management system for you.

Top 13 Best Document Management Systems for you



We are starting our list with one of the best cloud document management systems. This tool helps to create, manage and track various documents quite easily. The best part is, lets its users store images, videos, and cloud files across different platforms. Additionally, you can connect the system to services like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.

2) PDFelement Pro

When it comes to the best document management software for home, PDFelement Pro should be the first choice. Thanks to its easy yet feature-rich interface, people can do much more with their PDF files. The best part is, this software offers a free trial to its first-time clients.

3) Seeddms

Seeddms is one of the best open source document management systems, it supports sqlite3 and MySQL databases. This DMS system is completely enterprise-ready document scanning software, which is used to share and store documents.

4) OpenKM

OpenKM is one of the most well-known free document management software. This works well with browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox. This DMS lets you set various rules and logic in order to automate the documentation process.

5) PandaDoc

PandaDoc is one of the leading document management platforms, which lets you create, share and, deliver documents online. This DMS works great with operations, finance, HR, marketing, and legal departments. The best part is, any business, be it large scan or small scale can easily get the benefits of document management software like this when it comes to creation, sharing, and delivery of documents. Also, keep in mind, this is one of the best document management systems available in the market currently. 

6) PaperSave

If you are looking for a cloud based document management for small business, PaperSave deserves to get your attention. This platform helps its users to create an electronic workflow mostly by using data validation, smart forms, and configurable approval rules. The best part is, PaperSave keeps all the files in a centralized database for easy access.

7) Pinpoint

Being one of the best document management systems Pinpoint is designed to help businesses irrespective of their size. This DMS platform lets its users store various documents securely, set up different workflows, and communicate from a single centralized hub. The best part is, Pinpoint allows you to create electronic cabinets, folders, subdividers, and various document types in order to suit the organizational needs. Thus, reducing the cost of replacing lost documents.

8) Zoho Forms

Zoho Forms help you to create and manage online forms by using different customizable themes and field types. The best part is, you can connect your payment solutions like 2Checkout, Paypal, etc. with the Zoho Forms.

9) OpenDocMan

When it comes to the best open source document management system, one cannot forget OpenDocMan. This document management system can run on any PHP5 enabled web server. Being a web based DMS, OpenDocMan is compatible with MySQL5 database.

10) Kimios

Another open source document management system is Kimios. This lightweight DMS system can be used to manage and track your documents easily. You can directly integrate this DMS to your Windows OS under the commercial license.

11) Google Docs

By far the most popular free document management system available in the market is Google Docs. This is a cloud-based DMS, that enables you to keep all your important data on the cloud. Additionally, your data accessed from any corner of the world with your Gmail account.

12) Alfresco

When it comes to cloud document management systems, Alfresco is a well-known name. It wants to provide employees a single window for all their documents. As one of the top document management software Alfresco streamlines the workflow and allows you to access the information at the proper time.

13) PaperPort Standard

PaperPort is a home document management software, which can help you with your PDF documents. It makes sure that your chance of losing those PDF documents is minimal. Its ability to scan, organize, share and find this affordable document management software makes your life easier than ever.

So, these are our picks for the best document management systems of 2021. A good document management system will always provide you with a competitive edge over all of your competitors who are still using paper-based documents. With these DMS you can streamline all the crucial information, which eventually helps your employees and stakeholders to focus on things that matters the most.


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Google To Replace APK With AAB From August, 2021 – A Full Story


Google has officially announced that, all the new apps or games that get published on the Google Playstore from the starting of August, 2021, have to be submitted in the form of AAB format [Android App Bundle]. Google has already decided to transform the APK to AAB formats for all the new apps. But it is also assumed that Google will slowly roll over this RULE mandatory for all the old and new apps. For last many years, Android Apps has been developed with the APK format, where APK refers to Android Packages. But in the year of 2018, Google announced a new file format – AAB (Android App Bundle) as the new extension for Android Apps. Currently, there are almost 1 million plus apps using AAB file format, such as Adobe, Duolingo, Netflix, Riafy, Twitter, Gameloft etc.


