Does CBD Help Runners? What You Need To Know


After the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed CBD from their banned substance list, athletes from every walk have been experiencing massive advantages in using CBD before, during, and after their workouts.

Professional & recreational runners are finding CBD helps with a wide range of running issues before, during, & after a run. CBD salve rub on feet, legs, & sore any sore muscle. CBD consumables help with sleep aid, recovery, mild pain relief, improved focus, & an overall smoother running experience.

Below, we’ll take a look at how CBD can help your run, as well as recommend specific CBD products runners are finding relief on.

Is CBD Good For Runners?

Many runners are finding great results with CBD products before, during, and after their run.

One runner uses CBD topical and rubs it all of his feet, ankles, calves, tight hamstrings, quads, hands, knees, elbows, neck, and shoulders.

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Anywhere you might feel a bit of soreness or pain is where you can generously apply CBD salves or balms.

If you find pushing yourself a little further than you should have is causing a bit of extra soreness, CBD can smooth out your recovery experience.

When To Take CBD Oil For Runners?

Runners are taking CBD oil before, during, and after their runs.

Below, we take a look at each stage of the run and see how other runners are using different types of CBD to find that extra pick me up, as well as after run recovery.

Different types of CBD are better for different stages of your run.

Ultimately, finding the perfect combination that suits your routine is what most professional runners are recommending.

Does CBD Actually Help Runners?

Quality CBD (not from a gas station) has numerous abilities to help runners with more than the common mild pain for before and/or after run pain, similar (arguably better) than ibuprofen.

CBD helps runners with the following.

  • Occasional mild/minor pain relief
  • Focus
  • Relaxation
  • Enjoyment
  • Smoothes the entire experience
  • Pushing through pain thresholds
  • Break past your maximum capability

According to Dr. Huge, a bodybuilder and cannabis expert, CBD and many other cannabinoids help you with every area of your workout, including running.

CBD and other whole-plant cannabis products help you push beyond your maximum capabilities while making it more pleasurable to break through certain pain and endurance thresholds.

Furthermore, some runners are on strict (boring) diets and different CBD oils can make eating a bit more enjoyable and at a minimum more appetizing and palatable.

List of runners who rely on CBD oil and other whole plant compounds.

  • Floyd Landis – Former professional cyclist
  • Scott Gold – Runs 100K races & uses several CBD products daily
  • Molly Hurford – Ultra-runner
  • Hillary Allen – Pro trail runner & neuroscientist – 100K trail races
  • Joanna Zeiger, Ph.D.– U.S. Olympic Trials (Triathlon and marathon)
  • Jenna Waldschmidt — 50K Trail runner — CBD foot rub

According to Trail Runner Magazine, a Canna Research Group found that 61% of adult athletes used some form of CBD for pain.

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CBD Vs Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Acetaminophen, Naproxen, Ketoprofen, Etc.

Even though CBD is a great natural alternative to ibuprofen, some runners find better relief and effect with CBD — but also will occasionally still use ibuprofen.

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Ibuprofen and other synthetics over-the-counter (OTC) pain reliever medications can take a higher toll on your body while potentially putting different organs at risk for damage.

According to over 130 original pieces of research review here, CBD has a high safety profile, even if you take it frequently in large doses (up to 1,500 mg per day).

Although CBD has a high safety profile, CBD isn’t without side effects and potential risks.

Even though CBD can negatively interact with some prescription medications, the overall risks and side effects, when compared to other compounds is much lower in most cases for most people.

Published in the Oman Medical Journal (OMJ), are warning in using OTC products have increased risks of various 

What’s The Best CBD For Running?

The best CBD products for your running situation depend on what type of experience you’re aiming for. 

Scott gold recommends you experiment to discover what’s the best combination of CBD products to help you find the best balance.

Types of CBD products for runners. (View CBD Catalog Here)

  1. Tincture oil drops
  2. Chewable gummies
  3. Ingestible capsules
  4. Energy drink powder
  5. Skin & Joint Creams and salves

Gold likes, Stillwater Brands’ Ripple drink mix, and Extract Lab gummies 10/1 ratio.

Depending on your situation, you may want to explore what type of CBD product is best.

CBD Before Running

Ultra runners are finding great results from taking a CBD edible and CBD coffee in their pre-workout to get the longest-lasting relief throughout their run.

