Mountain Everest 60 Gaming Keyboard Review


I’m going to be honest with you for a moment. This is my first ever 60% keyboard that I’ve used. I’ve not avoided them, I’ve just never really had the chance to give them a proper trial. I work from home for my 9-5 which consists of a lot of typing. I work on the TechNuovo YouTube channel in as much of my spare time as possible, and again that requires a lot of typing, like this script for example. And because of this, 60% keyboards have never really interested me as I spend as much time working as I do gaming.

Unfortunately with this in mind, my fears with 60% were confirmed. The Mountain Everest 60 gaming keyboard is an absolutely lousy option if you’re going to be running it as your daily driver for work. You can see that the Everest 60 keyboard is a lot smaller than a traditional full-sized keyboard, it’s not exactly hard to see, after all they have 60% of the space to play with. And if you’re looking at the base Everest 60 product, it’s missing a number pad, though there’s an additional extra you can purchase, but more on that in a moment, and the arrow keys fall more akin to a laptop keyboard on the bottom right, with the likes of your delete and shift either side of the up arrow.

I must say their positioning is quite awkward, especially if you’re touch typing. It’s also missing insert, home, and page up and down keys, and they’re something I use quite a lot when working. It’s also missing a set of F keys which could be problematic if you’re someone who plays MMORPGs, some MOBAs rely on F keys too to fire off spells and talents. You can use the FN key and click a corresponding number, FN + 1 is your F1 key for example, but it’s not exactly ideal if you’re needing to fire off actions quickly.

Saying all of this though about how negative I found its work-life experience is, it’s actually one of the best typing experiences I’ve ever had with a gaming keyboard and absolutely shines when playing games where you’re likely stuck to WASD and surrounding keys. Think your typical FPS, battle-royale or RPG games. From the audible clicks the keys make, to the actuation of key presses through to the solid build quality of this keyboard, everything just feels amazing and absolutely premium. There’s no rattle either, that you so often see and feel with gaming keyboards, especially those from more well known and frontline manufacturers and their space bar keys. The Everest 60 has a chunky base layer of silicon, and there are also two layers of foam, all of which helps with the dampening of the key presses. Just take a listen to this.