WHAT IS AAB [Android App Bundle]

AAB is nothing but a new file format of Android Apps. It was launched in the year of 2018. With this format, an App Developer can submit their android app in bits and pieces – which contains different files, such as: different languages, display resolution, different CPU architecture and many more. Now depending on the device, Google Playstore will create a necessary APK file, by using the pieces from AAB. This format is much smaller in size, with respect to the APK file. When a developer wants to update their Android App, they can only push the update for a particular part / pieces – which actually reduces the update file size. The developers can create the AAB file on the Android Studio with just a single click – which makes the life of developers much easier.


Any android phones with Lollipop or the newer Android OS version will support the AAB [Android App Bundle] directory. It means, any android phones that launched in the last 4 years, easily support Android App Bundle directory.




Q1) How much work will be needed to use an App Bundle VS an APK file?

Ans: Theoretically, very little work is required to develop an Android App Bundle. It’s just a matter of choosing few options during the time of app development. The App Bundle is basically an open-source format supported by Android Studio, Cocos Creator, Unity, Unreal Engine, Gradle etc. Core Native, Core Java or Kotlin SDK, make it easier to to develop app bundle features.

Q2) How does App Bundle work?

Ans: Google Playstore uses the App Bundle to create the APKs that are optimized according to the device’s configuration. This means the users will enjoy smaller apps without unused codes needed for other devices. You can easily track the size of your android app in the Google Play Console.

Q3) Is AAB [Android App Bundle] going to make things harder for 3rd party app stores?

Ans: Yes, it is officially reported that App Bundle might make the things harder for the 3rd party app stores. For an example: if you install the android app from Playstore and want to update the app from another alternatives [such as: Aptoide store or Amazon app store], the installation might fail due to SIGNATURE MISMATCH. The reason is: now Google is managing the “Private Signing Key” – so you can not use the same key while updating from other 3rd party app store. You have to use a separate Private Key and in this will cause “Private Key Mismatch Error”.


Absolutely not ..! AAB is not an EVIL as it sounds. An user will get a smaller app size, which will save his phone storage and the internet data. Whereas the developers can assure that the android app / game will be available on the authentic android devices. So for sure, Android App Bundle should be an win-win situation for the users & developers both.


From hosting the android apps to managing the respective private keys – Google now controls the app publishing and the distribution on Android. Developers should be happy, as they do not have to manage different APKs. Even we, the users can enjoy our favorite apps or games in a smaller version, perfectly optimized for our own devices.


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Car Battery Restoration At Home Safely [Step-by-Step Guide]


Hey there! Are you looking to restore your old batteries? Or DIY battery reconditioning process? Battery restoration at home is quite an easy affair and it doesn’t need any kind of technical skills or knowledge. However, you must take enough protection, as the battery solution is acidic and it can cause burn injury if you are not careful enough.

Now you may ask us ‘is it worth the effort?’ The answer is “Yes!” A typical car battery lasts for around 5 years, and after that, it starts to lose its power. Result? You buy a new battery and the old one goes to the landfill. On the other hand, reconditioning batteries can save you quite a few bucks and it also lowers the number of old batteries thrown into the environment.

Additionally, if you are looking to start a secondary income route, then you can even start a business of refurbished car batteries. These refurbished batteries are seeing quite a bit of demand nowadays, just Google ‘refurbished batteries for sale near me and see the result.

So, enough of all these Gyan! Now let’s just start our journey to reconditioning a battery.

biztrailblazer blog-EZbatteryReconditioning

Why Car Battery Recondition is Needed?

Reconditioning batteries basically refer to the process of rejuvenating old batteries, which increases the capacity of the old worn-out batteries and helps them to hold a charge for longer. So, never throw old batteries into landfills, when you can still recondition them up to three times.

