CBD For Endurance Athletes: Why Athletes Use CBD For Longevity & Performance


Endurance is the practice of increasing performances in various exercises and training. Athletes perform long-interval training sessions for their upcoming competitions and marathons. Some are using methods to increase their endurance such as CBD. 

CBD is being used by professional athletes to increase their endurance by prolonging recovery time, reducing soreness, improving sleep, minimizing pain and injury, so they can achieve success during marathons and competitions. 

Athletes who use CBD are in many different endurance sports such as long-distance running, cycling, cross-country skiing, and long-course swimming. Many athletes have tried the cannabinoid to further support their performances. 

We’ll go ahead and identify how CBD has helped them, as professional athletes, overcome challenging obstacles and prolong their endurance to achieve their goals. 

CBD Ultra Running 

CBD supports athletes during their ultra runs, longer than a standard running marathon of 26.2 miles, by minimizing soreness and injury which is how Caleb Simpson got through his ultra run. 

Caleb Simpson gave a synopsis of how using CBD allowed him to keep going during the run. His plan was to use a topical CBD skin cream (affiliate link) and a water-soluble CBD tincture throughout his run. 

During his run, his knees were aching, and his quads and thighs were sore. He also experienced neck soreness as well. 

He dabbed some transdermal cream onto the areas he needed then kept running. Caleb reported having lesser pain and a better experience after applying the CBD cream. 

His routine was to intake 20 mg from a water-soluble CBD tincture and apply it in the beginning, middle, and at the end of the run. 

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When he took the CBD tincture during his run, it helped considering his mental state was spiraling downward throughout part of his run. 

He quotes, “My mental state began improving, 5 – 10 minutes after taking CBD.”  

Caleb claims to have pulled through and finish the race with the support of CBD. He also recommends experimenting with it during training runs to see how it reacts to the body. 

There are more athletes becoming aware of CBD and are using it to increase their endurance in training runs. 

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CBD Marathon 

While some athletes use CBD during their long runs to keep their endurance up, it’s no surprise they use CBD during their marathons to support the reduction of minor body aches and attacks on their body which results in pain, injury, soreness, and more. 

A marathon is a standard 26.2 miles that most professional athlete runners take apart of and some have a rough experience with it, similar to Caleb Simpson’s experience.  

When using the right CBD in a marathon, it’s essential to start using it during training sessions. Preparing for a long marathon is not easy, but using CBD will support the body during it. 

When to use CBD during a marathon? 

It’s best to use CBD in the beginning, middle, and at the end of a marathon. 

But every person is different, and it’s best to listen to your body to know when you need to take CBD during a marathon. 

CBD Oil Marathon Training

CBD oil can be used in training before a marathon to enhance their endurance. Training is the most important part of maintaining endurance in a marathon. 

Training with CBD for a marathon is how some athletes are able to run and complete a standard marathon. 

CBD oil may give athletes insight during their marathon training to see how it reacts to their body, how much to take, and how fast it’ll work. 

CBD can support overall homeostasis, so the body can do what it needs to do to recuperate from oxidative damages like exhaustion and burnouts.

One Olympic runner, Scott Gold, uses CBD oil to enhance his capability to run in long distances of 26.2 miles to 100 K.   

During training, he uses it to enhance his endurance and aid him in recovery. He also uses CBD to enhance his mental state and mood. 

When Scott Gold claims he feels more refreshed and it enhances his overall performance.

Overall, using CBD oil in training is the best way to get a feel for how it’ll react to the body before pursuing any marathons. 

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CBD Before Marathon

Runners interested in using CBD may need to consider using it before every marathon because it has the potential to increase their endurance during their run. 

When using CBD before running a marathon, a runner will have time to feel the effects. For some, it may take 15 minutes and for others, it can take 30 minutes. 

It all depends on the amount taken. A low dose of CBD can take longer to work and notice effects.

While taking a higher dose using a CBD consumption method (sublingual or inhale) that gets into your system faster can give you noticeable quicker and longer-lasting effects.

CBD For Marathon Runners

Marathon runners can benefit from using CBD to increase their stamina, give them mental clarity, and push them to complete a full marathon. 

Kari Bell is one of many marathon runners who use CBD to push past her boundaries during a long run. She uses CBD to combat minor running issues and improve her ability to recover quickly. 

Many more are beginning to follow her lead in using CBD and improving their performances in their marathon runs. 

CBD and Distance Running

Marathon runners and ultra runners use CBD for their distance running cycles to give them the endurance they need and to combat body burnouts. 

Distance running can be up to approximately 26 miles. This is a long time to endure running, so some athletes we discussed are moving away from traditional OTC medications to CBD. 

The cons of CBD are less than OTC medications which is why a few runners will opt for a better experience by using CBD. 

CBD and Long Distance Running 

For those running long distance running cycles, CBD aids in giving athletes the ability to push through an entire run of 26 miles to 100 k.  

The longer a runner pushes themselves in runs with more than 26 miles the more they are opening up the gateway for oxidative stress to take place. 

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CBD and Cycling 

CBD has the ability to prolong performances, minimize muscle soreness and tear, during cycling which results in a faster recovery time. 

Cyclist, Floyd Landis, uses CBD to reduce his occasional pain and optimize his recovery from cycling. Since his hip replacement, he became an active CBD user that influence athletes in the cycling world. 

Many cyclists may use CBD and receive a better experience during training, like Floyd Landis. 

Is CBD Good for Cyclists?

Yes, CBD can potentially mend minor injuries, soreness, and other body aches. 

There are many athletes, especially in the cycling world, who are receiving the benefits and claim it improves recovery time that gives them more endurance to ride a bike in long distances. 

CBD and Cross-Country Skiing 

CBD is being used by a few cross-country skiers and are seeing the improvement of it in their sport. 

William Spilo, an athletic skier, is one of these skiers who uses CBD to mild reduce pain in his neck, shoulders, and knees. Due to his success with CBD, other skiers are trying CBD to improve their performances. 

Considering Spilo minimized his minor pain injuries, he has the ability to prolong his endurance in skiing. 

All types of athletes from runners to skiers are taking part in consuming CBD, for better performance training, improved recovery time, and growing their endurance capabilities.