CBD edibles and coffee are a great option to take before a long run to help your overall mood and flow state.

A quality CBD muscle and joint cream can also help runners ease soreness while getting prepared.

Both professional and recreational runners are finding that taking CBD before a run makes their run go more smoothly and feel a bit easier.

CBD Products Before Running.

  1. CBD Coffee (Check Pricing At Green Roads)
  2. CBD Energy Drink Mix (Check Pricing At Joy Organics)
  3. CBD Muscle & Joint Bundle (Check Pricing At Joy Organics)

Some runners are finding if they take too large of a CBD edible dose they can get a bit sleepy, especially if they’re using CBD edibles for a speed session.

Published on Run To The Finish, details a great personal story in using CBD to aid their longest run to date.

After taking CBD they were able to complete their 15 mile run without experiencing any knee pain.

CBD continued having a great effect on their runs throughout the rest of the week while feeling like they were running faster and feeling better throughout the entire run.

CBD While Running

If you’ve already taken a sizable dose of CBD edible, you may not need to take CBD with you while running.

However, if you do find yourself needing some relief during your run, x company offers great travel-sized CBD products to make it more convenient for you to carry with you during your run and while traveling.

Travel-Sized CBD Products During Running.

  1. Salve Stick – (Check Pricing At Joy Organics)
  2. CBD Brownie (Check Pricing At Pure Synergistics)
  3. CBD Gummies – Keep CalmStay Alert

Travel-sized CBD products are great for keeping with you while you’re running and need an extra little boost or relief.

CBD After Running

Common reactions from a growing crowd of professional and everyday runners find using CBD helps aid in sleep, faster recovery, muscle recovery, stress, mild stomach nausea, improve appetite, and overall feelings of being refreshed the next day.

Professional runner Scott Gold enjoys his daily and evening CBD use after a hard run.

CBD Products After Running.

  1. Bath Bomb (Check Pricing At Joy Organics) 
  2. Wellness Water (Check Pricing At Pure Synergistics)
  3. Recovery Balm (Check Pricing At Pure Synergistics)
  4. CBD Gummies – Sleep Tight 

Other runners are finding they enjoy taking a CBD-infused protein powder daily to help in their running routine.

During the recovery stage, professional runners are using CBD as often as they need to, which is typically every day and usually several times per day.

Most runners are taking CBD drops under their tongue every night to help relax and ease into a restful night of sleep.

Sleep quality is a critical factor for recovering from running and for your overall general health and well-being.

Hard to tell how it’s actually working, but the next day feeling refreshed, feel rotten if I don’t take it.

Vaping CBD And Running

CBD inhalers can be quite useful while fitting snug in your pocket for when you need an instant effect as you’re running.

Several runners discuss their CBD vaping experiences and how it impacts their overall running experience.

Some lower-quality ignition wire made in China can be a bit concerning and may cause you to inhale something other than pure CBD.

Other runners only choose to vape raw CBD flowers, instead of inhaling concentrated CBD liquid from a vaping device with a heating coil.

After vaping CBD flowers for over six months, one triathlete mentions they never experienced any negative side effects on their lungs.

If you’re going to vape CBD oil concentrates, make sure you’re purchasing from a quality reputable source and not just buying the cheapest option available.

Another runner has been vaping CBD oil for over 8 months and finds benefit after a run to help relax sore muscles.

Everyone can have different reactions to CBD and it’s recommended you have a quick chat with your doctor before taking any form of CBD.

Does CBD Affect Running

In general, taking too much CBD before and during your run can make you a bit too relaxed and can slow you down mentally and physically.

Before taking CBD for any part of your run, it’s best to start slow to find what dose works best for you.

CBD Running Recovery

Runners can experience a wide range of issues from running and can benefit by using an optimal dose after a run.

CBD can help you relax and recover from some of the more mild running related incidents.

The best way to find out how CBD can help you recover is to experiment with the lowest possible dosage and slowly increase the amount you use or take until you’ve achieved the recovery you’re looking for.

Final Thoughts On CBD Helping Runners

Even though CBD has many positive benefits for helping runners at all stages of their running routines, Dr. Lara Johnson stresses the critical importance of identifying and taking care of any root cause of your issues from running.