And not only for cars, if we look around us most of the electronic devices are operated by battery. Starting right from the alarm clocks, cellphones, laptops, headphones, remote controls, cars, motorcycles, etc. Now you may ask ‘are all the batteries the same?’ the answer would be, ‘No! not all the batteries are the same.’ Currently, we have NiCad, Lithium-ion, NiMH, and lead-acid batteries.

However, for all these kinds of batteries, reconditioning is a great way to save some bucks and to reuse them. So, let’s dig deeper in order to know how to do a battery restoration at home.


Benefits of Battery Restoration at Home

With time each and every battery loses its juice, and after a certain period of time, your old battery will no longer be efficient enough to start your car or doing your daily work. Once your battery is damaged, you have two options, one is to buy a new battery or the second one is to recondition a batteryReconditioning batteries can be a very good option to save some money if your battery is not severely damaged.

So, the advantages of battery restoration at home are;

i)  By reconditioning batteries, you can save a decent amount of money. Refurbished batteries can save you around 25-50% of the retail cost of a new car battery. The average cost of a new battery is around $75-$100.

ii) Battery restoration at home is also good for our mother nature. As battery restoring can reduce the number of pollutants thrown into landfills. Batteries often consist of acidic solutions, which damages the environment massively.  

iii) Lastly, by reconditioning batteries you can gain the most important knowledge to start a car battery reconditioning business. This business needs very less capital and you can expect decent returns from it.

How to Do a Car Battery Restoration at Home

After all the discussions about DIY battery reconditioning, now we will discuss the step-by-step guide to car battery restoration at home. Just keep a thing in mind, reconditioning batteries is not a big task, but you need to take some extra precautions as batteries consist of acidic solutions, which also contain lead and can cause burn injuries.

Things you need to recondition a battery

1) Mask

2) Disposable rubber gloves

3) Goggles

4) A battery charger

5) Flathead screwdriver

6) Distilled water (3.7 liters)

7) Baking powder

8) Bucket

9) Toothbrush

10)  A battery terminal cleaner

11) One Apron


The Procedure of Reconditioning Batteries

i) Firstly, use a wrench to remove the battery from the car. Before starting to recondition a battery, wear all the protective gear to protect yourself from any accidental acid spill. Always try to work in a well-ventilated area and keep any open flames away from that area.

ii) In the second step of car battery restoration at home, prepare a paste-like solution of baking soda and water with the ratio of 2:1 in order to remove the corrosion on the battery terminal. Now get a toothbrush and dip it into the solution and rub it against the corroded terminal. Slowly you’ll see the reduction of corrosion. You can also use sandpaper grit or steel wool in case of hard corrosion.

iii) After removing the corrosion, use your voltmeter to measure the volt reading of the weak battery. If the reading is anywhere between 10V-12.6V then your battery needs to be reconditioned. Remember, to connect the red wire to the positive terminal and the black wire to the negative terminal.

iv) In the fourth step of car battery restoration at home, you need to remove the battery caps using a screwdriver. And then pour all the old electrocyte solution of the battery into a non-metallic container.

v) In the fifth step of car battery restoration at home, you need to prepare a solution based on Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) and distilled water. Mix 120gms of Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) in 1 liter of distilled water, and mix well until the entire Epsom salt gets dissolved. Now refill each cell with the newly made solution and close the caps. Don’t use tap water, as it may contain harmful chemicals for the batteries.

vi) In order to do a car battery restoration at home, now you have to recharge the newly reconditioned battery with a 3-phase smart charger which is set to 12 volts. Now charge the refurbished battery overnight.

vii) Turn off the charger in the morning and connect the battery to the car and make sure that all the cables are securely fastened.

Now complete the entire process by disconnecting the battery and charging it to the brim using the smart charger once a week for two to three weeks for better results.

So, this was the step-by-step guide to restore car batteries at home. We hope, that we have shared much-needed details when it comes to reconditioning batteries and their advantages.

