Common Myths and Misconceptions About Car Repair


Myth: Independent Shops Are Inferior

Many people are wary of independent car repair shops because the prices, services, and quality can vary from shop to shop. In comparison, dealer repair shops have standards that they all follow, and you can expect consistent services. Consistency doesn’t always mean quality, though. Many people simply fear independent repair shops because they haven’t looked into them. Before choosing any repair shop, you should certainly investigate your local independent shops to see if you can receive better services or prices. While many people are wary of independent shops, many more have developed a strong, personal relationship with their local shops that they can’t make with dealerships.

Myth: Replica Wheels Are a Scam

Car dealers and manufacturers often perpetuate one of the most common myths and misconceptions about car repair. To prevent competition, car manufacturers often discourage customers from turning to third-party sellers, saying that they’re less reliable. This is most certainly not the case. Replica wheels can be as safe as OEM wheels. Replica wheels from a reliable source are just as high-quality, safe, and reliable as any wheels from your car’s manufacturer. But they come at a much more affordable price. Without any competition, manufacturers often charge outrageous prices for replacement rims, so it’s no wonder why they want to delegitimize third-party wheels.

Myth: All Cars Have the Same Needs

With all the different models of cars available on the market, you shouldn’t assume that the same maintenance rules apply to every vehicle. To get an idea of your car’s needs, you should always refer to the manufacturer’s manual that came with your car. This manual will detail the recommended maintenance needs of your particular vehicle and help dictate when you should have professional mechanics look at your automobile.