In our article today, we are going to help you compare Keurig to its competitors and figure out is a keurig worth it? We will talk about why you should get a Keurig machine, what factors to consider when deciding which Keurig machine to get, and when you shouldn’t get a particular type of Keurig machine.

History of Keurig

Keurig was founded in 1992 by John Sylvan and Peter Dragone. Since then, the company has grown a portfolio of over 100 brands. Keurig made the My K Cup, and it was available for sale in 1998 across the U.S., and most recently, in 2016, these Cups are 100% recyclable.

This prestigious company is top rated on most coffee maker lists and has won numerous awards in the last decade, including the American package design award, the food and beverage innovators award, and the corporation of the Year award.

Why Get a Keurig

Some of the Keurig machines are relatively small and lightweight. These small lightweight machines are very useful for persons who do not have a lot of space available for a coffee maker or need to move their coffee maker around from time to time.

The portability of these coffee machines makes them ideal for ever-changing office spaces, small apartments, college dormitories, and so on.

Quality Coffee/Latte/Cappuccinos and Other Beverages Made Easy at Home

Some people really enjoy getting their beverages from coffee shops because of the consistency and quality that they get at these places. Some coffee machines simply cannot reproduce this, so it makes no sense you get them.

Some Keurig machines allow you to adjust the temperature and the strength of your brew so that you can consistently get the taste you enjoy. In addition to this, Keurig also offers coffee makers that can brew lattes, cappuccinos, and other specialty drinks from the comfort of your home.

Carafe for Friends and Family

A lot of Keurig alternatives on the market do not offer a carafe option, but Keurig has a few coffee makers that are compatible with a carafe. Having a carafe coffee maker in your home allows you to not only brew single cups for yourself but enables you to brew a full carafe to serve other people, such as visiting friends or family members.

Besides having coffee in bulk for friends and family, a hot carafe of coffee enables you to simply pour your coffee anytime you want without having to brew a fresh cup.

K-Cup Compatibility

Keurig K-Cup pods can be considered as the universal standard for coffee pods. All Keurig machines are compatible with these K-Cups, but they are not only produced by Keurig. There are hundreds, if not thousands of coffee, tea, and specialty drink makers that produce their products in K-Cups.

This means that owning a Keurig coffee maker gives you the added convenience of brewing thousands of different flavors without having to worry about dealing with pod compatibility.


Keurig coffee makers are not usually the most affordable on the market but are also not always too pricey. Their basic models can be anywhere from 30 to 50% more expensive than competitors.

The models that they offer that can be considered mid-range like the K-Duo are somewhat on par with the market price for coffee makers in that class. Their luxury end models like the K Cafe are more expensive than similar coffee makers in most cases, between 30-50%.

When is a Keurig not worth it?

Keurig machines are quite convenient and very useful in most cases, but sometimes getting a particular type of Keurig coffee maker is a wrong choice. When this happens, the device is just not worth it in the end. Read these topics carefully to ensure that you don’t waste your money.

Buying a Single-Cup Reservoir Coffee Maker for Many People

If you have a large number of persons that crave coffee in the morning, buying a single-serve coffee maker with a single-cup reservoir, just won’t do. This coffee maker will not be sufficient to serve everyone, so instead, get something with a carafe or at least a big enough water reservoir.

Buying Carafe (K Duo) For a Few People

If you don’t have a lot of coffee cravers at home or you don’t entertain many people, there isn’t a need for you to get a Keurig machine with a carafe. Carafes are particularly useful when you have many persons who need coffee or if you drink multiple cups in a short period.

If you buy a Keurig machine with a carafe and you don’t use it, you are really wasting your money, and if you get the Keurig K Duo, you are wasting counter space as you could have gotten a smaller model.

Buying High End with Loads of Features That are Never Used

If you like your basic cup of joe without the bells and whistles, then you should think about getting a Keurig machine without the bells and whistles. One of the great things about the Keurig line of coffee makers is that Keurig has something for everyone.

There are basic models with little to no additional features, all the way up to the luxury models with tons of features. If you know that you will never utilize extra features after you have purchased your Keurig coffee maker, you don’t need to spend extra money to buy a large coffee maker that you won’t fully utilize.

Buying Basic Models When you Prefer Specialty Drinks

If you know that you are not a basic coffee lover, try not to waste your time getting a basic Keurig model, as it will not be sufficient for your coffee needs. If you get a basic model and don’t enjoy the type of coffee it produces, you will very likely get your coffee from a coffee shop, and your coffee maker will be unused.

Keurig has plenty of coffee makers that allows you to brew different strengths and types of beverages. The K Cafe is one with multiple drink options, so if you know you love your specialty drinks, make sure you get a Keurig coffee maker that can make them.

How does Keurig compare to its competitors?

Keurig machines are in some ways better and in others not as good as some of their competitors. In general, the Keurig machines that are budget options or basic models generally have similar features to their closest competitors, except a self-cleaning option, and they are usually more expensive.

The Keurig machines in the mid-range have a lot of similar features to competitive brands, and the prices are generally similar. Unfortunately, at the luxury end of the line, Keurig machines are generally higher-priced, and they don’t always have as many features as their competitors.

Thinking of Buying a Keurig, a few things you should consider

Keurig has a vast line of coffee makers, so it is easy to get sidetracked with the different models’ features, but remember that you should try to spend within your budget. If your budget is unlimited and you will need all the features, then go ahead and get whichever machine fulfills that need.

If you have a budget that can accommodate a machine with some useful features that are better than the basic model, there are quite a few machines that you can choose from. If you have a limited budget, Keurig also has machines that may not have a ton of features but can produce quality coffee at the lower end of their product line.

Counter Space

Coffee makers come in multiple different sizes and shapes. Before you get a coffee maker, think about where you are going to put it. If you have unlimited space, you don’t have to worry about this.

Identify a space in your kitchen or wherever in your home that your coffee maker will be used, and consider the amount of space available before making your purchase. If you only have a small amount of space, but you need a coffee maker capable of producing a lot of coffee, you can think about getting the Keurig K Duo Plus.

What will You Need it For

If you need a coffee maker that can produce specialty beverages such as lattes, cappuccinos, and others, you will need to get a coffee maker like the Keurig K Cafe. If you need a coffee maker that can produce for multiple persons at one time, you will need to get one of the Keurig K Duo models as these have a carafe.

Try to match your needs with the coffee maker that has features to satisfy them. It is always best you buy based on your needs so that you don’t waste your time getting a coffee maker that you will need to replace shortly.


Keurig has a very famous, reliable line of products, but they are somewhat pricey and not always the best on the market. They have many useful features and a vast range of options to choose from but so do other competitors. Weigh your options before purchasing so you don’t regret it.

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