If you want to know more about reconditioning old batteries you can visit EZ Battery Reconditioning for more info. You can opt for various flexible courses, which will help you know the process of reconditioning different kinds of batteries.

We understand that you might have some questions related to car battery restoration at home. So, we have created some FAQs for you;

Battery Restoration at Home---BizTrailblazer-Blog

Frequently Asked Questions About Battery Restoration at Home

Q1. Is Overcharging a car battery bad?

Certainly! Overcharging is very bad for your battery. Overcharging can kill a battery.

Q2. What should be the typical reading of a fully charged 12V battery?

A fully charged 12V battery should show at least 12.6V or higher.

Q3. How long a reconditioned battery works?

Normally a reconditioned battery lasts for 1-3 years. However, it’s a bit difficult to guess the exact time.


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Top 25 Tips To Find A Content Writing Service


With the emergence of the Covid 19 pandemic, most of the businesses across the planet have moved online. However, moving a business online often comes with few sets of requirements, one amongst them is the need for proper content marketing.

However, for small businesses, it’s quite hard to employ full-timers who will dedicatedly work as content writers or content marketers. So, many businesses often look for a cost-effective way, which is outsourcing content marketing.

Outsourcing content writing to a freelance content writing service provider or a freelance content writer comes with many positives, and can also become a cost-effective way to manage your content marketing strategy. However, if you’re in the market looking for a freelance writer to outsource some of the content for your business, you can be overwhelmed real quick due to the staggering number of options.

So, here in this article, we have compiled 25 Tips to find the best content writing service for your business.


1) The Content Writer Should Understand Customers

While searching for freelance content writing services, look for writers who can understand your target customers. It’s not about writing thousands of words, but it’s about understanding the target audience, their demographics and helping your brand to find the proper voice. Most of the time, the best content writing service providers will take their time to know your business and its clients better for better ROI.

2) Sharing Insights with The Freelance Content Writer is the Key

In order to help your content writer to write meaningful content, you must provide them insights. Now you may ask, what kind of insights? These insights should include information regarding your target audience and how the blog addresses their pain points. If you are worried about data privacy, then all we can suggest is to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with the content writing service provider.

3) Don’t Shy away from Telling Your Goals

While working with a freelance content writing service provider, or a lone freelancer you must explain your goals. Otherwise, they might not be able to help you. There might be times when you need proper SEO content writing to rank better than your competitors, and the content writer must know your requirements in order to help you with proper content, that sells.

4) Communication is the Key

If cost is the factor, then there’s a high chance that your freelance content writer will be working from a different time zone from yours, and in that case, easy communication should be the main priority. Work with those content writing agencies, who are transparent with their work, offer easy payment options, and can revise their content at least 2-3 times according to your feedback.

5) Using the Same Tools

Ask your freelance content writing service provider to use your tools. While working with a freelancer the last thing you would want is a freelancer who refuses to learn or work with new tools.  

6) Custom Content Writing Services

When it comes to freelance content writing services, some employers want a service provider who can create great content. While some look for more comprehensive options like agencies who can help them monitor the content’s performance or develop a content strategy. Few also look for providers who can help them with content distribution. So, must check with your content writing agency, if they can provide the service you need.

7) Look for Experienced Content Writers

It is good to have a content writer who has already written content in the field you are working on. Having some hands-on knowledge and experience helps to a large extent when it comes to writing the best content for your business.

8) Ask for Work Samples

Don’t shy away from asking for a previous work sample. If someone is experienced in your field then it’s great. However, a sample from the writer will eventually help you know your freelance writers’ real knowledge.

9) Ask The Freelance Content Writer for Paid Samples

You must understand, the content writing agencies or freelance content writers work for multiple clients at a time. In that case, we always suggest you ask for a paid sample as it will inspire the writer to write better content for you, which will help you to understand your freelance content writer better.

10) Don’t Use Samples on your Website

Few clients often publish the work samples provided by the freelance content writer on their website, without seeking any permission. We would suggest you refrain from doing such things, as those content aren’t yours and they are supposed to work as samples for your understanding. If you still want to publish those samples, then we would suggest you take permission from the writer beforehand. And it’s also a good practice to pay for the content you are publishing.

11) Content Writing Costs Quite a Bit

If you are expecting to work with an experienced freelance content writer then be prepared to pay a bit more than others. It’s not always easy to find a niche-based freelance content writer, which often shoots up the charges.

12) SEO Based Content Writing Service

A freelance content writing service provider must have a piece of great knowledge of SEO content writing. It must be familiar with SEO tools, keyword research, and optimizing content to maximize your ROI.

13) Ask the Content Writing Service Provide About SEO

Always ask SEO-related queries to your content writing agency. You can ask, how they would optimize content for SEO. Once you’re entirely sure about their effectiveness then only you should opt for their services. SEO content writing is essential when it comes to any professional content writing services and it requires quite a bit of study and research.    

14) High-Quality Content is the Need of the Hour

Always opt for well-written content, which is engaging, and interesting & free of any grammar or syntax error. A high-quality content must be unique, fresh, and original.  

15) A Great Portfolio

While assessing the sample work, you must check for the uniqueness, quality, and errors in the content. Don’t forget to do an SEO audit of the content writer’s website in order to know if they are following what they are preaching.


16) Hire a Proactive Content Writing Service Provider

Opting for those content writing agencies who take initiatives by themselves is a very good thing for your business. So, before hiring a creative content writer, ask him/her if he/she is willing to proactively participate in the assignment and if he/she is capable to do his/her own research.

17) Say it Clearly

If you are annoyed with constant proactiveness or questions and want your creative content writer to stick to your guidelines, then say it upfront. The key to effective content writing is to maintain transparency between the freelance content writing agency and you.  

18) Work with Established Content Writing Agency

Always opt for established content writing agencies, which have strict codes and procedures, which helps when it comes to delivering content in time.

19) Ask your Peers

It’s always a good idea to ask your peers for suggestions. Your peers won’t suggest a content writing agency, with whom they had a poor experience. Asking peers regarding effective content writing services can become very helpful.  

20) Don’t Entertain Delays

Always keep an eye on the response time of the freelance content writer. To create an effective content writing strategy, one needs to be responsive to their clients. If someone takes more than 48 hours to respond then it’s good to consider them to be unreliable.

 21) Look at Reviews of the Freelance Content Writer

Nowadays we don’t buy a cellphone without looking at their reviews. So, when it comes to your business, don’t settle for something less. Always look for reviews. Every well-known or established freelance content writer has reviews, and testimonials, which need to be checked out before hiring.

22) Ask for Specialized SEO Tools

Don’t forget to ask the content writing agency regarding the use of specialized SEO tools. In today’s day and age, it’s nearly impossible to create good SEO-optimized content without using any specialized SEO tools.

23) Opting for Full-Service Providers

End-to-end services are mostly for those businesses that prefer to get rid of the headache of content creation, optimization, monitoring, and distribution. If you need a full-service provider then only you should opt for it as it comes with quite a hefty price tag.

24) Writing Service Providers are an Extension of Your Team

Always treat your content writing service provider as an extension of your current team. They will work alongside your full-time team in order to increase your ROI. To create an effective content marketing strategy, you must share information with your freelancers without any worry.  

25) Don’t Bargain

Content writing is a labor-intensive job, and it doesn’t come cheap. If you are being offered a really low price, then there’s a high chance of the content being not good enough or the creative content writer is not enough experienced for your niche. So, choose wisely, and don’t always opt for cost-effective content writing services, and most importantly don’t bargain.


So, here are the top 25 hacks to find a content writing service for your business. Finding an affordable content writing service or ghost content writing service can be challenging sometimes. However, just keep in mind that effective content writing can be a key to your business’s success. So, take your time to go through all the points above and find someone right within your budget and see the magic


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How to Learn Python (The Complete Guide)


Are you searching for the term ‘how to learn Python? We are so thrilled to know that you have decided to start learning one of the most widely used programming languages. Learning a programming language can be a roller coaster ride for many. Therefore, we will try to resolve some of our reader’s queries like, how to learn Python language? How to learn Python for free?  Or how to start learning Python? In this article.

Just like learning any other language, the first step to learn Python is to understand how to learn. Knowing how to learn can be one of the most important skills that are needed in programming. Now you can ask why this is important? This is important because with time languages change, new libraries are created, tools are often updated. That’s why knowing how to learn is one of the most critical parts of becoming a successful programmer.

So, let’s jump into the article, and try to answer your first question, how to learn Python?

1) Are You Motivated Enough?

Before you start diving into the world of the best online Python course, you need to ask yourself that why you want to learn the language. This is mainly because learning Python is no easy feat and it is a quite hectic and long journey. Sometimes learning the language can be a bit boring too.

No! We’re not demoralizing you; you cannot learn Python without motivation. So, at first, you should figure out if you are generally interested and prepared to learn Python.

Now to answer your query, how to learn Python? You must pick an area of your interest from the list below;

  •   Games
  •   Sensors/Robots/Hardware
  •   Websites
  •   Machine Learning/Data Science
  •   Scripts that will automate work
  •   Data processing and analysis

After figuring out your area of interest, you must stick to it and will eventually start working on them.

2) Back to Basics

Just like everything else, you need to learn the basics of Python while learning the language. Yes! I know it’s not very motivating or inspiring but you need to learn the basic syntax before diving deep into your preferred area.

When it comes to the basics, there’s a tutorial on Python’s website itself, offering an online free python course.

However, you must keep one thing in mind, that you must spend the minimum time to learn the basics of Python. The quicker you complete the basic syntax, the faster you’ll learn. Ideally, you should spend less than a month learning the basics.

 3) Start Working on Projects

If you’ve searched for the term how to learn Python, you must have been excited to start working on your own projects. These projects will eventually help you to learn Python. Projects are always great to learn something new, mostly because they will push your capabilities and help you create your own portfolio, which can be beneficial for employment.

However, while working on these projects, you’ll be stuck pretty badly, which can be demoralizing sometimes. So, it’s better to start working on structured projects for better results.

In the quest of how can I learn Python? You’ll have to start your own projects, once you have completed the structured projects. Your own projects will eventually help you to learn the language in a better way. However, you might have to consult various resources, if you’re stuck. One thing I would like to suggest, you should be comfortable when it comes to debugging errors and problems with your programs. Once you’re comfortable with debugging, you should immediately start working on your own projects that interest you.


Slowly keep increasing the difficulty level of your projects, once you are comfortable enough try something harder. Now you can ask what should I try? As an example, you can try teaching a novice about your project and Python.

So, if you want to know how to learn Python? Keep one thing in mind, Python is evolving all the time. So, you’ll have to constantly learn and working on projects in order to do it right. Although Python is a fun language to learn, it can be quite a handful to learn if you lose your motivation.

4) How to Learn Python for Free

Python is one of the widely used and most recognized programming languages in the entire tech scene. One of the main reasons for the massive use of Python as a language is the versatility of the language. And the popularity has opened up multiple opportunities for Python programmers. So, there are many people, who are looking to break into the Tech industry is opting to learn the language.

Now many of the students are looking for a free online Python course, in order to dive into the world of programming. In the list below we are listing out the 5 best online Python courses, where you can learn Python for free of cost.

i) Microsoft’s introduction to Python Course

This course is mainly for beginners and teaches them how to write basic Python codes. Here students will learn to use a Python interpreter in order to execute scripts and create their own apps.  

ii) Google’s Python Class

This course targets people who are new to the world of Python but have some basic knowledge about programming. This is one of the best online Python courses, which include practice coding exercises, video lectures, and written lessons.

iii) Learn Python 3 from Scratch by Educative

Now learn Python 3 for free with this interactive course from Educative. This 10-hour course contains as many as 75 lessons, which will help you to learn Python for free.

iv) Learn Python on Udemy

If you want to know how to learn Python, you can also opt for the course from Udemy. This course is mainly for beginners, who don’t have any experience.

v) Learn Python on Coursera

This course is being offered by the University of Michigan. Here who have no experience in programming learn to write programs, and it is one of the best python courses available out there.    

So, we suppose that we have been able to properly answer your query, which was how to learn python? And as you know, Python is a very critical skill and it is ranked a notch higher than any other skills in a data scientist job. Also, for your convenience, we have answered another frequently asked question, how to learn python for free. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive into the world of Python.

Lastly, if you are using the Chrome browser, we would like you to know about a few Chrome Extensions which will make your Google searches even more productive.


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How Fintech Is Changing SME Banking [Trends for 2021]


With passing time, there has been considerable debate regarding the fact that FinTech disruptors will one day effectively take over the core roles rendered by banks. In some of the banking fields, this is already occurring with the help of the Finance software development company, particularly when looking at the appropriation of B2C and P2P money token and payment services, budgeting and financial plan, and investment platforms.

Although we’ve also taken expertise insights from the developers of TatvaSoft which is a financial software development company and used their views to complete this subject.

Those who have moved their business online, from a restaurant to a retailer or from another sector, have profited from a notable head in online use as consumer behaviors evolve amidst the pandemic, and several have become more effective. As per the EY report, worldwide, 25% of SMEs are utilizing some sort of FinTech, with 93% of adopters concentrating on the technological solutions on suggestion when picking a partner. However, while it might not look like it, compelling banks are actually in the most effective position to produce solutions that satisfy the current and future banking requirements of SMEs.

SMEs and MSMEs are significant operators of the economy, yet they are often neglected. This area lacks an important liquidity injection. The traditional financial software development service providers have been inadequate to write this credit requirement of small businesses because they have trouble meeting acceptability criteria, exhaustive paperwork, moderate scalability, and meager loan ticket size.

Let’s explore the role of Fintech in the innovation of SME banking along with how SMEs have evolved so far.

The Essential Role of Fintech in the Growth of SME Banking

Fintech has grown to the opportunity to present credit to SMEs and MSMEs within crowdfunding, private loans for business, MSME loans, and online lending tools. They utilize modern-edge technology, such as alternative scoring, digital and pragmatic channels for procurement, and channelizing this sector’s financial requirements.

Without the weight of bureaucracy, fintech software companies can give a quick path to credit and are adequately equipped to take the associated risks. They include several other competencies, like loans, direct banking, money management, and invoicing. Now it’s time to see how it changed SME banking.

The SME Evaluation after the Involvement of FinTech:

Public Banking made the way for a current generation of financial products, providing consumers wider selection and authority over their financial records, and driving contests in the financial industry. With Banking, banks likewise have a different possibility to design products and services that determine corporates and SMEs’ pain scores and promote their services.

The benefits for SMEs are immense, especially in sectors such as:

  • Credit risk scoring
  • Account aggregation
  • Account information
  • Finance management
  • Invoicing
  • Automated onboarding
  • Request to pay
  • Streamlined B2B payments
  • Accounting and bookkeeping

SMEs play an important role in every global economy. As per McKinsey, SMEs create a yearly global income of about USD 850 billion for banks. And 80% of banks over Europe escort the SME market as a preference growth area. But, SMEs endure being an underserved section on the discovery front, and several of them are now accepting other financial service providers for brand-new libations and services. Many developments have been executed in the retail banking division and the benefits for retail customers are obvious, but how can Public Banking support banks and fintech to properly serve the SME market? As recorded in The Paypers Global Open Banking report 2020, Public Banking, by payments and bank statements information, is driving Open Finance as it intends to increase the range of data to encompass savings, expenses, insurance, or pensions.

According to a well-known bank, this change will provide more extensive visibility of financial products and allow functionalities like complete wealth dashboards, while presenting more comprehensive actionable insight, and identification of products and analytics, along with consumers, SMEs, and corporates. Furthermore, as most banks acknowledge, there is a system for SMEs and their clients to communicate overpayments. This synergy should provide the customers more discretion over what they spend and when, and the SMEs a plan to give this opportunity whilst ensuring the payment.


Top FinTech Trends that are Essential for SME Banking

Whoever steps into this territory wonders why more and more FinTechs are concentrating on SMEs? Let’s find out why with this following segment. Within the past months, a particular customer segment has brought a lot of thought in the Fintech field: Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have been recognized as a society that has been overlooked by conventional banks for a long time. As a consequence, an increasing number of Fintech development companies join the market, giving products and settings that have been specially tailored to satisfy the requirements of SMEs – poverty, that because of digitization and globalization have increased in the past 20 years.

Banking stocks, however, have increased only by a little amount and in several states were not fixed as per the dynamic environment. To sustain in today’s extremely competitive markets, SMEs are expected to be compliant and effective. Therefore, Fintech businesses moved up to analyze and stimulate financial products and assistance for SMEs in the below-mentioned market segments:

– Banking & Accounting

Accounting functions in SMEs regularly practice a mixture of different tools. Owning to trade with several licenses, interfaces and information is spending time and financial resources. That is why FinTech have begun to realize completely digital solutions that allow businesses to handle their finances, invoices, and bills more efficiently.

– Supply Chain Finance

The financial compliance of companies can also be controlled with the advice of factoring help. Particularly when capital is required to start a business, deferred payments or extended payment terms in records can have an adverse effect on the liquidity of a company. While the factoring method itself is not an alteration, the solutions that have been produced by FinTech can most absolutely stimulate the factoring method and check it with higher cost-efficiency. BillFront, for example, gives factoring assistance for digital media companies, and appropriate targeting ad-tech companies.

– Credit

Receiving credits from conventional banks can be pretty challenging and time-consuming. In extension, treatment times are frequently very long which has an immediate influence on the businesses’ financial flexibility. Recently advanced solutions that have been specially designed to fulfill the requirements of SMEs resolve the difficulty of a long approach time and explain the application method and at the identical time improve its transparency.

– Debt collection

Similar to any other business, SMEs need to apportion with debtors. While the means of regular debt collection companies are costly and prone to collapse or even end customer relations, FinTech have improved the method of debt accumulation by addressing the consumers in different styles and on various channels. One Fintech firm that has produced a unique program of debt collecting is Pair Finance. The company is reaching debtors through digital channels and bases its communicational purposes on penetrations from behavioral analysis and machine training. As a consequence, debtors react faster and are more inclined to settle their bills. In interest, the debt collection method is more concise and costly than conventional approaches.

How can banks and other firms develop more effective relationships with these SMEs?

In 2020, banks and other donors began developing amazing relationships with SMEs as an effect of determining the government lending programs. And this was in the UK and at a global level as well. In America, for instance, the Pay check Protection Program (PPP) set by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act established the relationship between several American banks and their small businesses. The provocation for banks is to develop these different relationships; the pandemic produced a link through digital SME lending programs and financial companies must now support and maintain these connections through further product offerings.

They have a fabulous event to provide to each of an SME’s requirements whilst increasing their own profitability. Banks who engage in these government-sponsored plans are ready to decide on a new SME customer remotely and very precisely because of public banking data. Finally, the bank can increase the connection with other commodities and services, according to their practice as a borrower.

Wrapping Up

These are a few examples of domains in which Fintech software development companies are concentrating on the requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises. The power of artificial intelligence, machine knowledge and big data will transform markets and their corresponding probabilities and requirements even more. Therefore, it is possible that Fintech companies will enhance their applications to implement solutions that will empower SMEs to optimize methods and, hence, improve their performance.


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